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HYDRAGLAZIC 64oz Glass Water Bottle, Glass Tumblers with Straw and Handle, Cup with Silicone Sleeve, Wide Mouth Half Gallon Water Bottle with Time and Water Marker, Water Jug Oliver


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4.8 ratings
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  • ✔ EASY TO CLEAN: HYDRAGLAZIC motivational water bottle is designed with a wide mouth, which not only offers you with a comfortable drinking experience with two drinking ways: Straight Drinking or Drinking with straw, but also is easy to clean and fill with large ice cubes or fruits. This water bottle holds up to 64oz, which is the perfect size for cold beverages, ice water, smoothies, fruits, coffee and milkshakes.
  • ✔ UNIQUE PROTECTIVE SLEEVE: HYDRAGLAZIC 64oz glass water bottle comes with a free silicone sleeve which will protect you from water getting too hot and causing burns. There has many colors to choose! Meanwhile, on the silicone sleeve has time and water marker, it will help you to measure how many water you have drink a day, and also can remind you to drink more water, it is your daily good friend!
  • ✔COMFORTABLE HANDLE-EASY TO CARRY: HYDRAGLAZIC 2L water bottle provide two carry ways: 1. with carry loop 2. with cup handle. It is very convenient to carry, suitable for outdoors, parties, wedding queues, and dinner parties as a container for drinking drinks.
  • ✔LOCKING LID DESIGN: With unique locking lid design, you just need to press a button with one hand after open the locking button, lid that pops out automatically when drinking water. When the lock button is locked, the lid locks and does not pop out, DO NOT NEED WARRY TO LEAK!
  • ✔DISHWASH & SAFE USE: HYDRAGLAZIC water bottle made of borosilicate glass, which can withstand both high and low temperatures, makes it more durable and can last longer. But recommended that the highest suitable temperature is 60℃(140℉)! It is also dishwasher safe (UNSUITABLE for high-temperature wash setting).
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.8 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • B. O.

      5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite

      This bottle is huge, but I carry it everywhere with me. My favorite bottle

    • g.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Not Just Another Water Bottle/Jug

      The market is flooded with all kinds of water bottles, but I've noticed that while the prices have gotten crazy high, most of them can't be washed in the dish washer. Yes, that might sound a little petty, but so many water bottles have narrow necks so it's next to impossible to wash it properly. I've seen enough moldy water bottles from people not thinking they really need to wash them to know it's important.When i saw the Hydraglazic 64 ox Glass Water Bottle, I mainly was surprised that it was so affordable. If you go to Macy's or Kohls, you'll pay much more for a true glass bottle this size. I immediately looked to make sure it was dish washer safe and it is. That was all I needed to know.Again, for the price point I was expecting a little less quality so when it arrived, I was shocked at how nice it looks. It's got a cool lantern look to it and it's got way more positives than negatives.Getting the negs out of the way. Unlike the metal water bottles (which most need to be hand washed) this jug won't keep your water cold for long periods of time. As you can see in the images above I use those big round ice cubes that last most of the day.The other negative is small but the bottle does sweat so if you put it on your desk or a table, make sure to put something under it.The plusses now. It shows on the side how much water you have drunk, and also for those not used to drinking the important 64 ounces of water a day, it has a time frame of how much water you should have drunk during the day. As someone who finally got healthy and realized the importance of drinking this minimum, I never would have imagined being able to do it. This is the type of bottle that can get you doing this and making it a habit rather than a drudgery.If you're not already doing this, you will see a huge difference in yourself by drinking at least this amount daily. You will truly eat less, feel so much better and actually feel more energized.It's a great high quality water bottle that will inspire you to drink more water while looking very on trend.

    • J.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Best large bottle

      I got three bottles in different designs from this company to compare. This is the short one pictured on the left. The bottles are all very nice thick glass and each has pretty much the same lid. The lid has two ways to drink, open mouth or straw. Unfortunately if you want to drink from the open mouth, you kinda need to open the straw too or else you quickly create a vacuum. The lids are definitely air tight and spill proof when closed. The latching mechanism works well and is easy to release. The "lock" that goes over the latch button doesn't stay in place that well though so I would hesitate to put the bottle in a bag or somewhere the button might get pressed. These bottles all hold the same amount of water, 64oz, and they all have hour markers on the bottle to remind you to drink enough through the day. What's weird though is the two tall bottles have different time markers than the wide one. The difference is shown in the images above. Of the three options, the short and wide bottle is my favorite. It has a glass handle on the side in addition to the handle on the lid, which makes filling it much easier. Each of the bottles came with an extra straw, and the two tall ones come with cleaning brushes as well. This shorter one does not have the brush but you don't really need it

    • R.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome water bottle

      I love this glass tumbler. Easy to clean and carry around to stay hydrated. It helps me with my water drinking goals for the day. I just love it!

    • K. C.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Huge! Nice glass bottle

      This is a huge and heavy glass bottle. I wanted glass because I find that metal and plastic give off-flavors to water, and glass always tastes better to me. This one has a nice rubber outer piece but I would imagine that it will break if knocked around the wrong way. Make no mistake- this is a very heavy bottle. People with mobility issues might want to rethink it- I don’t have issues, but I do need two hands to lift it to my mouth when it’s full.I also found the rubber gasket around the lid doesn’t fit tightly. I’m not sure if it impacts performance, but it’s worth a mention.

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