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Honey and rose Herbal Cigarettes - Tobacco and Nicotine Free 2 Packs 40 Smokes

xuan chi

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3.1 ratings
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  • A Good Helper To Quit Smoking - Quitting smoking is not only a physical process of getting rid of nicotine dependence, but also a psychological process of getting rid of nicotine. That's why herbal cigarettes offer a good alternative to cigarettes. It does not change your smoking habits and allows you to gradually get rid of nicotine dependence.
  • Completely Tobacco-Free, it is made from wild herbs including: tea, rose, jasmine, etc. Honey is also added to adjust the taste!
  • Completely Nicotine free - With herbal cigarettes, you can quit nicotine completely and it will not take a long process like the quit smoking patch. The quitting effect that it brings is much faster.
  • Pure and Natural Taste - It takes only 1-2 packs to get used to its taste and you will find no strong desire to smoke traditional cigarettes.
  • Excellent Quality - We focus on the research and development of herbal cigarettes for 8 years, constantly improve the taste, constantly improve its cessation aid effect, we believe you will be satisfied with the product.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    3.1 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • C. F.

      3.0 out of 5 stars Meh

      Whst type of tea they use, they do not list anywhere. At 1st, I was ok with the weird flavor, because it seemed slightly relaxing, after the 1st cigarette. But not as relaxing as my legal, herbal 420 medicine. I thought smoking these would help me use less medicine and save money. They did, I guess. They're easy on the lungs, but they are short and slim, burn way too fast and poof...gone quickly.So I blended the contents of part of a cigarette with my herb, hoping to get a more even burn. I did, but the flavor of this tea was WAY too strong and not at all healthy feeling. Yuk.The flavor may not very appetizing of the cigarette, but the flavor beads do help...although the ingredients of those beads are not listed. Are they encased in plastic? Because some slip out and I have a accidentally swallowed them. Did i ingest plastic? Is there any real mango in those beads? I'm allergic to mango...which color is mango? Box does not say. Seems like many of the flavors are mint, no matter what color...although the box says it's a tropical mix.Too many unknowns. Will not repurchase.

    • H.

      3.0 out of 5 stars Not sure what I feel about this.

      Taste frankly like garbage but they do include a bunch of balls that make it taste not like garbage. But still....some things shouldn't be smoked. Or at least should be formulated in such a manner that is enjoyable to smoke. But as a cool factor, yeah totally. Look this out near a bunch of smokers and they're going to get so much attention. Just don't let anyone try because that attention will turn very negative real quick LOL bye

    • G. F.

      4.0 out of 5 stars It's an honest and alright product

      I'll be honest.I'm a young adult trying to break habits and promote healthy living and decided it would be a great idea to buy 2 orders of this product without trying it.I got them today and tried them out: it's definitely a strong taste... Something on the lines of mint or whatever. It's not my favourite taste. However, inhalation of these herbal cigarettes were pretty smooth. Made me breathe so much clearer compared to a tobacco cigarette.Interestingly enough, I had only two in total since this review and I had each cigarette about four hours from each other. I don't crave the cigarette or even think about it – in fact, I forgot I bought them in the first place despite how excited I was to receive a package. When burning, it doesn't burn like a natural cigarette... It feels like it burns slower. It's pretty time consuming to smoke them. I haven't had the strength to burn them all the way to the bud but, putting it out is annoying. Embers would flick off the cigarette as you're trying to rid the ashes and trying to put out the cigarette just takes time because you must suffocate those embers before grass or something catches light. (Which has yet to happen, but I'm anxious that it might happen).I'll admit, the price for the amount is pretty fair. These look pretty cool too, maybe for cosplay or movie acting. Taste isn't swell as it's pretty minty or something but it's smooth. You won't get any highs from this but there's a chance you could get tired and maybe some good sleep. Might calm you down when you're stressed. The smell is very strong and lasts all day. The smell would stick to your clothes, your fingers, everything – so use wisely, preferably not indoors. The smell is natural but causes suspicion of others around you, I'd say.It's an alright product. Not great but not awful either. (I'll probably update later when I finish the packs.)Update: (4-22-2023)I never finished the pack and definitely forgot I had extras waiting to be smoked. I was digging around my room and found the box of two packs and I had forgotten about their existence. I haven't craved a smoke or wanted a tobacco cigarette since I wrote the review. It seemed to have done it's job in helping me break my addiction and I'm very glad.

    • M. H.

      5.0 out of 5 stars This is an interesting product.

      I could say a lot here. Things to like- There is something in the mystery blend that is indeed relaxing. It is not overwhelming or long term and it is not like weed or nicotine, but there is definitely an effect that can be felt. The flavor beads are different flavors of mint and such. I have tasted a green mint but also an orange mint (orange in color and flavor) as well as some type of nice rose flavor, so far. I don't know if these are real oils but as a person who likes essential oils and also food flavoring and diffuser scents, I know of the stark differences in quality and whether or not any of those things are edible, and these do seem like nice unoffensive "probably natural" flavors for consumption although I have no idea what the tiny capsules are made of. Don't be an over-curious zealot like myself and pop one in your eye. I'm only smart when it comes to some things. I think the flavor beads are a nice touch and it is due to the fact that we like to do things with our hands and these smokes are about little indulgences like that. These are for coffee and tea and chatting etc... I want to make these chocolate flavored so bad. They do not have a bad flavor at all, but the flavor is very mild. It leaves a room smelling ever-so-faintly campy but not really in a bad way. Another thing that is likable about them is that they smoke well. As others have stated, they smoke fast, they smoke light, they burn smooth. It's actually a very nice herbal blend and I have tried a few in all my years of smoking various things and my separation from conventional cigarettes, which has been a very positive thing. I shouldn't have started smoking in the first place, but I did very long ago and I have gone years without smoking at times, only to succumb to some stressful thing and then pick up some tobacco product of some sort when i couldn't care less. It can be easy for years then something reaches down into your primordial nerves and reminds you that it is indeed an ongoing struggle. I do think these also would have been helpful when I first quit smoking almost two decades ago and went years with touching any tobacco... which is where I gained familiarity with some rather harsh and disgusting herbal blends in an effort to find a temporary placebo. These definitely would have been better. They are not cheap but they are pretty fancy. I really like how they are rolled and with the gold lined filters, it has a very fancy, indulgent feel and it is because of this i am not overly anxious about what is inside of them. I know that sounds stupid and it is not unreasonable to wonder what they contain but perhaps I am more trusting of items with chinese writing on them that i can't read than others are. I just feel like care was put into the idea from another smoker attempting to address their habit. They burn fast... but it is in that satisfying and indulgent way that we smokers try to mobilize the act of smoking, on our feet, in our car, very quickly at a table after a meal, etc... that makes me think it was a well thought out blend and why it doesn't make me cough or feel like my lungs are now full of gunk. Smooth and fast. Some of the mint flavors are a tad too minty for my sensitive, most likely damaged lungs but I steered away from menthol when I smoked, but I still like to mess around with the flavors. They are not that strong, not as strong as a menthol cigarette and some of them are really nice and don't really come off like menthol. I think there's something that could appeal to most among those flavors. The green ones are probably for the Kool smokers. I could be wrong about this product but I like them. and I could be so wrong that i am never able to come back and correct this review but I'm sure word will spread by other means so keep your ear out, eyes open, maybe ask some other daring adults... I don't know but I am going to go look for chocolate flavored ones and try to resist the idea of adding flavored nicotine drops for a "clean but truly satisfying smoke" because these are just enough fun to be trouble for me to alternate tip-toeing and dancing around.

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