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Ceptics Universal USA NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 6-15P Plug Adapter

    • Ratings :
    • 3.8 stars
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  • 15-21 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 03-November to 09-November.
AED 49.87

  • Universal Socket will work with USA , Canada NEMA 6-15P plug adapter. Connects European, British, UK, Australia, NEMA (Straight Blade, Non-Twist Lock), and other international plugs with NEMA 6-15R
  • MAX: 15 AMP
  • WARNING:This Adapter is not a voltage converter, it will not convert 220V to 110V. It will output the same as what you input.

  • Ceptics Universal USA NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 6-15P Plug Adapter


    Customer Review


    Does not support 15 amps as claimed

    I picked this adapter due to it's 15 amp spec. However within 10 minutes of running with a 15 amp load, a heater, it started melting and failed. It could have been a fire.

    by Malcolm, April 5, 2021


    Needed to adapt a volt meter with 120 VAC plug to 240 VAC receptacle

    I had an odd application of this device. On ebay I purchased a compact digital-display volt meter that had a standard 120 VAC plug (5-15P). But the meter was capable of reading and displaying voltage up to 240 VAC. So I needed to be able to adapt the volt meter's 5-15 plug to my 240 VAC receptacle (6-15R). This adapterd worked perfectly.

    by STEPHEN C MACDONALD, June 1, 2021


    Useless for a regular outlet

    It’s confuse. I just move to US from Brazil and I needed a adapter from South America outlets to North American outlet, and when the product came, for my surprise, not work in any outlet of my apartment. I understand now you describe this different adapter in the title of the product, but for my still was confuse and now I have something useless. I wish have a kind of warning in the product, for people like me, because when I find this adapter I remember to use the words: “adapter South America to US outlet”.

    by Amazon Customer, December 18, 2019


    Works properly

    Works great and is safe. I have installed by mistake AC unit with heat function, which requires more power than my outlet supports. However once someone turned on the heat function, which resulted in exceeding power consumption for my wires, this adapter immediately melted even before the circuit breaker turned off, which is a safe behavior.

    by Pavel Maslov, February 11, 2020


    Used with appliances has different types of outlet

    Good product, used for multiple plug types

    by Fraih Haddad, October 9, 2019


    shipped 2 days early

    used as an adapter for old style 115v outlet

    by Linda J Jenkins, April 20, 2021


    Thumbs down

    Stopped working on the second time of use. Not worth it.

    by N. Campoverde, August 25, 2021


    works well

    very useful adapter

    by Evil Agent, November 21, 2020

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