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Video Doorbell Camera HD WiFi Doorbell Wireless Operated Motion Detector Audio & Speaker Night Vision for iOS&Android

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 282.94

  • [2.4GHZ Wi-Fi Connection Not 5GHZ] - Smart doorbell, just download the APP and connect to the phone with 2.4GHz Wifi,and our device can be connected Wifi even out of door or through few walls with reliable connection transmission and strong signal. It’s compatible with iOS and Android.
  • [Motion Detection&Night Vision] - Doorbell will send you the message when someone move in in front of the doorbell camera. Equipped with IR sensor and LED, it allows you to take photography and record videos at day or night. Keep your home safe at night.
  • [Video Talk-Back & free cloud storage ]-You can watch and talk with visitors on mobile phones and tablets anytime and anywhere, and transmit video or voice more clearly through noise reduction and rate adaptive technology. free cloud storage with bank protection level.(7 days cyclic storage)
  • [Simple installation method]-The smart doorbell supports two fixing methods: the first method is to use the matching double-sided tape to directly paste it on the wall. the second method is to use the matching screws to punch holes install;The smart doorbell supports two power supply methods: the first is to use the matching three 18650 batteries to directly supply power. The second method is to use AC 8 to 24V hard-wired power supply.
  • [1 Year Warranty & Battery included] - Guaranteed after-sales service to assure your long-term enjoyment. If you have any question or don't know how to use this video doorbell,please do not hesitate to contact us. Include 3*18650 batteries.


    Customer Review


    Doorbell Cam.

    Just installed Jan 19. Works as advertised. I like the picture quality. I put a 512 micro card in,I would suggest you do too. Seems to be well made & has simple settings. I also received the remote chime,nice sounding ringtones. Most important is the easy setup. Great to be able to see my kids coming (We have time to run out of the back door). 🤪

    by Robert Vertalics, January 19, 2021


    Don't let the low price fool you, this one is amazing!

    I bought another wireless doorbell before I bought this one and it cost twice as much. This one is by far better, and it's half the cost. It was so easy to install. I set the motion detector to low so it only notifies me when someone comes up on my porch. When it's set to high, it will alert me every time a car goes by. You can see in the picture how close the house is to the road. The other video doorbell I had, even set at low, still went off every time a car drove by, and that ate up the battery super quick. The battery life is excellent in this one. It's been on over 24 hours now and it's at 97%. The other one I had to charge every 3 days. I ended up returning it. So if you're looking for a low cost wireless video doorbell, this is the one to get! It's exactly what I was looking for. It doesn't come with an indoor doorbell chime, but they included a card inside the package that states they will send you a free one if you leave a positive review. I'm not leaving this review just to get that though, this is honestly a great video doorbell for the price!

    by C. PADDOCK, March 9, 2021


    Video Doorbell Camera HD WiFi Doorbell Wireless Operated Motion Detector Audio&Speaker Night Vision

    Video Doorbell Camera HD WiFi Doorbell Wireless Operated Motion Detector Audio&Speaker Night Vision is what I have been looking for. I setup this product all by myself. It didn't take me 5 minutes. I love it!

    by J5Jewels, September 24, 2020


    Needs tweaking

    The camera was easy to install, it records pretty well, however the application constantly logs me out, and it seems that you can’t have more than one person logged into the application at a time without being logged out., definitely needs some tweaking

    by Sauce, February 6, 2021


    Works great with camera doorbell. Highly recommend

    Order this to go with my Camera door bell. I have the app on my phone and my Husband doesnt. When someone would ring our door bell I would get an alert but Husband would be home and have no clue someone was at the door while I was at work. So I ordered this so he could hear when someone rang our doorbell when I was at work. This chime works great. Setup was very easy and works great!! Definitely recommend if you are needing a doorbell chime for inside your home!

    by Lisa Eugenia Greathouse, May 27, 2020


    Almost plug and play took a couple of tries to get it to connect

    It took a few tries to get it to connect.

    by L. Jordan, August 6, 2020


    DO NOT BUY THIS...there are a lot better options out there

    This camera is a piece of crap. Yes, it works as in you can see people outside and be alerted to their presence, but there are SO many things wrong with it. For one, the battery dies way too quickly, so you will find yourself having to charge it every few days. Secondly, when the battery dies, it shows as still working in the firmware, so you have no idea it's no longer recording...not great for security! The motion sensor, even on the lowest setting, will alert you every time the wind blows. It's hard to reattach back on the holder, once you remove to charge it...a struggle you will get frustrated by every time you charge it, which is too often.

    by P. Chase, May 20, 2021


    Perfect Sound and View!

    It keeps me notified and without security cameras it’s an alternative and I can hear any sound. I really like levels of camera sensitivity and it’s range along clarity of images.

    by gaynell neymour, February 17, 2021


    Fantastic doorbell camera!

    Got this because I wanted a bit more security at my house. It's really easy to set up, just download the app from your app store (I used Google play store). Sign up and follow the steps to connect the doorbell to your WiFi. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.It came 80% charged, I charged it around 14 hours to get it to the full 100% which should apparently last 6-8 months; it charged with a micro USB. The camera quality is great and can I use the talk function when I'm out and people can hear me clearly. It has a motion sensor with 3 sensitivity levels so if you live on a busy road that lots of people walk past on, you can turn it down. You can also connect and view the camera any time not just when pressed or activated, which gives me peace of mind for when I’m away and up to 4 accounts can view the doorbell which is useful for family members too.It comes with a mounting bracket (see picture for measurements needed for screws) but my door jamb is slightly too thin so I have used the sticky pad it comes with to affix mount to the door jamb.You can add an SD card to record rather than just remote viewing.All in all a great doorbell.

    by Adam, November 22, 2020


    Our new door bell camera

    Thank you SSYING i have updated my comment/s and yes if you have one free we have 2 entrance doors so i would love one FREE hope my comments are up to your liking so again thank you for your help your comments and your feedbackVery good product solved our door problem could not hear people knocking but can now would recommend thisThank you Jeffrey

    by J. W. benson, November 18, 2020


    Great video doorbell

    Bought this product largely on the basis of it coming top on a review website and have not been disappointed. The doorbell itself looks smart and was very easy to install. It has a great wi-if range which is important as I live in an old stone cottage with very thick walls for the signal to go through. Very happy with it and cannot think of anything negative to say about it.

    by Denise Paton, November 26, 2020



    Useful door bell/ clear camera useful for answering door when out. Ensure you buy the memory stick before otherwise your recordings won't save if you miss calls. Battery ok, but isn't ideal that you have to disconnect the device to recharge the device; especially when there is the tiniest screw to remove. I've managed to drop the screw a couple of times. Bell sound isn't as loud either which makes you want to consider the other device that improves the sound quality. Overall its a average product, what your pay for you get I guess.

    by Chantelle Parkinson, December 15, 2020


    It's okay

    Not bad, works okay but there are a few negatives.First of all, the back is difficult to remove and, as another reviewer pointed out, to get the main part off you have to depress a tab on the back which is impossible once it's fixed to the wall. I got around this problem by adding some washers between the unit and the wall, meaning there is a small gap I can use to push a screwdriver down to lever the release button. You have to remove the unit to recharge it and so it's vital you make this possible.Second issue is, the terminals on the back that are for your existing chime box don't work - at least, they didn't on mine. I have a bog-standard sounder in the hall and I was hoping that would work with the doorbell, but nothing doing so I'll have to rely on my phone.Thirdly, the instruction manual is tiny and difficult to read if like myself, your eyes are less than perfect.Finally, a note for BT hub users - this doorbell will refuse to connect to your router (it will keep telling you you've entered the password incorrectly when you have not) until you turn off the 'Smart Hub' feature in the hub's settings. That isn't difficult to do (instructions can easily be found on the internet) but it's worth knowing, otherwise you might think the unit is faulty.On the plus side, the doorbell works well with the app. The video quality is perfectly adequate and the lens angle is wide enough for me to see good coverage across the front of the property. When first installed, it kept going off every time a bird flew past but you can change the sensitivity on the app. Dialling this down to 'medium' seems to have done the trick as it still gives me an alert when a person approaches the house, but it's not triggering at the slightest movement from wildlife etc.

    by Rapid Eyewear, January 31, 2021

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