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Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) 4400MHz Performance Memory Kit - PVS416G440C9K

    • Ratings :
    • 4.6 stars
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  • 19-22 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 18-October to 21-October.
AED 728.21

  • Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB)DDR4
  • Base Frequency: PC4-17000 (2133MHz); Up to PC4-35200 (4400MHz) with XMP 2.0 enabled
  • Base Timings: 15-15-15-36; Overclock timing with XMP 2.0 enabled Tested Timings: 19-19-19-39
  • Custom design and series: All aluminum heat shield featuring gunmetal grey sides with diamond- cut viper logo and black top.

  • *Up to statement applies to the fastest SKUs available in this product ecosystem.


    Customer Review


    ... Just keeps getting better

    I received my 3733mhz kit today and sadly it is not Samsung B-die (Hynix for me) nor stable at the advertised speed on my Ryzen 3700x/x570 motherboard which is a disappointed fail on both ends. I tried getting it to the rated speed and the board listed the correct timings but it would just instantly crash on boot no attempt given and default to 2133. I set the timings really loss and tried, same result than turned to Ryzen Dram Calculator and they do not support my kit about 3400mhz so I can't even really tighten the timings much let alone hit the advertised speed.I've kinda given up for now after trying 3600, than 3400 and just used one of the generic speeds MSI recommended (3200 16-18-18-36) which is sad but has been stable the few hours I've been using it but still disappointed I spent near $100 for this and while that's not crazy money that's certainly B-die money area and yeah.. For what I'm getting out of it could have just went with G.Skill 3600 and saved $30.I don't wanna be overly harsh on it but I had 3000mhz ram which worked fine I just wanted the bump in speed =/ I paid $40 less for my previous ram over this so it really hasn't offered me anything I've had except for a $97 lighter wallet. 500mhz off isn't massive but it's the difference between $50 ram and $100 ram I just expected better from it, I really only went with this as I have a Patriot M.2 and it has been solid for me so I felt I would give them another purchase but next time I'm going G.Skill/Corsair =/--update--Been using this ram for a few days now and PC has crashed 3-5 times. Every time my motherboard informs me my memory overclock has failed. Not even stable at 3200 16-18-18-36 with 1.37v--UPDATE--Amazon sent me an exchange kit of ram since I was having issues and not reaching rated clock, was happy thought problem solved I booted down the PC, let it cool cleared CMOS than replaced the ram. Put system back beside desk and hooked it up, loaded into BIOS and enabled AMP (AMDs equivalent to XMP) saved settings than clicked reboot.PC turned on loaded into started to load into Windows and BSOD... Odd but rebooted system went into repair mode, couldn't repair. Shut system down, cleared CMOS and went into BIOS to make sure everything was set to default and tried again.Same message, couldn't boot into Windows, unplugged system put old ram in and ... Same message.Spent 4 straight hours trying to get into Windows and nothing tried troubleshooting and nothing. Tried Safe Mode and nothing, went into troubleshoot, click Command Prompt checked disk no issues, drive appears (drive hasn't failed) so after everything thing the replacement ram for the ram which wasn't stable at -500mhz below advertised speed corrupted my install of Windows...Lost everything across 4 drives ... 3.6TB's of data..I'm furious to put it mildly... All this after working for 12 hours... Faulty ram replaced with more faulty ram which corrupts windows install and takes everything on all my drives...I regret buying the original faulty ram, I regret the replacement to the faulty ram, I regret everything related to this product.I now get to spend the better part of the next week restalling everything on my system. In the 15 years I've been building PC's this is the safest excuse for a high quality product I've ever seen and I will personally make it my mission to discourage everyone from using this product.My poor experience was simply made worse...thanks I will have to deal with this another time as I have work in 6 hours...

    by Clinton Fisher, October 4, 2019


    DDR4 4400 MT/s -Superb, Especially for the Money

    Before I get on to the specifics, please keep a few things in mind:1.) Forget about XMP, this is going to be manual tuning all the way. Probably even on an Intel platform.2.) If you just want to game or run some other app that requires fast memory with a minimum of hassle, this kit is not for you.3.) If you have a Ryzen platform, you probably won't get useful performance out of this kit above 3800 MT/s.4.) Unless you have won the silicon lottery with your specific Ryzen CPU sample, even 3800 MT/s isn't going to happen.5.) Likewise, even if you have a golden chip. you are going to need some luck with your motherboard.6.) You should expect to spend hours and hours tweaking and testing to get something usable. If that is not your idea of fun, this kit is not for you.Now, if you are undeterred by all of the above and are still interested in this kit, please read on.The kit comes in some rather plain packaging. Some people are unhappy with this, but I say that the plainer the packaging, the easier it is to recycle, so I am good there. I want my money to go to R&D, quality binned B-die chips, and QA. Not to marketing or packaging.Another complaint I hear about this kit is that the heat spreader is kind of cheap. This is fact. However, fancy heat spreaders are a bit of a scam. Even at high voltage and clock, you are not sinking much more than 5W of power into each stick, so whatever. I would prefer no heat spreader, same binned b-die, same quality PCB, and $1 less for the product. That being said, these sticks are a little on the tall side. Keep this in mind if there might be a clearance problem between your RAM and your tower cooler. If I wanted two kits of this, it would be an issue for me. But since I only want one and the slot nearest to the CPU is unoccupied, I have no clearance issue.I spent hours trying to get these to run at 3800 MT/s, to no avail. It is either the IMC inside my R5 3600XT or my motherboard (MSI B450 Pro Carbon WiFi), not the kit's fault. I had no trouble at all running at 3733 MT/s, and I got timings that were even better than were suggested by DRAM Calculator for Ryzen. I used 'fast' settings, 'A3/A2/B1' for for PCB rev, and (of course) "Samsung B-die' for memory type.I used the exact recommended primary, secondary, and tertiary timings. However, the termination resistances didn't work for me; I went with the board's defaults for those. After testing extensively at 15-15-15-15-30-1T and passing, I went for 14-14-14-14-28-1T. Those passed my quick testing and I am half way through the full battery of MemTest86 as I write this review. I am really, really comfortable with the looser settings and they are giving me everything I want.That being said, I am looking forward to hours and hours more fun tightening down the secondary and tertiary timings to not leave even one cycle of performance on the floor. If I get bored with that, I might be forced to game instead of benching -)For $125 I got a kit of the highest possible bin of B-die memory and it suits me perfectly. You can buy more expensive kits if you need the name "G.Skill" printed on the side, and still more expensive kits if you want that plus RGB. As for me, I don't care about anything except the bin quality and quality time at my bench. I figure I saved somewhere between $50 and $100 making this choice as opposed to the best bin of TridentZ RGB and lost exactly zero performance doing it. That is going to be my down payment on a shiny new R5 5600X as soon as I can get my sweaty little hands on one.Now, if you are still planning on buying these, I have a few quick tips for you to save some time:1.) Have your bootable USB stick with MemTest86 on it ready before your package arrives.2.) Use the same stick to save your OC profiles, unless your mobo will retain your profiles after clearing CMOS3.) Plan on testing outside of your case unless you have a clear CMOS button on your back panel.4.) For initial testing, cut the address range down to 4G and skip the last two tests, and do two passes instead of four. this will save you a ton of time.5.) Once you have settings you like, run all tests, full address range over night before using them 24/7.6.) Start at DRAM voltage of 1.5V. Once you have settings you like, you can experiment with cutting some voltage, if you like. This won't hurt anything and will save you some time upfront.7.) Enjoy the ride. If this doesn't sound fun, just get a 3600 CL16 kit for $80, boot it in XMP and call it a day.I hope this helps and thank you for reading.

    by Aaron, October 30, 2020


    General spex


    by TaeSung L., May 1, 2019


    Amazon always doing great service. However, seller/product sent and Patriot... (See "edit")

    (Edit 10/31/2019) : BE CAREFULL ! Patriot is sending with IC HYNIX ?-TFC .-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Original post:Amazon always doing great service. However . the product shipped by the Highly Anticipated Electronics, arrived with the HS detached from the module - see the pictures - and seems to be common. Also, Patriot hides parts of information about the CI. Again, problems with Patriot ... despite this, memory performs well in AM4 for the amount paid. A good thing: I could see it's using B-die. Subtract 2 stars due to HS, and recent Patriot flaws.

    by Girleyson, April 5, 2019


    Can't hold XMP Profile

    XMP is 3733 (17-21-21-41)But can hold this 3733 own frequency only on CL19! :(Tried on Aorus z370 gaming and asus prime z370-A, same on both.Minimal trfc that stable is 620-630, Minimal SECONDARY writing/reading timings are 9Now ram works 19-21-21-39 on 3733 stable INSTEAD OF CL17 which makes big difference for me.Memory is hynix based

    by Tpecep, May 24, 2019


    Works great, if you know what you're doing.

    I see a lot of mixed reviews. It's always important to check compatibility with your motherboard and processor before getting new RAM, especially when intending to overclock it. Motherboards only support up to 2133MHz, previously 1333MHz (or there about, it's been a while since I did my research). Since any overclock has to be the user's decision, the default BIOS settings will always cap the hardware to the highest "stable" speed stated by both the hardware component itself and the motherboard. It's also possible to have RAM that will work with a system, but not be able to be utilised to its full potential due to other limitations, such as the rate that data travels on the board itself.There are plenty of websites, such as pcpartpicker, that will allow compatibility checking and flag any issues without the user needing to have any technical knowledge on the subject. There are also numerous software tools to set up overclocking, provided by motherboard retailers such as MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS, etc. Each of these tools work differently, and the various components possible in a build make for a lot of factors that these tools must consider. They aren't perfect, and are known to cause unstable settings in some cases. Sometimes it'll be a case of trial-and-error to achieve the settings which provide you with a stable, if not optimal, overclock. In such cases, it's best to find a trustworthy guide. If you've looked around in the BIOS, you'll know that there are a lot of settings; it's not always clear what each one does or whether or not it would be a good idea to modify it. The smallest change can cause your system to fail to boot, and then you need to try to reset everything and start from scratch.For me, there was no issue with the RAM, directly. I got it because I was buying a new motherboard and CPU and my then-current RAM was incompatible, and I knew my new system would be able to handle the new speeds. That said, I did need to adjust my CPU settings after I overclocked the RAM, though. 16GB of this RAM overclocked to 3773MHz well out performed my older 24GB RAM. I plan to buy it again when I find myself able to justify the cost to double up to 32GB. That's not to say this RAM is overpriced, but it is still an expense.

    by Tom006k, December 15, 2019



    I wanted to make sure I got Samsung B-die ram and can confirm these sticks (if you buy above 4000mhz kits) are indeed B-die. Amazing value for money. I bought the 4000mhz kit and have downclocked to 3600mhz so I could dial in the timing and get blazing low latency. At 1.45v i'm hitting 14-14-14-28-280-65535 with perfect stability which is awesome.Just a tip for new buyers. If you want to run over 3600mhz make sure you board is using t-topology and not daisy chaining for the dimm slots.

    by Mark W., December 9, 2019



    このメモリーは何もしないで取り付けると2133MHzとして認識されます。必ずD.O.C.Pで読み込んだりXMPで読み込みましょう。ポスト画面から行けるUEFIに項目があるので探しましょう。この意味が分からないなら勉強しましょうね。分からないからこの商品はインチキだは通用しませんよ。OCメモリーは名前の通り普通のメモリーではありません。せっかくお高い買い物をしたのだから正しく理解して使用しましょうね。因みに私は以前はcpu 2400g ryzenにクルーシャルの2400MHz 4Gずつ二枚で8Gのものを使っていました。まぁスタンダードなものですよね。そこからこの製品に変えました。容量も増えたし、性能も上がったことでpcの動作が前よりもさらに快適になりました。特に重たいゲームが影響を受けてくれます。前はカクカクした動作がもう引っかからなくなりました。私も実はocメモリーに変えるぐらいでそんなに変化は無いだろうと思いつつ良いものにしたいと考えてこのメモリーを買いました。結果としては激変しました。ryzen 2400gがメモリーで性能アップは正しかったことが証明出来ました。皆さんもせっかくryzencpu apuをお持ちなら試されてはいかがでしょうか。いじりがいのあるcpuって楽しいなぁ。

    by 了, March 5, 2019


    SONO CL17!!!

    Non ancora testate, ma una stella a prescindere perchè contrariamente a quanto scritto non sono CL16, ma CL17

    by Roberto, October 4, 2019


    Finally - system stability with no crashes

    I had initially purchased Corsair Vengeance 3200 RAM for my new build Ryzen 3600 PC. The memory initially worked fine. Then I started to get continual random shutdowns. Having run other tests it pointed to a chipset drive on my MSI B450 Carbon AC system. I swapped out the motherboard for an X570 and initially, all was good. But gradually again I started to have issues. Anything like BF5 or Just Cause 4 would play solidly for 30 minutes on average before I'd get a blue screen crash. I played with various BIOS settings and could only get stability if I underclocked the ram which gave me 10% hit on FPS performance. Tried the Vengeance 3600 variant and experienced similar problems. Finally saw the 3866 Viper Steel series from Patriot and for me, it's been a game-changer. I can run the ram at full speed thanks to the X570 bios - no more crashes, the system is 100% stable. Had no crashes on Battlefield and getting a decent uptick in FPS performance.. I'm a longtime Corsair customer and was nervous about Patriot, but it's honestly been the best decision I've made on the build. No more headaches, if you've got a Ryzen 5 3600 and an X570, then this is a no brainer and also a fair bit cheaper than other alternatives.

    by Matt Edwards, January 26, 2020

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