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KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for Puppy - 23 Pack Puppies Teething Chew Toys for Boredom, Pet Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys with Rope Toys, Treat Balls and Dog Squeaky Toy for Puppy and Small Dogs


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4.4 ratings
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  • Great for Dogs & Protect Your Home: Dogs are chewers by nature, when teething, boredom, loneliness, stress relief, will chew everything. Our dog chew toys designed for chewing dogs to protect your home (like shoes, sofa, pillows) from chewing. Through these exclusive puppy chew toys not only give you a tidy home and make your dog healthy.
  • Dog Toy & Super Fun: 23 Pack pet toys for dogs, great for puppy and small dogs. Includes 8 rope dog toys, 2 dog treat balls, 1 rubber dog toothbrush stick, 1 banana dog toy, 2 squeaky plush toys, 2 rubber toys, 1flying magic mat dog toy and 4 extra dog bag rolls & 2 bag dispensers as a gift. You are not merely buying puppy toys, but helping him stays happy and healthy.
  • Variety is Our Games: Variety means various entertainment options, not increasing in Qty of duplicates. So dogs can uncover new experiences, try different genres, and find long-lasting sources of pleasure with KIPRITII. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY BORING DUPLICATES!!!
  • Clean teeth & Freshen breath: Clean your dog's teeth, make your dog healthier. So by our chewing rubber toothbrush, and rope toys, dogs get gum massage and stress relief, and help to freshen breath. Make your puppy having healthy chewing behavior by our dog teething toys.
  • Training toys & Improve relationship: Training make dogs physically fit and mentally sharp. Dogs love Chasing a training toy. When dogs learn to toss and roll dog treat balls to get their treats out. And various rope toys are great for tug. These pet toys positively enhance the relationship between you and your dogs.
  • High Quality & Excellence Service: Our dog chew toys undergo rigorous quality testing. With durable and natural material, good for dogs. Any questions will always help you. You can confidently buy our products, this dog toy pack is definitely a good choice for you.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • Mark Tarutis

      4.0 out of 5 stars Big selection, they’re bound to love something!

      I got the Style 1 box.It came with a ton of rope toys. She already has a few rope toys scattered all over the living room and they’re some of her favorites. When I opened the product box with her, pulled out all the ropes and showed her the big bundle, she seemed overwhelmed with excitement. I let her pick 2 and put the rest away for later down the road when she starts destroying her older toys.There are some very nice teething toys in there for her. She isn’t at that stage yet, but I’m making sure to give her as many options as I can to relieve her suffering ahead of time.I believe so far her favorite toys are the banana and the multicolored striped tiny plush. They both squeak, but the banana’s peels make a crinkly sound when they’re manipulated and she seems to love that. It’s a unique texture for her that isn’t present in any of her other toys.Her FORMER favorite toy was the one in the photo. Not even 5 minutes into sitting down to write this review and I hear her smacking her lips. She was swallowing something. I quickly got it from her, but the damage was done. I just didn’t want her choking, so I took the photo and then used scissors to cut the red cloth off of the rope toy. The scissors went through it like butter, so it’s no wonder a 10-week old pup could manage to carve out a chunk to eat in the span of a few minutes. Without the red cloth, the rope circle is very sturdy and stiff, so I consider it safe after the removal.Overall, I’d say we’re both very happy with the purchase. It’s a lot of bang for your buck. Just be pre-warned that the rope circle might be an issue for your pups! I’ll continue monitoring the other toys in case an issue arises.Edit: upon further inspection of the rope circle toy, the red cloth had been covering up where the two ends of the rope were joined. It’s a sticky mess of some sort of glue and a plastic sleeve around it. If I hadn’t been looking after she went back after it, she could have easily shredded and swallowed the plastic sleeve. A real bummer since she really seems to like the rope’s rigidity, but at this point the safest bet is to toss it. There are plenty of other toys in the box, I guess.

    • Keira

      4.0 out of 5 stars I don't consider poop bags to be toys...

      It's a pretty good variety of toys, but there were a few rolls of poop bags, and a poop bag Holder, included. I don't consider these toys, so I think it's a bit misleading to say there are 23 toys. Other than that, the toys are great, especially for small dogs. My husky took the stuffed banana from my Shi Tzu and destroyed it in seconds, but the rope toys have held up really well. Overall, I am quite happy with this, just disappointed that there weren't a couple more toys. I would recommend overall.

    • BattleAxe454

      5.0 out of 5 stars Lifesaver for new puppies

      I had two eight week old puppies with razors for teeth when these were purchased. These toys and a heavy pair of gardening gloves have been instrumental in keeping me out of the emergency room while we "bond" (or until they kill and eat me). Thank you for providing such a good selection at such a reasonable cost. And surprisingly, after a month, most of the toys are still at least 70% intact and taking a daily beating from both them and 5 other highly jealous adult dogs. Good job!

    • Amazon Customer

      4.0 out of 5 stars Great for puppies but not for big chewers

      I originally got this because my puppy who is about 6 ish months old is teething. Torn through most of these individually in an hour. Some of the toys in here have lasted for sure but the soft ones, Definitely not so much. I think it's great for perhapes smaller dogs at full size. Not really medium or large dog puppies because of how my 6 month old went through most of them in hours. The ropes might last you a couple of days so I'd advise to give the pup 1 at a time.

    • Angel4Animals

      5.0 out of 5 stars This gift box just kept on giving!

      Wow. What a great buy. This box of toys was in a large Prime box that was delivered to the wrong door & enclosed with a 4 pound bag of Halo puppy food. Since it wasn't placed in the enclosed porch area of the porch, some racoons dragged the Prime box into the driveway and they ate the entire bag of dog food. :/ My husband didn't see the box in the driveway the next morning and backed over it with his Ford F250 Super Duty. When I found it the next day this box of toys was an literally an accordian. But guess what...these toys are so indestructable they ALL survived this abuse! haha. So not only are these toys great, and my puppies loved them...but they really took some hard hits and still came out looking new! Thank you to the makers of this box of toys! I'm off to buy 2 more! This company rocks!

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