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Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Rocker Light Switch with QuickFit and SimpleWire, 3-Way Ready, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, ZWave Hub Required, Repeater/Range Extender, White & Light Almond, 46201

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  • 40-60 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 07-December to 27-December.
AED 183.73

  • VOICE CONTROL – Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible (requires a Z-Wave certified hub). Works with the following Z-Wave certified hubs: Smart Things, Ring Alarm, Wink, ADT Pulse, ADT Command, Trane, Vivian, Nexia, Honeywell, Home Seer, Harmony Home Hub Extender, Vera and more
  • ADVANCED DESIGN 2ND GENERATION MODEL – Improved components reduced the housing depth by up to 20% compared to previous Z-Wave models and eliminated the need for heat tabs. Quick Fit enhancements are the ideal smart solution for older-style switch boxes, multi-gang configurations or any other application with limited space. Auto line-load sensing terminals support fast and easy installation by detecting line and load wires and configuring the dimmer accordingly. Dual ground ports, which are offset to avoid switch box mounting screws, support daisy-chaining in multi-switch setups
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS – Control the device remotely with your smartphone and voice commands when connected to a compatible hub or enjoy manual ON/OFF operation from the switch. Home automation is simple through custom scenes, personalized scheduling and convenient alerts. The smart device operates perfectly on its own or seamlessly integrates into multi-switch setups with required add-on switches – models 12723, 12728, 46199, or 46200. Up to four add-on switches can be connected to the same device
  • FULL-HOME COVERAGE - Z-Wave Plus works with all previous Z-Wave generations to allow continued expansion of your home-automation network. The switch is capable of controlling indoor or outdoor fixtures for whole-home automation and repeats your Z-Wave signal from your hub or other devices to extend your range by up to 150 feet. Extended signal range increases your home automation coverage to enhance your control
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Requires indoor in-wall installation with hardwired connections. Neutral wire required. Includes white and light almond paddles (wall plate not included). Works with all LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs as well as other devices. Operating temperature range 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Home automation is even smarter with the GE-branded Unfrighten Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Switch with Quick Fit and Simple Wire. When paired with a compatible hub, the hardwired smart switch operates wall, ceiling and accent lighting through individual commands and programmed settings. Wirelessly control and schedule indoor or outdoor fixtures for effortless management of your home. Your automation possibilities are seemingly infinite when connected to hubs from Ring, Wink, SmartThings, Home Seer, Vera, Nexia and more.


    Customer Review


    Old version is better

    This review is for the GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Swtich (2nd Gen) with Quickfit & Simplewire.I've bought several of these 2nd gens to go along with the several 1st gens I already have in my house. I returned all the 2nd gens because they simply don't work. Sure, the 1st gens are slightly bigger, but they work and have been 100% rock-solid reliable for me. These 2nd gens are very finicky.I'm pretty sure the problem is the "Simplewire" feature on the 2nd gens. Most smart switches (including the 1st gens) have one terminal for LINE (meaning incoming from breaker/hot all the time) and one terminal for LOAD (meaning goes to the switch). The 2nd gen Simplewire confuses things by having two terminals each labeled "LINE/LOAD." The idea is that you can plug your LINE and LOAD wires into either of the terminals and the smart switch will figure it out automatically. In practice, however, the system doesn't work. I bought two of these 2nd gens, and tried each on two different types of loads (an LED bulb and a 15watt motor), and both switches worked intermittently/not at all. I ripped them out and bought more 1st gens that worked right off the bat.Here comes the rant part: These switches are already complicated enough. I don't understand why GE had to introduce another point of failure for a feature that provides such little value. I understand the whole idea is to make these switches idiot-proof. But that's not a good idea. The Simplewire system is just a hindrance to people who know what they are doing. It's *supposed* to make things easy for people who have have no idea what they are doing, but in all honesty, if you can't figure out which of your wires is LINE and which is LOAD, then you should call an electrician or someone to help you. This newfangled system is awful because it (1) doesn't work and (2) encourages people to make random connections without understanding what they are doing.

    by Kurt, October 12, 2019



    I have 4 Homeseer smart switches which are the Best by far, however these are a bit cheaper and seem to work almost as well. So I have ended up putting this throughout my home. Problem is lately I have had three of them die on me. Nothing like paying $30 or $40 for a light switch that dies after two months. Not to mention the pain of replacing it and re-adding it as a z-wave switch and editing any routines you have built. if it happens one more time I will not be buying Jasco products (GE and Honeywell switches) any longer, it is just not worth my time.

    by none, December 21, 2019


    Beware ... these are addictive

    Warning: If you start using these devices, you may become quickly addicted. These are not inexpensive, so this can be quite a hit to your wallet. Quitting can be very difficult. Use with caution!I started with a couple to turn on my outside lights and an indoor light. I now have these babies on three plugs, three fans, fourteen light switches, and nineteen add-on switches. This week, I just bought another two light switches and three add-ons. I am hopelessly addicted and can't quitI really like the feel of the switches. They are relatively easy to install (I was the original electrician for the home). These are really easy when the circuits have three-way or four-way switches. Needing a neutral wire is nice because they also act as nightlight when needed (I have to use the old Samsung SmartThings app to control when the light is on). With the neutral wire, there is always power at the main switch, so the z-wave network remains strong and active.Combining these switches with SmartThings and Alexa or Google Home makes controlling your lighting with your voice really easy. I also like to use these to automate lighting and even heating when I am away from home. (For heating, I turn off my boiler pumps when I am away. I use forced air--controlled by Nest thermostats--to keep the house at a safe temperature. A couple of days before returning home, I restart the boiler pumps and let the radiant heat take over. When I return home, the house has warned up nicely and I have saved a lot of energy.)One other problem is that now that you have z-wave and the controller, you start adding new z-wave controlled door locks, water leak sensors, glass break sensors, and door sensors, and maybe even a siren or an alert light. Of course, you can't stop there. You will obviously want to monitor your smoke and CO2 alarms. Before you know it, you will want a full blown security system with both professional and self monitoring.Who knows if I can ever quit this habit. Perhaps when all the switches in my house are replaced I can quit. Then again, I might have to start over in a different house

    by Keltypack, October 14, 2019

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