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Yardeen Dual Outlet Water Timer Irrigation Controller System, No Water Pressure Required

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    • 3.6 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 170.66

  • 2 separate valves with maximum flexibility settings. Attach two hoses, and customize each hose with its own watering duration and frequency according to your precise needs. Use one water timer to control watering your lawn and garden
  • Ball valve water timer working water pressure: 0 - 8 bar. Ball valve you water with impurity water. And it attach to 3/4''(19mm) or 1''(25mm) tap or faucet
  • Irrigation Timer made from premium ABS, material waterproof, weather-resistant; suitable for outdoor using
  • Easy to connect Yardeen water timer to tap or faucet, no tools needed. Follow the instruction, programs are easy to setup
  • Low power consumption, 2 XAA 1.5v alkaline battery required (not included).

  • The Yardeen two outlet water timer is made by ABS Plastic and can be used many years. The two outlets for independent timed watering can be connected to hose faucet directly.

    With waterproof design can prevent rain effectively.


    • Working water pressure: 0 to 8 bar (0 to 116 psi)
    • Battery operated ( 2XAA 1.5V Alkaline battery) ( not included)
    • Durable high impact construction
    • Manual watering available. Simple, reliable, water-proof
    • Soft material for comfort grip and easy use
    • Can be attached to 3/4''(19mm) or 1''(25mm) tap or faucet
    • Once program set, it will repeat the cycles until new setting
    • Frequency: (can be set at 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72 H, and Week)
    • Run Time: (can be set at 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120 mins)
    • Manual Watering: (turn the "Run Time" dial to "ON", it will start water immediately until the dial is turned to other position)
    • Working Temperature: 5 - 60 C (40 - 140 F)


    Customer Review


    Works great for a no pressure watering system

    I purchased this timer to use with a rain barrel watering system I built to water my raised garden bed. I hesitated at first because I saw so many poor reviews, but going through them, most were complaining about it being difficult to program and that it doesn't have a digital interface. I would agree that it is not the "most" user friendly when it comes to programming, but overall this product has worked very well, been very reliable, and I haven't had issue scheduling it to run at the times that I want it to.

    by Amazon Customer, June 18, 2020


    Quit working three weeks after return date expired

    What is working great at first for chicken pen penWater system works great at first for a chicken pen and goat pen. Return date expires August 22 it stop working September 9. I changed batteries in the dark it did not work. I get better quality batteries it still did not work. I unscrewed it and looked inside and it is rusted inside. And wet. So disappointing. I cannot afford to replace it and now I am just getting busiest with work! I would return it if expiration wasn’t past. I figured it would last at least a year. It’s too expensive I might as well go with self turn on nozzlesI cannot afford to have it not working I think it is working But animals are going thirsty!My poor animals!

    by Booksandbeyond, September 19, 2021


    One of Two are still working.

    UPDATE: One stopped working. No power light.Pros: Easy to use once you understand concept. No leaks yet. Great for more granular controls unlike other sprinkler timers. (Ex. 10 minutes every 2 hours to keep grass seed moist on hot days) Seems to hold up to the elements so far. (UV and light splashes)Cons: The unit does have a slight time drift issue. If I set it to run once a day at 12pm after a couple of cycles it will start running at 12:02 and 12:03 slowly drifting further off original time. One unit did have some plastic covering the battery connection, which was easy enough to remove. Instructions could be a tad better. Some of the nubs on the knobs do not line up exactly with the values on the sticker.Other: Wish they would ditch the 1" adapter and just come as a standard 3/4" like all of our hose bibs have. Better waterproofing would be nice.Tips: It will start its first ON cycle the amount of time you set your frequency to from when you set it. (Ex. Set it to every 2 hours, it will run its first time in 2 hours from when you set it) Be sure not to use tools/wrenches when tightening connections, per the instructions. (Or you will break the plastic threads) Teflon tape recommended on the threads as well. You can also run a manual cycle by setting Frequency to RESET and duration to your specified time.

    by Joe, September 25, 2021


    Simple to use

    I wanted a manual multi-port water timer for a sunny location that killed the display on my fancy digital timer. Based on a recommendation in another review I covered it with a pot base to prevent UV degradation of the clear cover and hinge.

    by Mary, July 17, 2020


    Valves won't stay open when turned to manual on

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Instructions say: Manual Watering: (turn the "Run Time" dial to "ON", it will start water immediately until the dial is turned to other position), but as you can see the water valve opens then immediately closes, so there's no way the hose is going to stay on. Then after trying it again, it does nothing.

    by Holly, September 29, 2021


    Good Quality and Simple Design

    The product was packed well and it came in with bubble pack. The timer is identical to the picture in the description. The programming is super easy. I barely read the instruction and I was able to use it. Tested a few times and it works great. I will purchases again if it lasts long enough.

    by Fan Jiawei, July 28, 2020


    Doesn’t last long

    It went completely dead after less than 5 months. I swapped out the batteries and got nothing. Extremely disappointed and frustrated. My fruit trees are a good ways from my house and i need a reliable product.This was not it

    by PHIL PUGH, December 20, 2020


    DOESNT SHUT OFF. Works great until you trip over the hose and it snaps

    UPDATE UPDATE: The seller reached out immediately and offered a full refund on the original broken timer. Thankful for the good customer service.UPDATE: bought a new one to replace the broken one and this one won't shut off! Returning immediately.Worked well for the 4 months I had it but then it snapped off at the valve connector in the weirdest way after tripping over the hose. Pretty disappointing.

    by A. Leon, August 30, 2021

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