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Wireless Doorbell,HUANHUA Battery Doorbells Operated,IP55 Waterproof Door Bell with 2 Receivers,Door Bells & Chimes-1000 Ft Operate Range,55 Chimes,5-Level Volume & Blue Light for Home Office(Black)

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    • 4.2 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 144.57

  • [ Long Working Range & Signal Stability ] 1000ft/300m in open area when there are no obstructions. The door bell kit won't interfere with other equipment in your home or your neighbors. which ensure you to hear the bell in time when someone presses the button of transmitter.
  • [ IP55 Waterproof & Dustproof Push Buttons ] Remote Push Button is rated IP55 weatherproof and built in a 23A12V Alkaline battery that boasts 3-year maximum lifespan, works between -22 °F to 158 °F. Which to prevent the accumulation of harmful dust, the transmitter not damaged when it is wetted by rainwater outside. Such high standard, make sure our transmitter can work a long time whether in hurricanes, sandstorms, cold currents, hot weather and other harsh environments.
  • [ 55 Ring tones & Volume 0-100db with 5 Adjustable Level ] There's always one ring tone you like with so many different styles. You can also set ringtones and volume according to different festivals and occasions. For instance, set the Christmas style ring tones for celebration at Christmas.
  • [ AAA Batteries Power Receiver ]. You won't miss every visitor even if there's a power outage at home. You don't have to look for plugs that put the receivers anywhere. Note: You should install 3 AAA batteries in the receivers. This receivers is non-waterproof, prohibited in the humid, high temperature or place in storage and use of flammable and explosive.
  • [ Warranty ] Promise 90 days no reason to return, a year warranty. Any problem please don't be hesitate to contact us.

  • HUANHUA Wireless Doorbell Kit

    Never miss any visitor even if there's a power outage.

    HUANHUA wireless electronic remote control doorbell is your best companion in daily life


    There is not BATTERY in the Receiver of the package, you should buy 3 AAA batteries for using Receiver.

    How to Pair

    1. Press and hold the volume button 5 seconds until hearing "ding". At this the it is code pairing mode. Note: The pairing mode will automatically end after 8s.
    2. Press the button of the transmitter in the code pairing mode, pairing successfully while hearing continuity "ding" twice.
    3. Expandable: User can expand over 10 wireless doorbell push buttons & receivers.

    Package Contents:

    2 x Receivers, 1 x Remote Push Button (Transmitter), 1 x Double-Sided Adhesive Tape,

    1 x 23A 12V Alkaline battery for transmitter, 1 x Screwdriver , 1 x Manual, 2 x Screws


    Customer Review


    Great Value so Far!

    Update: July 30, 2020:My original review is below; I decided to change my rating from 5- to 4-stars.Reason: These two receivers are a bit battery-hungry. It is a bit of an oddity -- a coincidence, certainly -- the batteries in both my receivers died after five months of service. Sure, 6 AAA batteries don't cost a fortune; but that level of consumption is higher than I expected.Once I replaced the batteries, I had to re-program the tones that I selected for each unit -- apparently, no internal memory to remember those settings. Thankfully, I didn't have to re-pair the second receiver again.*****Original Review:First, this is a great value. Overall, I rated it a 5; with some qualms that I'll cover below.The quality of the doorbell tunes are pretty good; other units have slightly better quality in terms of selection or audio quality -- but, big deal -- its just a doorbell!I think for a larger area, some people won't get enough volume except on the highest setting. A different branded doorbell that I had prior to this one had significantly higher volume; but this is adequate overall.Unlike one of the reviews of this product that gave it a 1-star rating, they do supply extra screws so yoou can mount the button on a door frame. You need to open the button to mount the outside case, and they do have it marked where to drill. I'm a bit concerned about the way you need to open the case to do this or to change the button battery -- not sure how many times that case can be opened without it being damaged.Second, I didn't figure this out initially. If you want to be able to choose songs for each of your receivers, you need to put both of them in "pairing mode" simultaneously. If you don't do that, you will only be able to play a song on the first receiver; the second will just give the typical "doorbell" chime.One reason I chose this product is that everything is battery-operated. I've had no issues with connectivity; and no issues with "ghosting", where the doorbell will ring randomly being triggered by extraneous wifi signals. I have seen that issue with other competing wireless doorchimes; but this unit has worked flawlessly so far!In summary, it may not be the loudest doorbell, and I'm not sure about how many times one can open the button if a battery replacement is needed, but other than those two (hopefully) minor quibbles, this is a super-value!

    by Pipe-Guy, February 25, 2020


    Works good within range as long as it works

    Update: Seller shipped another pair and so far they work good, i revise the rating from 3 Stars to 4 stars. Seller provided very good follow up service and listens to the opinions.I am very pleased with the door bell until one of them dropped, and for some reasons that one doesn't work anymore. from my experience, screw it in and don't use the double side tape. The back for the receiver is curved, so double side tape doesn't work well, in my case, the adhesive get lose quickly (maybe combination with temperature change too), then it drops to the floor and broke. When it works, it's really good, no problem covering a normal size house (presuming the push button is right outside the door of the house, not sure how well it works if you have a big yard in between the house and the gate, and place the push button outside the gate). Many different ring tune to choose from, and it loud enough to cover the whole floor even with one door close.

    by Jin Huang, July 29, 2019


    Budget unit, got the job done! Lights help hearing impaired!

    I've been helping out a retail store that has had to close its doors at times due to overcrowding during the pandemic. However I needed a way for deliveries to notify us that they were waiting at the door. I like that this set includes two receivers, however it's somewhat a trial an error to get them to synch but it does work. It does include a small screwdriver to add the batteries, which is a nice touch. It includes many tones, most are musical and long. One of the employees is hard of hearing, so it's great that this one has a light to alert as well, although a small strobe would be better. If you were mounting this outside, there is not a back plate for a screw, and the supplied adhesive tape is not strong enough for all weather. You'll probably need some all weather tape to make that happen, the unit claims the actual buttons are water resistant. In all, I found it useful and the price was right for my budget. It definitely got the job done.

    by Jolene Sugarbaker, September 21, 2020


    Adhesive for outdoor surfaces is a joke and no way to mount with a screw

    On what planet do people live where using adhesive to mount something onto an exterior wall actually works? Like, somewhere with no variation in temperature or humidity I guess? The external device does not stick to the wall for more than a few minutes on any surface I've tried, and there's no option to mount it with a screw. For some reason the interior devices have the option to mount with a screw but not the exterior. WTF?

    by Atlanta Shopper, February 13, 2020


    Runs on batteries so can be placed in any room or area. Also has flashing light. Great doorbell.

    Doorbell works great. A lot of ringer sounds, but also has small flashing lights when ringing. Helps if you're not sure if the bell rang or not. Still testing volume and sounds. Ringers are small and easy to hang on wall. They are battery operated so no worries about where an outlet is. They can be hung at any height in any room or area since it uses batteries. Exactly what I was looking for. With two ringers, there's no more missing the bell. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS 6-28-21: I've had this doorbell for shortly over a year and I'm becoming disenchanted with it. Neighbor just stopped by at my back door because the doorbell wasn't working at the front door - again. This is the second time I will be replacing batteries for the time I've had it. That's too often for me since the doorbell is hardly used. That's why I thought batteries would be fine. I think I need to try a different brand.

    by Jeffrey Linton, April 5, 2020


    May have to thow away after 5 months of use

    These were fine on my 8 apartments for a few months - but now most the buttons won't work any more. I have had to pair them again as they just stop communicating with the receiver. 2 out of 8 won't pair even after changing batteries. Tenants complain that sometimes there bell randomly rings. Receivers are fine - it's the buttons that aren't lasting. And it's not from over use - one guy was in the hospital for 3 months so it wasn't being used at all! One set was dead on arrival. Overall really disappointing. You can pair so that they don't ring the neighbor's receiver - there are way too many tunes/tones to choose from - all pretty annoying - LOL....volume can be turned up or down. Instructions are not clear either. Will not order again.

    by Amazon Customer, June 8, 2020


    Poorly designed transmitter back mounting plate and poorly designed ringtone.

    Items arrived in timely manner and in good condition. One set purchased as a gift for my daughter and the other for myself. Found that the volume is more than satisfactory but after several attempts to set to a different ringtone gave up. Followed the instructions to a "T" but receivers defaulted back to the default ringtone? I'm not one to use adhesive fasteners as they have a limited life span,especially for an external application. The holes needed to be drilled out on the transmitter and circuit board removed to avoid problems. Definitely easy to install but to set up the ringtone was another issue. Once again not holding Bolo responsible for the manufacturers shortfalls. Even if the transmitter was mounted by the adhesive pads,how difficult can it be to make the mold with preset holes available? People who aren't capable of drilling,removing the circuit board or limited for lack of proper tools should have an option to stick it up or screw it into the wall.

    by Ken Anderson, April 29, 2020


    Easy to install, wireless doorbell is amazing!

    I bought this for my mother’s condo - which has a really long hallway so she can’t hear people knocking on the front door.Was so easy! Add batteries to the receiver, which she can carry to any room she’s in.Attach the two-sided tape to the doorbell and stick outside her front door.I would highly recommend this product!!!

    by Liz H, January 29, 2021


    It does not work in cold weather

    This doorbell is not suitable for cold regions. I installed it during summer and it was working perfectly. As soon as it got cold (Canadian cold!) it stopped working. I checked the batteries on all of the parts, they are fine because the lights go on, but the sound doesn't work.

    by Me8818, February 3, 2021


    Great product

    Gifted this my friend who bought a new house.The wireless doorbell kit is straight plug and play and was quite simple to install. The included chimes plug straight into a wall outlet and can be installed fairly far away from the buttons. When the doorbell rings the chimes have an alarm as well as a visual light that illuminates. The max volume on the chimes is fairly loud, so She was pleased and it can be adjusted independent of each other. She has the main chime near her front door at max volume and other in backyard. Really value for price paid.

    by Amay, October 14, 2020


    Very happy with this purchase

    Our doorbell has been broken for 3 years, and since it’s an electrical issue we didn’t want to spent so much on a doorbell. This is a wonderful solution, great value for money and it has so many ringtone choices as well as volume levels. It comes with 2 bells - we put one in the front and one in the back, and it also comes with 2 receivers so we’re put one upstairs and one on the main floor. Very happy with the purchase

    by Asad, December 7, 2020

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