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Liquid Timer - Sensory Toy for Relaxation, Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer with Floating Color Lava Lamp, 3-Pack Incredibly Effective Calming Stress Relief Hourglass Toy for Kids & Adults, Autism & ADHD

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 21-June to 25-June.

AED 86.93


  • ❤️ STRESS RELIEVER! This colorful liquid timer is an excellent visual stimulant which has a mesmerizing effect as you watch the bubbles and liquid travel down in slow motion for approximately 2 minutes. The oil droplets can even make the colorful wheels spin. Just flip this cool liquid motion timer over and start again until you are fully relaxed.
  • ❤️ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: These colorful bottles of liquid motion bubbler timer can help anyone relax, relieve, focus and be used in many ways as party favor, gift bag item, birthday or holiday present, prize for boys and girls, lava lamp desktop novelty toy for men and women, stocking stuffer and a great office decor. It’s also a fun liquid motion timer for kids that teachers and parents can use to count down time during activities.
  • ❤️ THERAPEUTIC TOOL: The slow and rhythmic drops of this liquid hourglass timer have a very soothing effect and actually help kids and adults with sensory issues, making this a perfect sensory toys for kids with special needs, autism, and ADHD. Liquid bubble timer toy can also help fight anxiety, stress, and boredom.
  • ❤️ FOR KIDS & ADULTS! This is one of the coolest relaxation toys for kids, teens, adults and seniors. This cool toy for sensory play provides an engaging opportunity to refine visual tracking skills with its rhythmic flow of bubbles. A therapeutic toy for autistic kids and those with sensory processing issues.
  • ❤️ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. If in any way you are not satisfied with our liquid water timer, we offer a refund or replacement within 90-day period. Just get in touch with our efficient customer service team.


    Set of 3 Stress Relief Toys with slow and rhythmic drops that has a very soothing effect and actually help kids and adults with sensory issues. A perfect sensory toys for kids with special needs, autism, and ADHD. This liquid motion timer toy can also help fight anxiety, stress, and boredom.


    Need a quick break to declutter your mind or take your mind off the things that are stressing you out? This cool oil liquid timer has a calming effect as you watch the colorful droplets cascade down. You can place it on your desktop at the office or on your bedside table. It can help relax your mind and nerves after a stressful day. It’s a stress reliever you can carry anywhere you go!


    Aside from providing endless hours of visual entertainment, this liquid water timer can help children who have sensory processing issues. The predictable, rhythmic and flowing motion of this Liquid Motion Timer Bubbler provides a subtle and engaging opportunity to refine kids’ visual-tracking skills.


    We are more than happy to say that our bottles are made from durable, high quality acrylic while the liquid droplets are extremely eye catching bright colors than other sellers are offering.


    Every pack contains 1 bottle with spinning wheel design. The oil droplets can make the colorful wheels spin.


    Each pack has 3 bottles in different colors. Packed on a stable packaging, a perfect gift for all ages in any occasions.


    Customer Review


    All around great!

    Love these shoes much! Came swiftly and perfect working condition! My son is 3 and can get a little overwhelmed sometimes. These were recommended by his OT and they work wonders it really helps him focus and re-center. Thanks again for a wonderful product!

    by Erin Thoreen, July 5, 2018


    So amazing for kids

    My son hasn't put them down since he has gotten them. He is on the spectrum and is non verbal. They also have already calmed him down when he was upset. I am turning his bedroom into a sensory room and this was a great addition.

    by Anthony and Audra, June 7, 2019


    Absolutely love them

    my 3 & 5 year old son's absolutely love these toys we use them as timers and relax toys. They call them their water factories. My three year old is on the Spectrum and just super into any fidget or relaxation or sensory driven toys and absolutely loves all three of these. I...

    by Mandalynne, December 4, 2018


    Excellent Product and Company!

    I ordered these bubble timers because my son had seen one at a friend’s house and said it was relaxing and cool. I bought this set of 3 to have one in different rooms to help my son take a calming breaks as needed, especially when doing homework as frustrations can run...

    by J C, October 5, 2018


    My students love these!

    I teach self-contained SpEd. These were off my desk within minutes of the box being opened! The kids love them! We ended up having a unit that malfunctioned. The company was very responsive and replaced that unit and the box came with two more units. My students are...

    by Kimmiey, August 26, 2018


    Amazingly calming!

    Bought these for my son who has adhd & odd. He immediately watched them and I could see how calm he was. Amazing!! I’m sending one to school with him too. He watched them for a good 20 min!

    by AS, November 10, 2018


    Awesome and nostalgic!

    These liquid timers are not only super cool, but definitely nostalgic as well. They’re a great addition to my classroom. Unfortunately, one came leaking in the box, so I am not leaving a five star review just yet. If...

    by 4fromTexas, October 14, 2020


    Comes with a FREE dead spider inside...

    Just got this today and took a look at the contents before wrapping for Christmas. Poor quality control as there was a dead spider on the inside. Great stuff. Here’s hoping that they send a replacement...

    by DJC, December 14, 2019

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