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Each Passing Moment: The Path to Yourself: How to Find Peace, Meaning, and Fulfillment

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What is Life all about?
What matters to me? What is the meaning of my existence? What do I need to do to enrich my inner world? Am I the best version of myself? How can I become a better person? How can I attain peace of mind and fulfillment?

Like many of us, the author chose to ignore these questions for a long time. Until the day when faced with a major trauma, life knocked him down. He had to cross through existential storms and deserts. To sink into depression and despair and find the strength to climb back to the surface. To seek answers to unanswerable questions. At the end of this painful journey, he found the path to himself.

The book invites the readers to embark on a quest for knowledge and wisdom. Understanding that no matter what conclusions we reach, not taking the time to investigate and meditate on life’s fundamental questions is to condemn ourselves to live a shallow and superficial life. Insufficient. Unfulfilled.

Take advantage of the limited time price offer and buy your copy of the book today. Read Each Passing Moment and discover how to bring more peace, meaning, and fulfillment in your life.

What will you get from reading the book?
✓ a personal and spiritual growth journey
✓ meaningful thoughts, ideas, and perspectives about life
✓ a profound search to understand what is important in life
✓ a deep exploration of life’s meaning and purpose in front of the absurdity of existence
✓ a straightforward solution to live with integrity and change yourself into a better person
✓ a path to calmness, stillness, and peace
✓ a daring yet humble attempt to explore and understand what is beyond human understanding: God and spirituality

Nurture your mind and soul. Get your copy of the book today and start creating the best version of yourself.


Customer Review


This is not a “sunshine and rainbows everywhere” kind of book…

This is not a standard self help book. If you are looking for comforting messages such as “you are great, awesome, the world belongs to you,” you shouldn’t buy this book. The author covers difficult themes: suffering, death, existential crises. And he does so by speaking about his life. It seems that if you aim for heaven, you need to take a ride in hell first.Even when presenting traumatic experiences, or when speaking about difficult issues, the author keeps a positive, inspirational, and peaceful tone.The chapters are short and condensed, and the book is easy to read.

by Iulia Papa, July 16, 2021


Stop. Pause. Think. What matters most?

Like most people these days, I live a busy life. As the author accurately says in the book, I didn’t have much time to take care of my soul. Every once in a while I feel the need to hit the pause button and nurture both my mind and soul. This is one of the books that helped me do just that.The author explores fundamental life questions in order to find the path to peace, meaning and fulfillment. I don’t think the book is designed to give a final answer or solution – but rather help the readers start questioning their habits, values, motivations, and ways of acting into the world.

by Kindle Customer, July 16, 2021


Good stuff!

I enjoyed reading this short book. A strong combo between philosophy, morality, meditation and mindfulness, spirituality and religion – aimed at designing a path to a meaningful life. I got the feeling the book was well researched. I liked that the author speaks from a position of equality with the readers – he is not trying to present himself as a guru or a know-it-all who has the absolute truth or the ultimate solution. I also liked the personal stories or examples inserted here and there. Overall a good and useful reading!

by lifebeyondrepair, July 28, 2021


Worth reading

A condensed and good writing, if you want to take a break from today's selfie culture. The book encourages you to stop focusing on building the projection of a perfect life (as seen from the outside), so that you can be envied by those around you, and focus instead on your inner world. In front of life's dramas and dilemmas, the road to a meaningful life can be found by looking inward and deciding what type of person you want to become.

by Mic, August 2, 2021


Inviting to self-reflection

The author tries – and succeeds I would say – to speak about complicated subjects (existential, philosophical and spiritual concepts) making it easier to understand the essence. There are plenty of opportunities to step back, reflect on your life and try to figure out what you should do different / better. I liked that throughout the book there are references to different sources, really useful for anyone looking to dive deeper into a particular subject.

by Gabriel, July 12, 2021


Insightful, honest and beautifully written.

I enjoyed reading this book. It is easy to relate with the struggles presented, and the lessons learnt put things into a new perspective. A hopeful one: it’s never too late to start living a meaningful life.

by SV, July 10, 2021


Short read, yet profound.

I read it in two sittings. The ideas’ flow is logical and engaging. The book covers major topics such as purpose, integrity, tranquility, and faith. The author gives plenty examples of his struggles and somehow this is reassuring because you get a sense that you are not the only one trying to cope with … oh well, with life.

by Cezar, July 9, 2021


From the heart, emotional and with plenty of ideas

Deep, honest, a feeling of direct, open soul. Some parts are touching, describing a deeply human suffering. There is meaning, and a path towards a more serene atmosphere. Good to read once, or even more than once.

by Amazon Customer, July 11, 2021

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