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SM550 Universal Bathroom Vent Fan Ventilator Motor, Replacement Electric Motor Kit with Fan 50 CFM For Broan Nutone 65100 C01575

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 108.55

  • Part Number: SM550, C01575 Replace most motors in Nutone, Fasco, Broan, Dayton and many other units.
  • 0.43 amps, 3000 rpm, 120 volts 60Hz, Mounting studs 1 7/8" on center.
  • Shaft = 3/16" x 1 3/4", wire length = 6" with 2-prong plug.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The replacement part is made from durable high quality material for long lasting.
  • GUARANTEE: Discount Parts Direct is a US based company, from molding, stamping to assembly, inspection of each process has strict quality requirements and hand check. We offer customer 100% Money Back Guarantee. We appreciate your business.


    Customer Review



    This fan assembly was a replacement for a 50 CFM bathroom fan motor and propeller subject to high vibration. The output power is satisfactory but this fan still has more vibration than a more powerful fan I installed elsewhere. I replaced the straight paddle wheel impeller with a more efficient curved blade design that fit the shaft. To mitigate the vibration I installed this motor using rubber vibration isolation mounts as the motor is relatively thin (stack height = power) there was sufficient clearance to push the fan down the shaft to offset the added height. The motor is heavy enough to bend the rubber mounts so additional support (a bumper under the coil) is needed to keep the shaft upright.

    by Doktor Dreem, March 27, 2021


    Need instructions of some kind and screws.

    No instructions. Totally guessed about install did not have the two screws my original had. I watched videos to see how it went in but I’m a lefty and get things backwards. It’s running. It’s quiet. May be running backwards. Who knows.

    by lostinco, November 27, 2019


    Fits Aubrey Manufacturing Model 7563

    Super quick and easy to replace -- remove and replace two nuts. It took me longer to clean-up the old fan frame than it did to replace the motor and blower wheel. Perfect fit, and new motor was almost silent compared to the old one. Only difference was that this one was 50 CFM, while old one was 60 CFM, which is no big deal to me.

    by M. Dees, December 23, 2019


    Easy to install

    I was able to install the motor in about 15 minutes and it only took that long because I had but on the blade backwards. Is the first electrical installation I have every done and it was extremely easy

    by KB, March 10, 2020


    Appears to work. If you have an old angled Emerson Electric fan from the 70's this can fit!

    Grab your dremel if you have an old angled Emerson Electric Bathroom fan, you can:1.) Cut the screws down to length.2.) Cut the shaft down (make sure you measure) to ensure you won't have the fan hitting the grill (alternatively you can take a jigsaw and cut a thin plywood spacer ring and paint it too if you get too close to rubbing). Don't cut the shaft too far or the fan blades will hit the motor housing!3.) Grind the cut shaft down to match the square notch on the shaft.4.) Wires are Super Short! If you don't have the type of fan that uses the plug prepare to pigtail (extend with wire nuts and spare wire) the 5 inch wires.Sounds like a lot of work but if you have the wiring, dremel, jigsaw (optional) you can knock this out in about 10 minutes which is much faster than cutting a new fan box in and going up into the cramped itchy attic.

    by Joan, November 3, 2020


    Easy Install on Old Bath Fan

    The bath fan I put the motor in was a Broan and was probably put in during the mind to early 1980s. It fit perfectly and when I tested it with some smoke, it was pulling the air out. I definitely took less than 1/2 hour from start to finish. My old fan was vibrating horribly and this fixed the problem.

    by Jeremy M Carnes, May 8, 2021


    Silence smooth installation

    Removed old motor and cleaned dust out of everything installed motor to bracket. It fir perfectly into the space tighten screws. Replaced cover motor runs so quite its awesome. Very happy with it. My neighbor can no longer hear it in the next unit.

    by Seven, July 17, 2021


    Great vent when you need to vent.

    Our old fan had a wheel that was really loud and vibrated. This replacement is so quiet, you hardly notice it running. It was so easy to install. I just had to attach it to the mount, put it into the vent, and plug it in.

    by Rod S., December 27, 2019

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