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Adarl DIY Painting Paint by Numbers Kit for Adult, African Animal World with Brushes Paint for Adults Painting on Canvas

    • Ratings :
    • 3.9 stars
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  • 21-40 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 04-June to 23-June.

AED 99.17


  • ★ Used for interior decoration,meticulous workmanship, simple and generous,can fully show personal style. Size is 40*50cm/15.75*19.69inch, not included the frame. It is just a rolled canvas, please frame it with clear glass and wood.
  • ★ Package Included: Small Boxes with Environmentally Friendly Acrylic Paints; 1*Linen Canvas; 3*High Elastic Brushes; 1*Contrast Sample Picture.
  • ★ Soft canvas, and the creases can be repaired.When the paints hardening, you can try add little water to stir it.We have provided 3pcs brushes in the package,but we still recommend to prepare more brushes.
  • ★ The match the number of the paint and the figure on the canvas to fill in the paint. If you careless to fill in a wrong color, you can wait the paint to get day and then cover the wrong part with the correct color on the surface.
  • ★ Because the numbers on the canvas were small, which need to be done in a well-lit environment. If you are an office worker or student, spent average 2 hours every day, you will takes about 14 days to finish it.


    Customer Review


    The positives and negatives

    This painting was fun. There are positives and negatives to this kit. Let me start with the positives. 1) the canvas came rolled, many I’ve done have come folded and creased. This one was rolled and has no creases. 2) challenging, small areas kept me busy for...

    by Dolphin88, April 14, 2018


    Good but not great. Wrong color provided

    Good canvas and brushes for the project. I believe that I was given the wrong paint color in one of the pots. The sections of paint pot #3 do not match the reference painting. (See picture) The numbers are bigger than their spaces so they bleed over into other spaces....

    by D. Pendragon, September 28, 2019


    Poor product

    I have done many PBN using the stiff boards included in Plaid and Dimensions kits. In those, the lines and numbers are very clear and not too dark to cover. This kit's canvass had black lines and numbers and the numbers themselves are blurred almost to the point of being...

    by Rick G, September 23, 2018


    This is good for someone who wants an easy paint by number

    This is good for someone who wants an easy paint by number. This is my third one I have done and it was the easiest by far. I just started my 4th painting and it is WAY more detailed. What I was not happy about was the colors didn't match the picture you see and the...

    by M. Perry, February 13, 2018


    Pay attention to the level of difficulty

    I ordered the woman in red because I really liked the picture, however, it's way more work than I expected. It has so many tiny specs of different colors that I wouldn't recommend this particular picture to someone who wants to try this for the first time (or has bad...

    by AJ, September 7, 2018



    It was my first and I truly enjoy the peace. I can tell you this one is tricky with the light colors... you have to go over it a few times more in order to cover the number and lines. I did mess up somehow on the leg and actually left it as is... my family and friends love...

    by Evelyn Leilou, September 13, 2020


    Dry paint-bad. Rolled up-good!!

    I loved that this was rolled and not folded like so many other paint by numbers I have bought. However-I was super disappointed because the paints were pretty dry-and even when i tried to mix water in with it-it was not a smooth paint! So that is the only reason I’m giving...

    by Brenda Mangelson, April 12, 2020


    Very disappointed!

    Loved the picture and couldn’t wait to get started; however, after using a couple of the paints I found that half of them were so dry they had become clay-like and useless. I have purchased several paint by numbers in the past and never received old or dried out products....

    by Cindy Cheston, April 2, 2020

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