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48 Pack LED Recessed Lighting 5/6 inch Downlight, 10.5W=85W, Dimmable, Damp Rated, 5 Color Changing(Warm to Daylight), Simple Retrofit Installation, Energy Star & ETL Listed

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    • 4.6 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 1579.83

  • 💡【High Quality & Energy Saving】Energetic LED recessed lighting features advanced LED chips with higher lumens and lower power. Consumes 10.5 watt equivalent to 85-watt incandescent bulbs, saving 86% on your electric bill. CRI>90, our ceiling LED lights bring a clear and bright lighting effect for true color rendering.
  • 💡【Smooth Dimmability & CCT Color Changing】Seamless and smooth dimming capabilities from 100-10% fit any mood or decor. Compatible with most dimmers in the market. Choose from 5 colors 2700K/3000k/4000K/5000K/6500K to instantly change the look and ambiance of your home and let you enjoy your life.
  • 💡【Easy Installation】Complete in minutes. Standard E26 base allows you to easily install the can lights with a Phillips screwdriver. Recessed lights have a good heat dissipation that they won't overheat or cause a fire in the overhead joist space, worry-free installation.
  • 💡【Wide Application】Ideal for attics, apartments, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and basement as well as in damp locations, such as bathrooms, showers or outdoors under a porch or eave and more.
  • 💡【Certifications】Certified by ES/ETL/CEC/FCC of a high standard, our recessed can lights meet strict requirements to be considered energy-efficient, safe, and reliable. 5-year hassle-free Warranty.

  • Color:650 Lm  |  Size:48 Pack

    Led Recessed Lighting 5/6 Inch, Ressed Led Ceiling Lights, Can Lights, Downlights

    Wattage: 10.5W
    Incandescent Equivalent: 85W
    Voltage: 120V
    Luminous flux: 650lm
    CRI (Color Rendering Index) > 90
    Selectable Color Temperature: 2700K Soft White, 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White, 5000K Daylight, 6500K
    Lifespan: 35,000 hrs+
    Dimmable: Yes
    Dimming range: 10%-100%
    Working temp: -22℉-104℉
    Waterproof rating: Sutiable for damp locations
    Material: Plasctic & Metal

    Compatible Dimmers:
    Lutron: DVCL-153P, MACL-153M, MSCL-VP153MH, PD-6WCL-WH, DV-600P , MSCL-0P153MH, RRD6NA, TG-600P-WH, CTCL-153P, LGCL-153PLH, SELV-300P, LG-600P, LG-603P, LGCL-153PL, LGCL-153P, S-600P, DV-603PG, CT-600P, FS-5FH-DK, D-603PGH-DK, TGCL-153PH, SCL-153P, AYCL-153P, CTCL-153P, TGCL-153PH, TG-600PH-WH, TG-603PGH-WH, MACL-153M, LGCL-153PL, GL-603PH-DK, DVW-600PH-WH, MSCL-0P153MH, MSCL-VP153MH, GTJ-250M, GT-250M, TTCL-100H , D-600PH-DK
    LEVITON: 6681, IPL06, 6631, NOM057, VP106, 6672, IPL10-1LZ, 6633, DSL06-1LZ, IP110, 6673, 6602, IPSD6-1LZ, 6674
    COOPER:DL10P-A, S106P-LA-K, 9530WS-K


    Customer Review


    Overall good

    A very easy and cost-effective upgrade; definitely nice overall, especially the ability to select the light "temperature."The only problem I ran into was that these lights wouldn't push all the way up into our metal canisters; the tension against the metal walls inside was pushing them back out about a quarter-inch so that they weren't flush with the ceiling and looked terrible.The solution was to bend the interior metal prongs inward very slightly, so that their total diameter was a bit smaller. These metal prongs are quite thick, so this required pliers and some serious elbow grease - but once I did that, they pushed nicely all the way up into the canisters. (They are adjustable between 5" and 6" diameter, but I only needed about an eighth of an inch smaller than 6".)As others have mentioned, there is about a half-second delay between switching these on and their actually coming on. I agree this is slightly weird, but I don't understand why people are annoyed by it. Mindfulness meditation may help those with such a temperament.

    by Paige, July 13, 2020


    Great Product, Excellent Value

    UPDATE: I've had these installed for several weeks and I am still quite happy. I just recently added a Lutron Caseta smart dimmer control to control six of these bulbs in my kitchen. I am happy to report that these bulbs work perfectly--no humming, buzzing, or flickering. Perfect. Lutron Caseta has a list of bulbs approved for use with Caseta and these are not on the list, but I can confirm that they do work perfectly in my application.There are so many choices in this lighting category that it's hard to make a decision. This product had good reviews and the price was right so I decided to give it a try. I just received the product and I immediately set out to install them. It's a pretty easy, straightforward process. The lights come with two different kind of attachments--the clip style which is installed and the spring loaded style. Your existing cans will dictate which type you will need to use. Mine use the spring loaded type which means that I had to remove the clips and install the spring type. Takes two-three minutes per light to change using a screwdriver. No big deal. Once the clips are installed, just connect the included E26 screw in adapter, connect to the light fixture and pop it into the recess. The springs are very stiff and I found it easier to latch one side at a time. Very simple install.A few notes. These lights fit both 5" and 6" recessed cans. The attachments can be adjusted to fit either size. The lens/bulb on this light is about four inches and the rest of the fixture all trim so it looks much smaller and sleeker than the original bulb style. I think it adds a more contemporary look. The trim is actually metal which is nice. So many of these are all plastic which can fade and yellow over time. I like that these are metal as it gives them a quality feel over plastic. The kelvin color can be adjusted with a switch located on the top of each light. This is a really nice feature since it's hard to know exactly which color is best for your location. I tried each setting BEFORE seating the light into the recess otherwise it's a bit of a pain to access it. It's not something you are likely to change often, but it's nice to know that you can. If you want to control this remotely, you will need to spend 4x as much for a smart bulb. Not necessary in this case.Overall, great product, excellent value. Fast shipping as always with Prime. Cannot comment on longevity as they are new, but I expect I will get my monies worth.

    by J. Ogden, July 24, 2020


    Love that they are adjustable but some arrived damaged.

    PROS:-Adjustable light output-fit tight to ceiling-look great-easy-ish to install but could be easier (see CONS)CONS:-Manufacturer's box was crushed on one side and 3 of 12 were damaged (two bent, one broken). The damage to the outer box was obvious and should have been noticed. The Amazon shipping box was NOT damaged so it was shipped this way. I was able to salvage the bent ones and didn't need the 12th one so it worked out.-No foam insulation gaskets. Probably not necessary in newer homes but would be nice in retrofit installs.-Had to remove clip attachment and replace with spring attachment. Would have saved me time if the manufacturer just had both options in box with screws and let me determine which I needed.-slight delay when turned on...maybe half second but it is noticeable.

    by R. Williams, May 26, 2020


    Simple install on the right existing pot light fixture, bright (or not, your choice). Great LEDs!

    If you have the right sort of existing pot light fixtures already installed, these LED bulbs are simple to install. My current pot lights have a "stepped" and tapered interior (see photo - black arrow denotes the "steps" inside my pot light fixtures) and the springs that come attached to these replacement LED lights goes right into place very snugly. If the interior of your existing pot light fixtures is curved and smooth, it could be an issue to install - every situation varies.The 5 way light adjustment switch on these LED's works phenomenally so you can dial in any ambiance you want or change the setting in seconds if needed.Prior replacement of another brand of LED lights (NOT these LED's!) I've used in pot lights required me to screw the LED bezel to the existing pot light in two places and that's a real pain, especially considering that I'm changing out 46 pot light bulbs!The first photo on the left shows the new LED lights on the brightest setting. The second photo on the right show the "steps" in my existing pot light fixtures that allows the LED light springs to catch and hold the new LED's in place.I really like the ease of installation and the adjustable Kelvin output switch on these LED's - very well done!! As I mentioned, your experience may vary - good luck and I hope this review helps!

    by Rolidnot, August 15, 2020


    No more ugly bulbs

    Awesome. Easy to install and really bright. Having the options to change brightness makes buying these a no brainer. Changing the brightness setting takes seconds even after installed. Will be buying more for the rest of the house.

    by Keith peters, April 18, 2020


    Easy and affordable

    Switched halogens recessed cans to LED's - easy replacement and dimmable and saved money on power- no electrician necessary if you have basic skills probably - YMMV- turn off the breaker just in case - simple screw in

    by Rick Owens, January 1, 2021


    Great conversion kit.

    A great kit, adjustable colour temperature lets you choose exactly what you want.

    by Country Guy, September 13, 2021

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