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MOOER Electric Guitar Practice Amp, Combo Amplifier 15W with 3 Band Equalization, 9 Digital Amp Models, 6.5″Speaker, Headphone Output, for Electric Guitar and Bass - Hornet Black


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4.5 ratings
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  • 9 high quality digital amp models based on popular guitar amplifiers,tap tempo for each
  • Modulation, delay and reverb effects With three independent equalization adjustment tone
  • Store and recall up to 9 presets,Highly sensitive precision tuner
  • Wireless BT connectivity and AUX IN for connecting external
  • Dedicated headphones output,6.5-inch custom speaker,DC18V 2000mA centre pin negative
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • B. G.

      Compared To Other Practice Amps In This Price Range, This Is Just Okay

      After a misdelivery, vacation, and then Covid, I was finally able to test out this amp today.   It is nicely constructed and aside from the pink color, I like the "Modern Retro" type of aesthetics.  However, tone-wise I find this amp to be very digital-sounding and I could not find any good overdrive sounds.    I own or have owned the following:   Fender Champion 20, Roland Micro Cube, Donner Cyclops, Peavey Rage, Blackstar Fly3 - so I will compare this with those.PROS:1.  The controls on this amp are fairly intuitive and it is easy to start using right away.  Note that it does require an 18V DC power supply (included).  2.  The amp has a full set of treble, bass, midrange, and gain controls - this is key because many practice amps in this price range only have a  single "tone" control, which makes it hard to tailor the sound very well.  Kudos for that.3.  This amp has an easy-to-use, decent tuner.  It is not great compared to a tuner pedal, but it is useable.  4.  The effects (chorus, phaser, flange, delay, reverb) are pretty decent and have a good range of versatility for a practice amp.   There is even an individual tap tempo button for the delay and a separate one for the modulation effects (chorus, phaser, flange).5.  There is a way to change the preset sounds for each amp model, but I have not tried to do that yet.CONS:1.  The amp sims on their own are not that great.   The clean channel is not bad and I tend to favor it.  However it is hard to get a warm sound from it - it just sounds very digital.  The more metal / distortion amp sims are very fuzzy sounding and again, very digital.  The small 6.5" speaker doesn't help, but my Donner Cyclops has a 3" speaker and gets a lot of sustain and crunch on the metal amp sims (especially the Peavy 5150 and the Mesa Boogie Rectifier channels).As far as the clean channel on the Mooer, I favor it but only because it is the best-sounding channel which is not saying too much.   The clean channels on my Fender Champion 20 and Roland Micro Cube have a warmer sound and are much closer to what I look for in a practice amp.2.  Despite the fuzzy distortion, this is not a noisy amp and it stays pretty quiet at bedroom volumes.  3.  This is an amp that would work fine if you are in an apartment (it even has an aux jack for headphones).OVERALL VERDICT:    Aside from the pink color, this is probably the most attractive practice amp I own in terms of aesthetics and design.   I was able to get some decent rock and jazz tones out of it but tone-wise it is not an amp that draws me to want to play it.   I greatly prefer my Fender Champion 20 and would recommend that or the Champion 40 over this any day.   The tones are just so much better.  I have actually gotten plenty of sounds out of the Fender that I would not hesitate to record with; so far I would not want to record with the Mooer because the impressive sounds just aren't there - or at least I have not found them yet.  If I do find them I will update this review.  Otherwise I would say that this is okay if you are looking for aesthetics and versatility, but not the best if you are looking for a high-quality tone.

    • G. S.

      Pleasant Surprise, Lots of Possibilities

      I really like this amp…I was looking around for a small, inexpensive practice amp to set up in the living room, for when I felt like playing some soft jazz guitar. I browsed through all the Flammas and Donners and who knows what else… finally happened upon the listings for this thing… Mooer, some company I had never heard of, and discovered that they have designed some really interesting stuff…I was able to find some very detailed demo/review videos on YouTube, and they pretty much sold me on this amp. Since I was looking for basically a clean sound with some reverb/ambiance, either the Hornet White or Black would have been just fine. But this one happened to be on sale for some reason. The first switch position is supposed to be a clean Fender Twin; it seems to sound very good. All the other amp models appear to be quite good; the various Marshalls and Boogies, etc, let you find just the right screaming sound.The built in effects are a nice little bonus; my only complaint would be that it’s a bit hard to find the right combination of delay effect level and feedback or reverb level & time; those functions seem to be combined into one knob for each of the reverb and delay effects. But it’s hard to complain about an amp that has this much flexibility and great tone for $100… I especially like being able to save all the knob positions, including the effects, into a preset for each of the amp models; great feature…If you’re considering the Mooer Hornet and can’t decide on the black, white, or any of the other colors, search YouTube for Mooer Hornet; there are videos that will pretty clearly show the differences; they are NOT just different colors; each of the amps has a slightly different set of amp models and effects.Even at the regular $118 price, these are great little amps; very happy with this purchase.

    • C. P.

      Small box, big sound!

      This is a smaller version of the 30 watt. This is a great little versatile amp that’s good for a last minute gig or a quick practice session.I’ll make the same complaints I made about the 30 watt version. The chord in the back is really thin and I feel like a hard fall or an accidental kick will break it. My other complaint would be it needs a handle on top. These are the only things that keeps it from 5 stars.

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