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Lather & Wood Shaving Soap - Sandalwood - Simply the Best Luxury Shaving Cream - Tallow - Dense Lather with Fantastic Scent for the Worlds Best Wet Shaving Routine. 4.6 oz (Sandelwood)

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LARGE 4.7oz SHAVE SOAP. A premium tallow based shaving soap for literally pennies a day. Get MONTH-after-MONTH of daily wet shaving satisfaction. Perfect with your favorite shaving brush and safety razor, multi-blade, or straight razor for the more daring type. HAND CRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES To Insure Highest Quality Possible. As wet shaving enthusiasts we have used all the major and micro brand shaving soaps, and this soap is nothing short of perfection. SOPHISTICATED SANDALWOOD SCENT - This Sandalwood Shaving Soap has a wonderful earthy natural sandalwood scent. Not too strong, but subtlety lingers long after your shave. Pairs Perfectly with Lather & Wood’s Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil and Sandalwood Aftershave Balm. CUSHY TALLOW BASED SHAVING SOAP - Ingredients like Tallow and Shea Butter produces a ridiculous amount of dense slippery lather. Our lather does not dissipate even after an hour of sitting in your shaving bowl. Amazing Lather, Moisturizing, Slip, and Protection eliminate razor bumps and shaving irritation. TOSS THAT DRUGSTORE SHAVING CREAM IN THE TRASH - Lather & Wood Shaving Co. produces only the finest quality shaving and mens grooming products. Our shaving soap will leaves your skin feeling cool, refreshed, and clean. You'll never touch the commercial stuff again!

Customers Reviews

Excellent product and customer care. Exceeds expectations

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sparticus414 on June 17, 2016
I was using van der Hagan shaving soap and wanted to start exploring options. After reading the list of high quality ingredients in the lather and wood soap I had to give it a shot. I was NOT disappointed! The lather it builds is so much fuller and creamier than what I was used to. Love the sandalwood scent as well. Important to note that this soap comes in a tin but is not a traditional "puck". The way it's crafted, it stays soft but is formed in the tin so you build the soap up on the brush and use another shaving bowl to work up the lather.A day or so after ordering I received an email with helpful tips in using their products. I'd never thought to fill the shaving bowl with warm water prior to building the lather. The effect is a nice warm lather when applying to your face! Really enjoy that!Aside from the quality products, the customer care is beyond impressive. I received a follow up email from the company to see if I was happy with the product.I also use the lather and wood unscented shaving oil and it really makes a huge difference in the closeness and most importantly the skin irritation I have while shaving. I have very sensitive skin and use feather or persona blades which I are on the more aggressive side but they don't pull the hairs at all for quite a few shaves.I'm also a head shaver and use both products to shave my head. It is quite a nice experience!Needless to say these products have become a part of my shaving regimen from here on out.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Michael on December 9, 2018
Back in days when I was a teenager. The shaving soap from the drugstore was pretty good. It made a nice creamy lather that regular hand soap didn't. Then it stopped being better than regular soap. And I reasoned it to not haveing a good amount of glycerin. So I found some soap that did. And it did make a better lather. But it was not right. And I didn't know why.It turns out it was "tallow". And this soap has it. It brings back good memories. And it also has the glycerin, for lather. And tallow for creaminess. I take the lump of soap and put it into my mug. And it seemed a little small in there. That is compared to other soaps of the same weight. Turns out it is because they are filled with AIR. But this soap is really dense. And the one package of soap lasted me 5 months shaving everyday. I just got some more.
It's a very good shaving soap if you follow a few ways to work with it best.

4.0 out of 5.0 by KJ on March 21, 2018
I like their aftershave lotion so I decided to give their soap a try. Use a good badger brush and make sure your dip and spin the brush IN THE CAN, any other way and it won't lather as nice or as fast. The scent is just like the aftershave lotion, maybe a bit weaker. When used in tandem with the lotion, the best results are gained. The glide is good, scooping some out into a mug is futile; the product is so tightly packed, you'll spend more time scooping then Shaving. Keep it in the can. My biggest complaint is how slippery the can has been since I dip my brush. It's best to use one hand holding the can down on the vanity. If you try and pick up the can with wet hands? Ya. You know what happens.
Great shaving soap!

5.0 out of 5.0 by MakerDave on February 3, 2017
I make safety razors, shaving brushes, and other shaving hardware in my shop. I've been on a quest to find the best shaving soap to offer with my products. I have been through several shaving soaps so far, and this soap is my favorite so far.What I like:Lubricity and conditioning: This soap makes the razor glide effortlessly over my skin. So much so, that I sometimes have to check that the blade is actually in contact with my skin. I get zero razor burn, chemical sting, or other irritation. Wiping away the excess with a hot washcloth leaves my skin smooth and moist, but not oily. The soap does not dry my skin. I do not use an aftershave.Scent: The sandalwood scent is just the right amount, and combines with the natural smell of the soap base to create an aroma that is pleasing, but not overpowering. The scent lingers on my skin for an hour or two after I shave, but you would need to get your nose right next to me to know it. This lets me use whatever cologne or other scented product I want without worrying about it clashing with the scent of the soap.Separate tin: Being able to apply the soap to my shaving brush and work it into a lather in a separate bowl is a big plus. If you use a puck of soap in a mug or bowl, and work your lather in that same vessel, you are wasting soap. Having a separate tin prevents excess water from turning the soap to mush, and it makes it much easier to get the right soap/water ratio for a good lather.Size and durability: Though this item is priced higher than many others, the portion you receive is generous. At the current rate, I estimate that this soap will last me 5-6 months. I leave the lid off and allow the soap to dry between uses, and the lid has been removed for days at a time. The soap does not dry out and crack, nor does it shrink from moisture loss. The soap fully fills the tin, with no gaps around the edge to collect excess water. I fully expect that my last shave with this soap will be just as good as my first.What could be better:Lather: Although the soap makes a rich, thick lather, I have found that the lather does not as long as I'd like. This is a common problem with soaps that condition well; there seems to be a trade-off between the moisturizing properties of a soap and lather longevity. As it is, enough lather remains throughout the shave that the effectiveness is not changed. I prefer a soap like this that conditions and does not dry my skin, to a soap that has a longer lasting lather.Threading on the tin: The lid screws onto the base of the tin, but not all that well. You can actually press the lid mostly onto the tin, and once the threads engage, they are held together by something like a quarter of a turn. This isn't a problem for me, but it might be a consideration for somebody that will be traveling with this product. Perhaps Lather & Wood can find a different supplier for these.
A number 1

5.0 out of 5.0 by James T. on May 28, 2016
This soap is A number 1 for many reasons. It gives a nice clean shave and has a nice smell that is not over powering at all. It goes away after a short while too. Lathers up on my brush very easy and quicker than I'm used to. I shave with the growth on my first pass and against the growth on my second pass. No bumps no cuts nothing but a clean baby face shave. I have been doing this for over 40 years now and can say this is one fine shaving soap.Please note I have only used this soap for a week so I can not say how many shaves I'll get or if the smell will fade with time and use. I know some of the more expensive brands lose their smell after a few weeks and are never as strong as the first few days. I will update on this one if it does.OH and no this old man does not have any connections to Lather & Woods. To be honest I bought this soap due to other reviews and the tin it comes in. The tin reminds me of a time when people could expect to get a good solid product for their money. Not sure you can find that very often in today's world.

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