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Elgato Key Light, Professional Studio LED Panel With 2800 Lumens, Color Adjustable, App-Enabled, for Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android, Metal Desk Mount Copy

    • Ratings :
    • 4.7 stars
  • |
  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 1057.79

  • App-enabled: Adjust settings via your screen for accurate real-time feedback
  • Ultra-bright and adjustable 2800 lumens and fully dimmable
  • Versatile color temperature: 2900 – 7000 K produces cold through warm white
  • Glare-free diffusion: Opal glass face ensures balanced lighting
  • Box contents: 1 x Key Light, Power Supply, Steel Desk Mount, Quick Start Guide

  • Style:Key Light  |  Size:Gear

    Everything about Elgato Key Light says: You’re pro. Illuminate your workspace with 160 premium LEDS totaling 2800 lumens of light, fine-tune brightness levels right down to a subtle glow, and set the perfect color temperature from sunset amber through arctic blue all via the control center app. Easily adjust the telescopic steel desk mount and ball head to set your ideal height and lighting angle, while enjoying glare-free diffusion thanks to a silky-smooth opal glass face. Designed to beat the rising demands of video production, Elgato key light sets the bar for high-end studio lighting.


    Customer Review


    OVERPRICED! You've got to be kidding me!

    One light!?One light, are you serious?!Almost every piece of advertising leads you to believe that this is a set, even the price would leave you to believe it's a set.ITS SHOWN AS A SET ONE THE BOX!BUT NO.ONE LIGHT.I am a cinematographer, I understand professional lighting costs and in my professional opinion I thought that the price was high, even for this set, but enjoyed the fact that you could control them with your PC and that they clamped to the desk to help reduce the light's footprint.I thought, hey, $200, for a set like this is a little high but ya gotta pay extra because its a popular brand. BUT it showed up and I was floored.So basically they expect you to pay $400 to get what you think you ordered.Do you know what kind of professional lighting kits you can get for that price?If you want something actually worth the price take some time and look some up.But all that being said, theres no way I would recommend this product to anyone, maybe at $100 each and $200 for a set, and that's a serious maybe.At $200 this should have the option to be battery powered AND have a FREE tripod so you can use it to light whatever scene or shoot you want to for this price.To have this light sold at a professional price without it having the features of one, simply baised off the brand and popularity of streaming is STRAIGHT UP ROBBERY.Spend $120-$160 on a cheaper SET of lights, and then take yourself out for pizza and be happy you didn't get hustled like ya boy right here.PS. Ya know that scene with Han Solo and Leia, when they're bickering then she storms off, he's left slackjawed and says "no reward is worth this", well, that's pretty much how I feel about this.Hopefully this thing goes on sale, so I can return it and be able to afford the set for the same price, the price its mostly worth.This is like a mirco transaction in the real world.

    by ONESFUTURE, March 14, 2019


    Software controls hardly work

    These lights would get a 5-star rating if the software controls work as designed.I bought two of these lights to use for work video conferencing during COVID-19 shelter-in-place spring 2020.The software controls the on/off function of the light, as well as the color temp, and the lumen intensity. However, the lights can only be turned on by using the software, which can be installed on a phone and/or computer.I have the software installed on a MacBook Pro (2016 Dual-core i7) and on an iPhone X. The software communicates with the lights over Wi-Fi. I have a brand new Google Mesh Wi-Fi network, and the lights are in a 4-bar Wi-Fi zone.The initial set up was easy. The lights have been set up and connected to Wi-Fi for the past 2+ weeks.Unfortunately, the lights WILL NOT remain connected to Wi-FI. So, when you want to turn the lights on, or off, you simply cannot.Here's what happens:In the morning if I try to turn on the lights using the software for my first meeting of the day, I usually see a message "to connect - open Wi-Fi menu and add new device..." - sometimes if I wait 10 minutes or more, the light controls will mysteriously become available.There is no way to manually turn on the lights. They require software to make that happen.Sometimes controls for one light are available and the second light control is MIA.If I do manage to get one, or two lights working, yay! The intensity and color controls are fantastic! Perfect for video calls.However, most of the time during a conference call of 30 minutes or longer, the controls become unresponsive. The lights will be on, but I cannot turn them off using the software. I am then forced to manually turn off the lights, which basically powers off the lights and makes it impossible to use the software to power them on again.I have reset the lights to factory settings and re-connected them to WiFi several times to try and debug. I have reset my Wi-Fi network several times to try to debug (the Google Nest Mesh Wi-Fi is awesome and works flawlessly!)I really, really want to love these lights, and I would, if the software problems can be resolved. Sooooo bugggy.

    by Brian Caldwell, May 8, 2020

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