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Sugarlulu Games for Girls Fortune Teller Game

Price AED 51.61 In Stock

Estimate to be delivered 23 Nov - 26 Nov


Unlock the secrets of the future when you and your friends ask the questions you've been dying to ask and learn the answers you may (or may not!) have been hoping to hear With 25 question cards and 25 answer cards with 50 answers (so you can ask your own questions!), there are plenty of futures to be told and futures to unfold! Packaged in a cool, collectible tin, it's great for travel, sleepovers, parties and more!

Customers Reviews

This Product Might Be in Your Future...

3.0 out of 5.0 by Amy S. on October 23, 2015
Not worth what you pay for it if you pay full price. I got mine used for .49 cents, thank goodness! You pull a card from the "Question" pile, then pull one from the "Answer" pile. Self-explanatory. The answer deck has double-sided cards (an answer on each end). Whichever answer can be read right-side-up is the answer.Sample:Q: "Will I marry someone I already know?"A: "Yes, if you have a 7 in your phone number."/"You will get your wish only if you have more than one sibling".My 7.9'er is too young for it. Nine and up. My 12'er is O.K. with it. Some of the answers are too long for reading out loud/contemplating- "The answer is yes unless your first name begins with D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, or L." Good for travel, like they say. Go for the "Magic Eight Ball" at home.

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