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NuFACE Trinity + Microcurrent Facial Toning Device - Skin Care Sets, Kits & Tools


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4.2 ratings
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Ratings & Reviews

4.2 ratings
Customer Reviews
  • I. S.

    So Far So Good: But, Some Issues

    So far so good with this product. It's too soon to say about results.Surprisingly positive: The gel and lotion that come with the bundle are scent-free. This is way ahead of many in the industry because it means more people can use what comes free with the device since scented products exclude many users. Also, of course, we wouldn't wnat to push toxins deep into the skin (if one is knowledgeable about fragrances which they apparently are in this choice).The App: The app is overall good so far. But, I haven't used all of the options. In the high forehead option though, the app stalled, asking me over and over to change attachments which I had done. There was no way to tell the app to skip that step and so no way to move on. You have to just exit out of the program and start over.Needs Improvement: There was a bump in the road at first. The Bolo description at the time I purchased did not clearly state that for the Trinity Plus, the regular Trinity attachments do NOT work. You have to get attachments that state Trinity Plus Only.Good Customer Service: The seller did allow me to return my Trinity attachment promptly and sent me the link for the correct Trinity Plus attachment. But, they need to make the descriptions on products clearer in this regard. I have not yet received the refund for the attachment, but I assume that will come promptly once received.

  • ~. V. ~.

    Takes awhile to see results

    This was my Christmas present to myself. This unit is high-quality and better value when buying all three heads in one package. After a few uses i realize it requires serious commitment to use this daily and lots of patience as it takes awhile to see any noticeable results. I bought this to take the place of my old trusty Dermawand, which I used occasionally over the past 30 years (with my regular serums) with instant good results, and then it broke and I couldn't find a replacement and when I did it is not as good as the original. This device is excellent quality, but much more complicated, more expensive, and requires special gels - and I can see it will be a much slower process before I see any results. I am committed to give it a try and hope for the best.

  • B. L.

    IT WORKS. Looks like I re-upped on Botox.

    I bought the NuFace Mini in November and was so impressed with the results after just two weeks of use that I bought this complete set of the larger model, the Trinity, during the Black Friday sale.The TL;DR of my review is:- It really, actually works. I saw results after the first microcurrent session and am continuing to see results with repeated use.- I like having the red light and eye/lip attachments for finer work the main attachment can't do.I'm 37 with oily skin and not many wrinkles yet, and am using this device preventatively. In terms of medspa treatments, over the past three years, I've had three rounds of microneedling, six microcurrent treatments, and a tiny bit of Botox on my "forehead 11s." Since I don't feel safe doing those treatments right now during Covid, I thought the NuFace would be a great way to do some upkeep in the meantime.I have to say that I am FLOORED with the results. The "11s" on my forehead are at least 50% less deep and look like I've re-upped on Botox. I am *never* going back to pay for another round of microcurrent when I can now do it at home with the NuFace and get BETTER results than I saw at the medspa!I wanted to make sure I didn't get a defective device, so I gave the NuFace a full charge, unplugged the dock, and then used it to see how long the battery would last. The manual says it should last for 21 treatments, and I found that that was indeed true. It doesn't matter whether you do multiple treatments in a day (as you might with the different attachments) or only one per day; you get 20-21 treatments out of a fully charged device. In my book, this is excellent and will be great for traveling.I like the eye/lip attachment because it allows me to do detailed work in a small area. I also appreciate that this attachment automatically decreases the microcurrent intensity because the delicate skin in those areas is more sensitive.I decided to use 100% pure organic aloe vera gel instead of the conductive gel that comes with the NuFace, which I find to be too expensive. The aloe works just fine, but you need to apply it generously. The first few times I used the NuFace, the microcurrent stung a bit; but it got better (less stinging) with each use. Now I use the device at full power (all five lights illuminated), and I hardly feel anything at all.The red light attachment is already decreasing my burgeoning crow's feet and some of the deeper lines I've recently discovered on my forehead and neck.Overall, this is a truly excellent home medspa device, and I'm immensely happy I got it during the Black Friday sale. 10000% worth it.** Update, February 2021, two months later **Still using the NuFace and loving the results. I have moved from using it 5-7x per week to the recommended "upkeep" schedule of 2x per week. It was exciting to use the NuFace for the first week or two, but then it started feeling like a chore; so I'm glad to be in the "2x per week" phase now, where I don't have to use it as often as before.I am seeing NOTICEABLE upward movement in my skin, cheeks, jaw, neck, eyes, and forehead. Fine lines are diminished. My "forehead 11s" still look like I've recently gotten Botox. It's honestly just jaw-dropping. I wish I had known about the NuFace years ago.I haven't had any problems with my device and will continue to use it instead of getting a microcurrent treatment at the medspa, even after Covid ends and we can resume a more normal activities again.

  • K.

    Like this

    I bought the total package. It’s bothersome how they jack up the face he’ll. It does no difference. I use less $ and it’s the very same. Save $$$. This does work.

  • r. l.


    After just a dozen uses each time followed by full charging, now the power switches off automatically within a minute of use. Resut is that it cannot be used. Purchased from USA and used in Singapore. No recourse to repair

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