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DETCO Urinal Salt Remover Concentrate - Safe on Pipes and Plumbing, Odor Control, Cleans Rust, Scale, and Uratic Salt Build-Up, 1 Quart


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4.3 ratings
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Highly Concentrated for Powerful Results

Detco's Urinal Salt Remover is specially formulated for commercial use. Being easy to use, with no mixing of messy powders, it's a great and easy way to keep your bathroom open for business!

Stop Trying Household-Use Solutions on Industrial-Strength Problems.

Reduce Repair & Services Costs, Odors, and Even Embarrassment with 1 Simple Formula!

Urinal Salt Remover removes uratic salt build-up in pipes, as well as rust and water scale from fixtures. It does not have the offensive fumes or odors that other products have.

Urinal Salt Remover is non-hazardous, safe on all types of pipes and plumbing, and helps control odors due to uratic salt buildup!

Great for use in...

  • Shower Drains & Locker Rooms
  • Pet Kennels & Livestock Areas
  • Public Urinals
  • Service Area Drains & Basins
  • Park & Recreational Facilities
  • And more!

Maximum Results in 3 Easy Steps!

Over time, uratic salt, calcium, and minerals can build up in pipes and drains - slowing water flow and causing clogs & odors.

Properly breaking down and removing this buildup allows for proper water flow, reducing clogs, odors, and plumbing issues.

  • NUMBER 1 AT REMOVING NUMBER 1: Industrial strength, concentrated formula powers away to easily remove build-up from Salt, Calcium, Lime, Rust and Mineral Deposits
  • SAFE FOR PIPES AND PLUMBING: This industrial strength treatment is gentle on your pipes and plumbing, bathroom shower, toilet, bathtub, and shower drain, but tough on the uratic salt buildup that causes clogs and odors
  • GO WITH THE FLOW: Used regularly Detco Urinal Salt Remover will control odors and eliminate the constant build up of Uratic Salts in toilets, urinals, and drains.
  • NON-HAZARDOUS FORMULA: No toxic fumes or irritants
  • ELIMINATES UNWANTED ODORS: Keep your home smelling fresh and clean by getting rid of the offensive odors that can lurk in the pipes and plumbing
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.3 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • K.

      Solves Urinal Odor, Safer Than Most Industrial Grade Products

      I have a standard Kohler urinal with a Sloan flush valve installed in my sons' bathroom. For 14 years it provided trouble-free, odor-free performance, even with frequent use by boys with less than stellar aim, from their toddler years into college. (All male visitors make a point to patronize the fixture, too; it's quite a novelty.) Standard products like Clorox Lemon Surface Cleaner have always done a fine job keeping it looking and smelling clean. I have never used urinal mats, cakes, traps, or any type of industrial product.A few months ago, I noticed that the urinal began to have a lingering odor, not unlike the one in a London Underground men's toilet, even after scouring it with disinfectant. The clear fresh water in the bowl would also cloud up over the course of the day, even with no use. I did a major cleaning job in the hidden rims and notches in the bowl to remove any invisible scale and lime, trying Bar Keeper's Friend and eventually a heavy bath of CLR with a narrow stiff scrub brush (apparently it only takes one or two crystals of uratic salt stuck in lime deposits to make it smell as if the gents regularly whiz all over the floor and let it dry there). I then tried a product that seemed promising, also available on Bolo, called Nilodor Urine Digester, an enzyme-based cleaner. It smells nice and would do the trick but only for a few flushes. That gallon has since been re-appropriated to the basement for the cat litter box area, where it does a great job on my feline's human-like accuracy problems.Lots of research suggested that urinals need special TLC to avoid this very problem, but almost all uratic salt cleaners are only available wholesale to commercial customers. I was skeptical about this DETCO product (decent but mixed reviews) and not super stoked about the price, either, but gave it a whirl. I bailed the water out of the clean urinal to fully expose the drain hole, poured about a third of the bottle of DETCO in, and let it sit for six hours. It only has a mild chemical odor, which is nice for home applications. The level had gone down a bit after the soak, so I added a few more ounces, scoured the bowl, and let it sit two more hours before flushing a few times.I was happy to discover that after 24 hours, no odor returned, even when I stuck my face right down near the fixture surface. We cautiously started to use the urinal again, and after 48 hours, multiple uses and flushes, no odor. Apparently the smell was mostly coming from the drain where 14 years of salt buildup had been accumulating. A quick chat with a plumber friend confirmed that this product, whose active ingredient is glycolic acid, is actually better than the more caustic hydrochloric/sulfuric acid-based products for industrial use because it works just as well (just slower) and is safer on the fixture's seal as well as my septic system. He said once it's odor-free, an occasional treatment with just a few ounces of product should do the trick.Hope it works for you as well.

    • M. H.

      Does exactly what it says it does. Gentler than acid.

      The product works pretty well and does not have an offensive odor. depending on how bad the drain is and the location of the trap, it will require several treatments. I let them sit and then rinse the next morning. The drain is much better but not perfect because it was never installed correctly. At some point I will replace the plumbing but this will work until its time.

    • D. &. R. M.

      Did not work at first

      I had a very slow drain on a urinal so I tried this product. I let it sit in the urinal over the weekend but on Monday morning the urinal was still filling up and draining slowly so I thought I would need a plumber after all. However by the next morning this urinal was flushing like new without any further treatment.

    • A.

      Excellent product

      I tried different products but only this one worked ! Note when you use this product on tougher urinal salt, just let it stay for longer time like 8 hours.

    • D. D.

      Best Cleaner Yet!

      For cleaning personal urinals, it's great!

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