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10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults - Professional High Definition Large Field of View Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Wildlife Viewing Outdoor Sports Game and Concerts

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    • 4.8 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 176.60

  • 【No Double Image, Wobbling or Unclear Field of View】: 10×50 Binoculars feature 10x magnification and BAK4 prism optics creating superior clarity and brightness. 22mm eyepiece and 50mm objective lens also provide a wider field of view of 1000 yards. There is no double image or violent shaking when viewing moving objects. What's more, our sales team personally tests each and every telescope to ensure that we provide you with reliable quality!
  • 【Professional Optics】: Aspheric multi-layer coated optics and professional BAK4 prism system provide 99.8% light transmission to the telescope, ensuring quality image color and ample brightness during observation. It can be used at night, but not in complete darkness. Ideal for concerts, opera, sightseeing and astronomy viewing.
  • 【Rugged Construction and Anti-Slip Grip】: Sturdy construction, odorless rubber armor with impact resistant and anti-slip grip makes it not only more durable in use, but also moisture resistant to ensure a great experience in the outdoors activities, allowing you to better participate in mountain climbing, hiking, traveling, wildlife and scenery viewing.
  • 【Easy To Use】: The binoculars have a wide, smooth focus knob that makes it easy to focus to accommodate adults and children. Easily focus on the target using the precise central adjustment wheel. For initial use, the diopter system can adjust the vision imbalance of both eyes and you can see a more perfect image.
  • 【Quality Service】: Binoculars are made of high-quality materials, the full set of product accessories including binoculars, carrying case, wipe cloth, manual, neck strap, and lens cap. If you are not satisfied with the product or have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us, we promise you will get a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.


    Customer Review


    Sorry, Not Impressed

    Granted, these are inexpensive binoculars. But the reviews and the specs prompted me to give them a try. It's important to note that my intention was to keep these in the garage to check out the birds and wildlife around the house, so I didn't have lofty standards. Unfortunately, even at the low price point these seemed cheap. The focus adjustment was not smooth, and the eyepiece hardware was flimsy. Minimum focus distance was not great either. On the plus side, the lenses let in a lot of light and the image was reasonably clear. But the bottom line is they're just not that great of a buy. Even less so when the day after I bought them, they were listed with a 20% discount. Timing is everything. These went back the same day.UPDATE 6/30/21: It is worth pointing out that since this review was posted I've received two emails from this seller offering me a $30 gift card to change my review to five stars.

    by D. Baker, June 11, 2021


    Great but questionable integrity

    Loved this product! My husband was super happy and they work great. However, I have a 4 star instead of 5 because I felt like this company tried to buy my 5 star review. I was offered 30 gift card to rate 5 stars. I get it, great way to make it to the top. But it is dishonest and causes other companies that are smaller to not have to opportunity to compete. AND puts this product at the top unjustly. I’m tired of “bigger” or more financially able companies to smash the little guy by using money. Let true competition that is at the root of the capitalist system we operate in do it’s job. Compete fairly. Play fair, or don’t play. Great product, but I question the integrity of this company.

    by Rochelle Ward, June 17, 2021


    Mismatched lens focus - and shady vendor

    Horrible focusing on objects, lenses to not seem to be focused the same. Have 20/20 vision but left side is always focused differently the right even using my right eye. Vendor tried to scam a 5 star review for a sub par product with a 30dollar offer

    by Amazon Customer, May 12, 2021


    Terrific value

    My 5-star rating is based on the value proposition: These are *great* binoculars for under $30. No, the image is probably not as bright and crisp as that of $200 Nikons, but at 1/8 the cost, they're hard to beat. Focus is smooth, after a little bit of initial warmup. Rubberized housing makes them easy to grip. Front and back rubber lens caps with security straps. And, these binoculars come with a very sturdy, zippered case that has its own handle and shoulder strap. In short -- and to repeat myself -- these VOVO binoculars are a terrific value.

    by Costero, November 9, 2020


    Excellent bang for the buck!

    One of the best bangs for the buck I've found on Amazon. These are not Nikon glass, or rugged metal binocs, but for less than 20 bucks, this product can't be beat. They're light, especially for the size. They provide a clear, bright picture, and manage to feel well constructed. The focusing action feels smooth and consistent. I can feel no play in the focussing, and despite not being metal, the binoculars feel solid. The one place I can really feel the cost savings is in the material of the covers for front and rear lenses. The covers feel thin, and a bit more flexible than other similar covers I've felt. They do the job though, and so far seem to fit securely once in place. I like that both front and rear covers are designed to remain tethered to the bibocs, I'm much less likely to lose them. Overall this product seems well designed and very much worth the price, I recommend the item strongly and without hesitation.

    by Sigmonster, May 12, 2021


    Nice and crisp visual

    These binoculars are probably one of the best out there value-wise. It's hard to find a 10x scope at this price range. The lenses are big enough at 50mm to let in sufficient lights so images are pretty bright and vivid.It was not easy taking pictures through the binoculars, but I wanted to show an image through the 10x magnification as compared just through the camera.The binoculars came with a nice carrying case, straps and well written menu.While it's a little heavy, I think it's a great binoculars for those that are budget minded.

    by aultraman, November 10, 2020


    Do not buy, waste of time and money

    Does not focus well. Should spend less on the boxes it comes it to make a better quality product.

    by dorine, May 12, 2021


    Crisp optics, for adults AND kids!!

    Update: attached pictures of the tripod interface since people are wondering.I love these binoculars! We bought them for our daughter who turned 7 and is a curious explorer outside. Although these are indeed REAL binoculars and not the cheap crap "kiddie" ones, she has no problem holding them up. They're not too big or heavy. I read the instructions on how to adjust them so she could learn (and for myself). The clarity in the optics is really amazing and I was astounded at how far away I could actually see!!!I'm glad the case is padded to protect them, and that they have an adjustable shoulder strap to carry them around--small enough for a kid, large enough for an adult.Only wish you could put these in the case without first lowering the eye pieces. Maybe on their next edition they'll change the case, but that is my ONLY complaint and a small one at that.Tripod interface is great option that many other binoculars on here don't have at this price point. Looking forward to picking up a tripod.I could have bought "kids binoculars" and there's an entire category on Amazon for just that... but those are cheap and break easily.Although these cost more than kid's versions, they're well built and much higher quality. Our kids can use them now, and grow into them as they get older. I borrow them all of the time! We plan on using them for summer vacation at National Parks. Great binoculars!!

    by zoomJLzoom, May 4, 2021


    Happy buy Happy Kid

    My child joined an interest group for birdwatching. Instead buying one binoculars for kid, I decided to give him a 'real' one. This pair of binoculars came with all the accessories needed like carrying case, caps and straps. The viewing quality is clear and stable without double-image. Its overall quality is more than enough for my kid, and also meet my expectation for this price. The only complain from my child is that he feels this gear is a little bit bigger for him holding. I just asked him not to worry about that , the next coming Summer, this issue could be gone, because you will be a bigger man and you deserve a real thing for your research.

    by Alex, June 13, 2021


    Use the everyday at work

    These are a great pair of binoculars! I work in telecommunications and use them primarily to see connections at the top of telephone poles. They offer multiple focus setting. I recommend you read the manuel. 🙂

    by Bookworm, June 20, 2021


    could not obtain a clear vision, also would not focus on close items

    I spent hours creating an excel file and listing a number of binoculars and their specs. The VOVO was at the top of the list for reviews, field of distance, and prism. However, both my wife and I could not obtain a clear view looking through them. Also, a bird or whatever else would have to be quite a distance away to focus on it. I do not believe that the spec for focusing distance was advertised on the site. This was my third attempt over 2 years to order a highly related affordable pair of binoculars but all three failed for one reason or another. My next purchase will be done at a store where I can test them in person.

    by ian a y, July 28, 2021


    Best packaging and high quality lenses

    Got this for bird watching during our camping trips. Loved the box packaging that keeps the binoculars safe. The lenses are clear, high quality and allows two adjustments - main and fine tuning.

    by Karim lakhani, June 7, 2021


    very easy to use and very clear

    Before I finished comparing several telescopes, my son stubbornly chose this one. But the facts proved that his choice was right. This telescope is very easy to use and very clear. My husband said he can see craters on the moon. My son can't see the crater with his eyesight, but he is very excited to be able to observe the birds and plants in the distance. This telescope is equipped with all the accessories, which makes you very satisfied, but for my son, ease of use and clarity are the most important

    by Amazon Customer, June 29, 2021

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