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UltraPro Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch, in-Wall Toggle | Built-in Repeater Range Extender | ZWave Hub Required-Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible, 39354 , White

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    • 4.6 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 163.13

  • Revolutionary, Patent-Pending Design – QuickFit and SimpleWire technologies offer groundbreaking home automation features. Unique advancements make the smart controls easier to install and more reliable than ever.
  • QuickFit – Improved components reduced the housing depth by up to 20 percent compared to previous Z-Wave models and eliminated the need for heat tabs. QuickFit enhancements are the ideal smart solution for older-style switch boxes, multi-gang configurations or any other application with limited space.
  • SimpleWire – Auto-detecting line/load terminals support fast installation by identifying line and load wires and configuring the switch accordingly. Dual ground ports, which are offset to avoid switch box mounting screws, support daisy-chaining in multi-switch setups.
  • Optional toggle guide light – The white, toggle-style switch illuminates to show switch location and status. A blue LED backlight provides a soft glow and can be reversed, turned off or always on based on your indicator preferences.
  • Voice control – Enjoy the convenience of voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa when connected through a compatible Z-Wave hub.

  • Size:1 Pack

    Experience professional quality and DIY ease through the UltraPro Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch with QuickFit and SimpleWire. When paired with a compatible hub, the hardwired smart switch operates lighting, fans, pumps and more through individual commands and programmed settings. Wirelessly control and schedule indoor or outdoor fixtures for effortless management of your home. Your automation possibilities are seemingly infinite when connected to hubs from Ring, Wink, SmartThings, HomeSeer, Vera, Nexia and More.


    Customer Review


    Avoid this product, it is an exercise in frustration!

    Update: My opinion, after 3 weeks usage has changed.Don't buy these switches! They are flawed and will only induce frustration.The logic in these switches is flawed and it leaves you with a very frustrating user experience that is accentuated each time... you turn on a light... .Pros: 1. Easy installation, Terminals on the switch meant no pig tails or difficult fit 2. Effortless pairing with Wink 3. Relay based switch meant the switch was not load dependent(ie works with incandescent, CFL and LED) 4. No bleed through!! (Lutron Caseta switches bleed a small amount current through the switch that often results in a glow or flicker from low power LED lights. VERY ANNOYING in a bedroom!) 5. Easy retrofit for non paddle switch installationsCons: 1. The switch lags! Extremely easy to trip the reset sequence resulting in no light. There is a lag in the switch because they have used the same switch for the zwave reset logic. To reset the switch you click it up 3 times then down once. This very nature means that the logic in the switch has to wait for a second after then first click to see if there is a follow up before it actuates the relay. If you accidentally click up twice the light doesn't come on. When you are in a hurry and you make a mistake, you have to stop, wait a second then click up again.My wife was ready to rip the switch out of the wall within a week. :( 2. 3 way switch requires another switch type. 3. 3 way functionality is not compatible with mixed switch types. (ie, one smart and one manual) 4. Tech support is infuriating 5. No second button for control input. Logic is tied to the main switch.Within a week my wife was pleading with me to remove the switches. I asked her to give it a fair chance and after a few weeks her anguish turned to desperation. I reached out to support about the issues. Their response, quote "it was a design flaw and not a operational issue. As a result, even if there was a switch without this issue they would not exchange them. I would have to purchase new switches".

    by Tabitha B, May 15, 2019


    Great product that just doesn't work for me

    Here's the thing: This was my first time installing a light switch. I've done outlets before, but not switches. However, I felt confident that I could do it after I did some research. Unfortunately, a combination of wires that were difficult to identify and the fact that this is a large device that has to fit into a very small space made for a pretty bad experience.In all fairness, this Honeywell Z-Wave switch is exactly as the listing describes. I can't fault this product for that. But I do have a problem with the very poor instructions that were included with the device; looking at the diagram, it's very difficult to make things out. Like I said, part of the problem was that I had trouble identifying which wires were which, so what should've been a ten-minute DIY project turned into a four-hour struggle.I had bought two of these two install in a two-switch gang so that I could program my porch light and the interior light over my front door to turn on automatically when we pull in the driveway. Once I got them up and running, I was, in fact, able to achieve this with both SmartThings and my Abode Iota alarm system. But since the fit is so poor, I'm not able to get the faceplate screwed all the way down over the switches. So it's a very jury-rigged, suboptimal setup.Unfortunately, I'm returning these two Honeywell switches for a set made by GE that's designed to be more compact. I'm hoping that switching the Honeywells for the GEs will be easier now that I've already spent hours messing with them.TL;DR: As long as you've got plenty of room, these are great units. They work exactly as described at a price that's fair, more or less. But make sure you either have experience with electrical or you know what you're getting yourself into...

    by Dane Alexander O'Leary, October 8, 2019


    Not really a toggle switch

    I bought and installed several of these switches.They replaced toggle-style switches. On a real toggle switch, you can tell at a glance whether the switch is up or down, ON or OFF.Not with these switches, which are actually "momentary toggle" switches. You press the toggle up or down to turn the light on or off, but then the switch returns to the center position. It is impossible to tell whether the light is on or off by looking at the switch.A common use for a remote-controlled switch is for lights that are far from the switch - outdoors, in an attic or garage, etc. Being able to SEE if the switch is on or off is important. That function is available any $5 toggle switch, but this important ergonomic feature is lost in these switches that cost many times as much.Paddle-type switches are available but 1) it is hard to see the position of the paddle from across the room, and 2) changing toggle for paddle switches requires new wall plates, which can be hard to find for multiple ganged switches.I'm looking for actual toggle-type switches with Z-Wave Plus.

    by George B. Parrott, April 25, 2019

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