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Iceyyyy 5 Packs Strawberry Supports - Strawberry Plant Support Strawberry Growing Racks Strawberry Growing Frame

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    • 4 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 51.16

  • Every Pack including 2 rails, 4 stakes and connecting rod that make up a complete strawberry stand.
  • Easy to assemble, fit the support around your existing plants, snap together two ends, lock buttons and gently insert legs of the support into the ground.
  • Best to use the supports before your strawberry plants get big but they will still help.Just easier to place the supports.
  • Removablity and flexiblity, high-quality plastic material for convenient off-season storage and next use that no need to buy the strawberry support every year.
  • With strawberry supports your berry bushes wouldn't become wet even during wet growing seasons. Moreover, the supporting them up off the ground helps to keep berries clean.


    Customer Review


    Use a rubber mallet to attach legs

    I found these supports to be sturdy and easy enough to put together. After seeing that some other reviewers had difficulty attaching the legs, I tapped them in with a rubber mallet. It worked well and I can’t imagine I would have been nearly as successful otherwise.

    by Taylor H, September 5, 2020


    Great product to keep strawberries off the ground

    I placed these around my Strawberry plants and I can already tell a difference. They do a great job of keeping berries off the ground. Happy with Purchase.

    by Detharal, April 1, 2021


    Great for gardening

    These are great for use if you don’t not have too many strawberry plants. They fit most containers. They have held up well for 2 months of use and have been effective in preventing strawberry rot. Couple of small drawbacks: when the strawberries are some they fall through he gaps and can get stuck which causing a deformed shape. Second, the bases aren’t that sturdy and bend so if using on hard ground be careful.

    by Dylan Hawkins, July 22, 2021


    Simple and effective

    Works as described. Simple to assemble and install.

    by Sadasue, May 6, 2021


    Very handy

    Super nifty supports under both strawberries and low lying tomato plants. They’re a little flimsy in thickness but once you put them under the plants it does a great job! I split up a set to use only halves in a couple of pots and a raised bed. Work well!

    by KARYN Y, June 11, 2021


    As described

    The product is as described end it was easy to assemble. However, I have not had any luck with my strawberries this year I thought this would help but it has not. Which I blame I Gardening skills and not the product itself.

    by Maria C, July 21, 2021


    What a let down!

    What even is this? It was delivered tossed in a plastic bag. None of the connecting pieces included and only one leg. I can’t even make this work if I wanted to. More items are missing than included. And the support pieces are bent and cracked all the way through. Do not purchase this piece of crap. What a waste!!

    by Kaley Erin, June 12, 2021


    not for me

    better to just use straw.this is ok if you have plenty of room and spacing between your patch but i did not so i just went to a feed store and bought straw.

    by A Furmom, September 5, 2021

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