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Bishop Da Vinci V2 Premium Tattoo Cartridge Needles (Regular Magnums 12, 1223M1 (Long Taper))

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 342.89

  • High quality 304H stainless steel (imported NIPPON STEEL from Japan) .
  • Comes with internal safety membrane to prevent ink spit-back; Precise structure ensures maximum stability and control .
  • Refined tips provide excellent ink flow and good ink storage; Carefully inspected and packaged in blister packs .
  • Compatible with all standard cartridge grips and machines; Lead-free soldering .
  • 100% EO Gas Sterilized; 20 needle cartridge per box .


Cartridge are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. All cartridges are compatible with standard tattoo cartridge system grips and are available in liners, shader, magnum, and bugpin magnum. They are sterilized and individually packaged for single use only. And, it features an internal safety membrane to present smooth and optimum saturation on the skin in every hitting and also prevent ink spit-back, allowing for more comfortable tattooing . We’re not saying we’re the best, but nothing better exists .


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