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110-240V Smart ZigBee 3.0 Light Switch Controller Compatible with Echo Plus and Common Zigbee Bridge Hub to Control Normal Lights, Home Automation and Voice Control

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    • 4.1 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 144.69

  • ★ Smart ZigBee 3.0 Light Controller / Switch: Compatible with Echo Plus, Hue Bridge, Hubitat Hub, ST Hub
  • ★ Voice Control and smart APP control: Support Google Home, Amazon Alexa voice control and APP control from smart phone. One of the above ZigBee hub is required.
  • ★ Automatic ZigBee wireless lighting: Upgrade your home automation with existing lights and wall switches. Then you can automatically control your home lighting on schedule or triggered by a ZigBee sensor.
  • ★ Not expensive. One controller can control a loop of lights. You have a big saving than changing your lights to ZigBee ones.

  • Features:
    Nue ZigBee 3.0 Smart light controller Switch is designed for wireless home, office and hotel automation. Through a ZigBee hub (Hue Bridge, Echo Plus, Nue ZigBee Bridge, or Hubitat Hub, ST Hub), you can :

    • Gang options : 1 Gang
    • control lights through APP or Amazon Alexa Smart Home APP from anywhere
    • support Google Home or Amazon Echo voice control
    • protect your home with home automation tasks during holidays
    • auto control kids room lighting with home automation setting
    • support scene management, you can control group of devices in-one-click
    • work with the ordinary incandescent, halogen and LED lights
    • support automatic zigbee networking, easily cover whole house
    • Voltage:AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
    • Size: 110 x 40 x 26mm
    • Color: White
    • Type: 1 Way
    • Gang options : 1 Gang
    • Load Power:less than 300W
    • Operating Environment:-20~70 centigrade
    Package includes:
    • 1 x Smart ZigBee 3.0 in-ceiling light controller
    • 1 x User Manual
    • one in-ceiling light controller only controls one loop lights not more than 300 watts ; ST Hub by editing the device type to ZigBee Switch through ST Developer API.


    Customer Review


    Nice Product. Will be buying more from Nue Home/3A.

    One light in my entire home evaded my Hue hub. And it was frequently left on when not needed to my serious aggravation. As it was a fluorescent fixture in my kitchen, there was no Hue equivalent. And I was frustrated.This little switch solved the problem. I installed it in the fixture and it was immediately seen as a light by my Hue. A re-sync to my Google Home and it was there as well. Easy to install both physically and virtually.I will note that as the "ballast cover" -- that metal channel in the middle of most fluorescent fixtures that hides the ballast and wiring -- in this fixture was of quite heavy metal, I actually took the power leads out under an existing opening in the fixture and connected the switch to the side. It tucks neatly under the fixture cover with only about a half-inch visible. A plain, tiny white box against a white ceiling and a white fixture is nearly invisible and has no signal strength issues. If you really want it in the channel, I would suggest some tin snips and an opening directed toward your hub. It may not be needed at all, but I didn't want to do it twice.I am very happy with the product and will be buying more from these folks. I am looking forward to US versions of their multiple-gang switches. They have a single switch, and there appear to be double and triple AU/NZ versions so perhaps sometime soon. Reasonably priced, well-constructed, and works. That's a winner.

    by Ed in Tally, January 8, 2019


    These work perfectly with Philips Hue Bridge

    I have 25 Philips Hue lightbulbs and a Hue Bridge. I had a few closets where I wanted smart bulbs. I bought some inexpensive 4' long LED shop lights and hooked them up through these switches. Each is controlled by a Philips Hue Motion Detector so you can control them online, but mostly they just light up when you need them.The only reason for 4 stars is that the little plastic enclosure to clamp the wires into this device is small and has a tiny (really, really tiny) screw to hold it on. By the time you run a few wires it is hard to keep securely closed. I abandoned the tiny screw and used a larger one that holds, but has deformed the hub it screws into.I like them so much I installed 3 last fall, and just purchased a 4th for another closet, and a 5th to control the under-cabinet lights in my kitchen.

    by J. Lawrence, March 27, 2021


    works as expected, a little big though

    This functions and connected to my smartthings hub without any issues. My only complaint is that it's physically bigger than I expected. I wanted to wire this inside of the junction box of an unswitched closet ceiling light. I was only able to make this happen by sawing off some of the extra plastic housing. Even then, it was a really tight fit, but I ultimately got things together and closed off.

    by Bob B., August 21, 2019


    Great product.

    Used it on a bathroom fixtures works as stated and integrates with hue bridge. Will only do on/off no dimming, which is fine for my use.

    by david roberts, February 16, 2020


    Too large

    Unfortunately this is simply too large to fit in a standard junction box for a single light switch.

    by Pat B, November 1, 2020


    Great product easy to install and use

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This product is a quality device, has great directions and works great with the HUE hub and app.

    by Leigh S., July 8, 2020


    Buen producto

    Es bastante bueno este controlador,sólo que se me hace un poco caro,para mi que me dedico al área de proyectos de iluminación y lo consumo bastante.

    by Jose Luís Guzmán, June 8, 2019


    Good integration, better than WiFi switch

    The installation is easy but can be easier by separate input and output on two side

    by Vincent Hui, February 7, 2020


    Works perfectly, but could be smaller

    Works out of the box, exactly as described. I'm using this to control a bathroom fan (of all things!) via my Philips Hue system. Previously the bathroom fan was the only thing blocking me in my (arguably unnecessary!) quest to put Philips Hue in every room :) So with this the fan and the lights can be controlled together.Before i bought this I was wondering how it would behave when switched on/off at the mains. Philips Hue light bulbs always turn on automatically when switched on at the mains. I'm glad to report this behaves in exactly the same way.I give this 4 stars because, while it works perfectly, it is rather large when compared with other non-zigbee (and non-Hue compatible) controllers such as the z-wave range from Qubino. Those controllers are so small they can fit behind a light switch. Whereas I had to put this controller in the attic space as it's rather large.Overall though this controller works like a charm.

    by N. Gallagher, October 9, 2018


    Works fine with Philips Hue Bridge

    Like the Philips bulbs before the last update, this unit defaults to ON when power is applied, meaning your light(s) will come on after a power cut. There is no update to alter this behaviour.Pairing with the Hue hub is very easy, simply search for bulbs, and the unit is discovered. As it is ON/OFF only, any dimming functions are simply ignored, and don't generate errors or warning messages. The unit is seen as an ON/OFF switch, and can be renamed to whatever you like.It's small enough to slip into the ceiling void, meaning you can remotely control any ceiling light(s) without breaking the bank on Philips Hue bulbs.If you have an Echo and have linked your Hue account, the unit can be controlled by simply asking the Echo to turn ON/OFF whatever you called the unit.It seems well build, and very reliable and responsive.

    by Paul, December 31, 2018


    Va perfecto, mejor de lo que esperaba

    El HUE Hub lo detecta casi mejor que a las propias bombillas, a la primera y sin ningún problema.Es demasiado grande para meterlo en el hueco del interruptor (si es tu idea) tendrás que albergarlo en el falso techo o en la propia lámpara (si te cabe).Por lo demás, como digo genial. Se integra como una lampara ON/OFF y gracias a ella puedo meter en cintura a un par de lamparas que no son de HUE con el resto del ecosistema.100% recomendable.

    by Sr. Daniel, July 6, 2019

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