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Reolink 5MP HD PTZ Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Motion Spotlights, 2.4/5GHz WiFi Home Security Camera, Color Night Vision, 3X Optical Zoom, Human/Vehicle Alerts, No Auto Tracking - E1 Outdoor

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    • 4.1 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 551.38

  • By freely switching between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (5.8 GHz) frequency bands, this Wi-Fi security camera provides higher performance for camera networking.
  • Up & Down, Left & Right. You can easily control the angle to see every part of your home.
  • Live view, video playback, instant siren & more via mobile devices. Equipped with weatherproof function, the wireless camera can be installed inside and outside
  • 5M SHD & 3X Optical Zoom. E1 Outdoor security camera offers crystal-clear images and videos. Zoom in to find more details.
  • Define specific areas where you don't want alerts to be triggered. Powerfully loud to deter the intruder.

  • Certified Waterproof Design

    E1 Outdoor WiFi camera is designed for harsh environments. Its robust housing can withstand intense heat, humidity, and cold.

    Double Warning for the Unwelcome

    Once an intruder is detected, the camera’s spotlights and siren will be triggered or manually activated to warn off the would-be criminal. Stop the crime before it happens.


    Customer Review


    Every Feature I wanted in an outdoor camera!

    Every function this E1 Outdoor has is Awesome! There is a hidden feature you don't know about so I am here to fill you in. Auto Tracking is a feature of this camera BUT ONLY AFTER you update the firmware to the update from earlier this year Feb/March 2021 which you can find on the Reolink.com download center page. It is this upgraded Firmware that puts the Auto Tracking feature on the Windows/Mac Client and the camera. The Windows/Mac Client is the computer program you use to update the camera settings and view your cameras (download this to your computer before unboxing your camera) in addition to the phone app. Use the app to initially set up to get online because you will have to scan the barcode. After initial set up to your camera then use the Windows/Mac Client instead of the app to upgrade the firmware and make configuration changes....it works much better and has all the available settings. Now go to Reolink Download page and Download/save the upgraded Firmware file for the E1 Outdoor to your computer. Then go back to your Windows/Mac Client and in your camera settings under System/Maintenance you will find the Firmware Upgrade, click browse and find the upgraded file you saved. After your camera is upgraded to the new Firmware version, you will update a 2nd time under the System/Maintenance settings only this time you will click the "check for latest version" under the Online Upgrade...2nd update complete. Then go to Detection Alarm under Camera settings, you can enable Auto Tracking from here; However, I would mount it first before enabling this feature. Then set your Guard Point & 2 other Preset Points. Now enable Auto Tracking. I hope you love this camera as much as I do!

    by ronda, August 22, 2021


    Terrific piece of hardware and excellent software

    This product is complete. With 3x optical zoom, 355 degree rotation, Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls, better than 2K video, powered by plug or Power of Ethernet (PoE), dual band wifi, built-in SD storage, free basic cloud storage, works with network servers (NAS), extra long power cable extension, ceiling or wall mount and they even provided a strap as an alternate way to mount the housing to poles. It also has color night vision, built-in spotlight that you can leave on or set to motion activated, and it's smart enough to distinguish between cars and people. Competitors like Arlo, Ring, etc. require a subscription for that feature.Overall a great product with excellent software. One major con however is the lack of geofencing. There's no way to turn off recording/detection/notifications based on your mobile phone's location. So you'll need to be quite specific about motion sensitivity, types of motion, time of day, etc. to reduce the number of false positives down to something tolerable.Bonus tip: Get a magnet mount for cameras with a 1/4" thread to mount it on your garage door opener for indoor use.Bonus tip 2: If you can get a hold of the older March 21 firmware, it does support Auto-Tracking and it works pretty good.

    by Piero, August 31, 2021


    Expectation was better than I thought

    I have several ReoLink Camera's now. This was my First PTZ. So far it has gone beyond what I expected. It has a Nice click in mount after mounting the main part. The Fact that it is Wireless and Wired works well. I am able to use it Wirelessly until I am able to run a network cable to it with PoE.Only Thing I have an issue with is the light in the dome when it is at its hightest point. This happens with most PTZ anyways with IR Lights, but it would be nice to be able to see up without this (see Red Arrow). The image here is what I have now and with the Light on, the other dustiness is from the Dirt the Dog are kicking up, but the Part where the Red Arrow Points to, is what I am referring to. Other than this this is a great camera. I might have a few other things, but they aren't coming to mind right now.

    by Hosehead78, September 18, 2021


    Very disappointed!

    It worked well for a couple of days and then started screwing up. First the memory card error. I came home from work and it was pointed toward the wall. Then today the picture went to blurry and there is no way to focus it. This is my second Reolink camera. The first one is fantastic and this one sucks. This one is going back.

    by M. E. Schmalhofer, September 15, 2021


    It has a cat 5 cable connection/ Unable to configure sound

    I had to get customer support to hook this up. One can get the plus "+" on cell phone app to add device, touch the down arrow in left corner. When it asks for SSID that is your router name. I have cat 5 cable run to 3 reolink cameras 2 511W's, 1 e1 outdoor. All have sound issues. 511W's have sound but you can only pickup sound with 10 feet of camera. Reolink is sending me a partial refund for camera sound issues..pending...RMA.The e1 outdoor has no sound on the PC Client /app. Just installed yesterday.....Still trying to work that out.Over all good picture quality. I have had 8 channel 2 NVR's delivered and could not get pass the Wizard "password Incorrect" part of the set up. Sent them both back. Using My PC to record clips on my hard drive for now. I was wanted to know how far wifi can be sent? From cameras to router. 300 ft? no instructions from Reolink.Also One has to have windows on your PC. It does not accept a google chromebook. For viewing live view.

    by Helen M., September 17, 2021


    Reolink E1 Outdoor Camera

    I think Reolink security cameras are a good purchase for the money. To best understand Reolink cameras I would advise viewing YouTube installation videos. I like the fact that their app allows viewing of all connected cameras via cell-phone and PC (Great feature). No more bouncing from one app to another to view various security cams. I'm replacing all my other security cams with Reolink.

    by T Young, August 19, 2021


    This is not a POE camera

    Was thinking this was also POE but it isn't

    by Martin Peck, September 14, 2021


    Best camera

    Just like all there other cameras, this has everything you need to protect your valuables. This is my 9th camera I buy from Reolink and I am happy with their products.

    by Adrian M, August 23, 2021

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