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M-Audio M-Track Solo – USB Audio Interface for Recording, Streaming and Podcasting with XLR, Line and DI Inputs, Plus a Software Suite Included

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  • Podcast, Record, Live Stream, This Portable Audio Interface Covers it All – USB sound card for Mac or PC delivers 24-bit/48 kHz audio resolution for pristine recording every time
  • Be ready for anything with this versatile M-Audio interface - Record guitar, vocals or line input signals with one combo XLR / Line Input with phantom power and one Line / Instrument input
  • Everything you Demand from an Audio Interface for Fuss-Free Monitoring – 1/8” headphone output and stereo RCA outputs for total monitoring flexibility; USB/Direct switch for zero latency monitoring
  • Get the best out of your Microphones - M-Track Solo’s transparent Crystal Preamp guarantees optimal sound from all your microphones including condenser mics
  • Whether you’re a Podcaster or Beat Maker, this software suite won’t disappoint - Includes: Pro Tools, First M-Audio Edition, MPC Beats, Xpand!2, Eleven Lite guitar amp plugin and 20 AVID plugin FX

Introducing the M-Track Solo - Crystal Clear Audio in a Compact Design

Studio Recording, Podcasting and Live Streaming, Simplified
The M-Track Solo is the best featured, most portable class-compliant recording interface in its class. It delivers 48 kHz audio resolution in a compact and easy to use format that is ideal for creating music on any Mac or PC. This versatile interface is perfect for recording any type of sound source and features a single combo Crystal Preamp with phantom power, plus a switchable Line / Instrument input making it compatible with any guitar or microphone. Plus, with M-Track Solo's 2-channel recording you can use both line inputs simultaneously to capture digital pianos, drum machines or any other stereo 1/4"" device. M-track Solo is completely powered by USB, removing the need for an external power supply and making it perfectly portable for recording on-the-go. Throw it into your bag, grab a laptop, and create your next podcast, song, or mix anywhere you want.

Direct Monitoring & Headphone Connection
M-Track Solo offers zero-latency monitoring of the input signal through both the main RCA outputs and 1/8” headphone outputs. The USB/Direct switch adjusts the balance between the direct inputs and the playback from your computer software. This makes it easy to record new parts or add parts to an existing composition.

Start Recording Immediately
The M-Track Solo comes with a complete software package that has everything you need to get started right out of the box. Included are 2 great digital audio workstations (Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition and MPC Beats), 20 effect plugins provided by AVID, AIR Music Tech’s Xpand!2 synthesizer plugin and the Eleven Lite guitar amp plugin that’s perfect for capturing any riff that hits you in the middle of the night when you can’t crank your amp to ‘eleven’.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain the bundled software?

You obtain your copy of ProTools First | M-Audio Edition & MPC Beats by creating an account and registering your M-Track Solo at m-audio.com/register

What type of speakers can I connect to the M-Track Solo?

Active/Powered speakers using M-Track Solo’s RCA outputs located on the rear of the unit

What type of headphones do you recommend for optimal performance from the M-Track Solo?

We recommend any Stereo TRS headphones featuring an impedance between 16-50 ohms. A ¼” (6.35mm) adapter may be required for the headphone output.

What recording software works with the M-Track Solo?

M-Track Solo is compatible with virtually any DAW/Music Production software including Logic Pro, ProTools, GarageBand, Studio One, Cubase, Ableton Live and many more!

Which operating systems are compatible with the M-Track Solo?

-Windows 7-10 (via M-Audio ASIO Driver)
-Mac OS High Sierra – Big Sur (Class Compliant – No Drivers Required)
-iOS (Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter required)


If you have any pre/after-sales questions, the M-Audio support team are available to help! Ask a question here on Amazon to collaborate with other users and receive direct responses from M-Audio. To connect directly with our Amazon Support team, please email - [email protected]


Customer Review


I Almost Returned This Unit.

The first thing you notice, right off the bat, is how small and light this unit is. In a head to head physical fight, it wouldn't stand a chance against, say, a Focusrite or Steinberg interface. It's also interesting to note that the M-Track Duo has no operating light when...

by Robin Ray, January 2, 2021


Fantastic audio interface for $50!!!!

Just bought this today and I think this is a fantastic audio interface. The preamps sound really nice on it. And unlike other interfaces I've tested in this pricerange, ie the UM2, this doesn't have hiss. I think overall this is a fantastic interface. My only qualms are 3...

by TheCowofCow, December 25, 2020


Was worried, now I'm ecstatic

I was really worried when I first opened the package and installed it, because the first thing I heard when I plugged in my microphone and instrument was the buzzing that a lot of people were experiencing from a ground loop hum. However, I was able to remedy this by using...

by Alex, January 6, 2021


$50 for an audio interface??

yes. all the way yes. Especially if you're on a budget, and you just want a casual, nothing too serious, audio interface, like for streamers who are just starting out. I've sang with this and the Blue Baby Bottle mic. I was in between this and the Focus Scarlett Solo, but:...

by Ariel Almond, January 13, 2021


Where's the Headphone Volume?

Writing this after owning for just under an hour. This could be a really neat cool little unit. Build quality appeared to be good and it has a great layout. But the headphone amp needs more output power. Using a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones, having the headphone pot...

by Daniel E Kelley, December 29, 2020


Needs more gain. Gain controls not linear.

I'm reporting on three observations here. The latter two are the reasons why I am unable to give this unit a 5-star review. 1: It is BIG. I should have read the specs, because my takeaway from the images and from one reviewer's comments was that it had a small...

by Amazon Customer, January 15, 2021


Doesn't Work on Windows 10, great on Mac

I tested this Interface on both my Windows 10 PC and my MacOS Mojave Macbook, and while I couldn't get it to work on anything in windows 10, it worked flawlessly on my macbook. Even after installing M-Audios official drivers, I had nothing but headaches with this...

by Kurdt, January 3, 2021


Hissing Noise??

The interface is pretty good for its price, has a pretty easy setup for a beginner such as myself and has a nice design although it’s mostly plastic. However, I’m have trouble for the line inputs because of a consistent hissing in the background of audio and for...

by Frances, December 29, 2020

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