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GE 30569 Linking Cord, 48in, White

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    • 3.9 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 46.79

  • Convenient Installation – Simply plug the connectors into the corresponding ports to link two fixtures together—125V, 750W, 6A, 18AWG SPT-2, 2-conductor
  • Additional Options – Lengths available in 18, 36, 48, 60 and 120-inches to provide you with even more space
  • Safe and Dependable – Provides a secure connection to ensure electrical fidelity; UL- listed for use only with GE-branded light fixtures
  • Compatible with the following fixtures – 31393, 31394, 34540, 34541, 38938, 38939, 38940, 33842, 33843, 33844, 33845, 33846, 33847, 39971, 32612, 26426, 26427, 26428, 26673, 26674, 26675, 29664, 29665, 10167, 10168, 10169, 10460, 38545, 38546, 38547

  • Size:48in.

    Find the perfect spacing for your under cabinet lights with this linking cord, for use with products 31393, 31394, 34540, 34541, 38938, 38939, 38940, 33842, 33843, 33844, 33845, 33846, 33847, 39971, 32612, 26426, 26427, 26428, 26673, 26674, 26675, 29664, 29665, 10167, 10168, 10169, 10460, 38545, 38546, 38547.


    Customer Review


    Doesn't work with some GE under cabinet lighting

    I bought some under cabinet lights from the orange home improvement store. They were the GE Slim Premium LED under cabinet light, 38848. They only had 18" linking cables so I got this longer one. Turns out it is a different cable design. The consumer electric ones don't work either. I had to purchase a Honeywell Ultra Pro (47172) from Amazon and that worked well. Make sure you check your compatibility!

    by Mark Metcalf, August 17, 2020


    Wrong cable for GE under cabinet LED lights

    Appears to be a good cable, however it did not fit the GE under cabinet lights it was listed with. This cable has a 'top mounted' clip and the lights require a 'side mounted' clip. Check your lights and the cable description before ordering.Amazon made things right, so no problem.

    by Just an Amazon Customer, September 12, 2020


    Does not work with the GE LED linkable lights for which it was recommended.

    The clips on this cord are positioned incorrectly and will not work as recommended with the GE38846.On this cord the clips are below the row of inputs (on both ends) and that only works for coming out of the wired box. The pins to jump from light to light all need to be in a row with the clip in the same row.The correct product that I can find is the UltraPro 60 inch Under Cabinet Light Linking Cord, LED, Plug-In, For Light Bar.

    by Anita May, April 19, 2021


    Correct cord for GE LED Puck Lights

    This is the correct extension cord to link GE Enbrighten LED Puck Lights. ("GE Enbrighten 34540 Puck Light, 3pk, Plug-in, Linkable, Black"). Used it in my kitchen to go from one side of the microwave/hood to the other. Works great, same as the short ones that come with the lights except for whatever reason the cord is white. Same plugs though.

    by MO, May 4, 2021


    Not compatible with GE LED premium 12” plug in

    Someone recommended this to use as an extender for the GE LED 12” lights-bad recommendation. I have not been able to find anything that will work with this light system. I had to instead splice cords together to get it to work. I had to give a star rating-but it did not work for my situation-the extender may work just fine for another application.

    by Amazoncustomer, November 3, 2020


    Not compatibale

    The description states that this cord is compatible with GE Enbrighten HD lighting model numbers. The tab as shown in the picture is on the top of the connector. The Enbrighten HD lights tab is off on the side. I ordered this before buying my lights so If I already had my lights I would have checked myself. Not sure if the models have changed at some point but this will not work. I couldn't find it on amazon but I did find the correct linking cord at another website

    by Zackary K., March 4, 2020


    Dont order these. The description is wrong

    Description said that it would fit the lights that I have and did not, the plug is wrong

    by Gregory Thompson, August 22, 2020


    Don’t work as recommended by manufacturer

    These do not work for the light GE enbrighten puck lights that were recommended by the manufacturer. Bought 6 sets and they all are wrong. Manufacturers and sellers need to get on same page

    by Paradise Enterprise, January 30, 2021

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