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5-Pack 1020 Garden Growing Trays with Drain Holes - 10" x 20" Plastic Plant Trays with Holes - Wheatgrass Sprouting Tray, Microgreens Seed Tray, Hydroponic Trays, Nursery Flats, Greenhouse Supplies

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 183.65

  • 🌱 1020 MICROGREEN TRAY WITH HOLES - 1020 MICROGREEN FLATS - SEED TRAYS WITH HOLES - Handy Pantry plant trays with holes are ideal microgreen trays for seedling flats and shallow germination trays for easy micro greens such as organic arugula seed, sunflower seed, amaranth, and spicy salad mix.
  • 🌱 1020 WHEATGRASS TRAYS WITH DRAIN HOLES - 1020 WHEATGRASS GROWING TRAYS - The Handy Pantry 10" x 20" BPA-free plastic planting trays are a popular seed tray for germinating wheat grass seed, oat grass seed, barley grass, and rye grass. Try countertop seed trays for DIY wheatgrass juicing today!
  • 🌱 1020 PLANT TRAYS FOR INDOORS - 1020 NURSERY TRAYS - GREENHOUSE GARDEN SUPPLY - Seedling trays are a popular sprouting tray for alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts, and broccoli sprouts, but are also perfect for seed starting trays, nursery trays for seedlings, and BPA-free greenhouse supplies.
  • 🌱 1020 HYDROPONIC TRAY - 1020 FLOOD TRAYS - FODDER TRAYS WITH DRAIN HOLES - Seedling trays are multi-purpose grow trays used as a hydroponic grow tray, ebb and flow tray, and plant tray part of an organic fodder system. 10" x 10" plastic growing trays nest perfectly in a 20" x 10" watering tray!
  • 🌱 PRODUCT OF USA - POST-CONSUMER MICROGREEN TRAY - BPA FREE PLANT TRAY - Our Handy Pantry customer service and workforce is proudly based in the US along with our microgreens growing trays, plastic plant trays, and plant trays for indoors being 100% BPA-free.


    Customer Review


    Do not order based off pictures, false advertisement!

    I specifically ordered from this company and this tray because the pictures show it comes with 2 trays, one with holes and one without. I received the trays and there are only trays with holes which defeats the purpose of me buying them. Also the pictures look sturdy but the product itself is very flimsy and not durable at all. Do not purchase If you’re looking for the 2 trays like I did.

    by Janessa, June 1, 2020



    One on the five trays was broken at the corner, so returning. The trays are made of super thin plastic, even thinner than a deli tray. If you had them full of moist soil, it would be really difficult to move them without breaking them and they would probably not last for more than one planting, unless you are being really careful. I stopped by a Walmart today, that I had never been to before, and the store manager gave me about twenty nice growing trays that they were tossing that smaller potted plants had arrived in. I am a happy gardener!

    by Cindy, March 6, 2020


    Does the job, but was expecting better quality.

    I was excited to get these trays to reuse every year to start my seedlings. Never again would I need peat pots; I could use my soil-block maker to start my seedlings in the greenhouse and all I have to buy is soil. They work fine, but they are a bit flimsier than I was expecting. And had I known the holes for drainage would look like someone took a hot glue gun and sloppily burned them in like an afterthought, I would have gotten the ones without holes and used a drill to make my own.

    by Tricia, May 15, 2020


    works great

    my micro greens setup is florishing these trays worked great. I did break one of the others I bought that have no drain holes, they are a thin material not made to last a long time.

    by John M., April 24, 2020


    Cheaper ones suck!

    Arrived in no time, and they're more sturdy than the Jiffy seed starting greenhouses. I'd call these professional quality, as they're just like the ones I've gotten from a large local nursery. Yes, plastic decays. But these seem thick enough to last at least three or four years of my constantly using them.

    by PublicName, March 1, 2020


    Perfect for greenhouse

    Great product for greenhouse growing! Be sure to order with holes if you need drainage. We will purchase again!

    by Ashleigh L., February 29, 2020


    Flimsy & Brittle, but got the job done

    These trays have the same thickness as a sandwich container that u might buy at a convenience store. The side split on one of them because a small gravel bag sat in the tray when I was planting seeds. Had to duct tape it back together.. Really??I dont expect them to hold up long?

    by Jeff, March 8, 2021


    Size not as described in the diagram!

    Listing is not accurate! I bought these because of the detailed diagram of the tray size which I needed to fit in a space not bigger than 20 inches. They are not the size described in the listing. Total waste of my time!

    by Cablehed, March 19, 2021

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