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AK-Trading Jute Erosion Control, Soil Saver Mesh Blanket - 48" Wide x 75 Yards Roll (225 feet Long) - 900 Sq. Ft. Coverage

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    • 4.2 stars
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  • 15-21 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 12-November to 18-November.
AED 2017.45

  • 100% natural & biodegradable organic product made from Jute (hessian)
  • Great for mulch retention & Soil Stabilisation
  • Ideal for short term erosion protection to batters and open drains
  • Great for revegetation
  • Life span 6-12 months. Can be fastened with a “U” shaped pin


    Customer Review


    Great material for starting new grass in the dry season in Hawaii

    I am creating a Zoysia zenith path from our home on the Big Island to a studio building 50 feet away. I put down good topsoil, seeded with Zoysia and raked in the seed and then covered with this jute. I water once a day and the seed has germinated and grown up through the jute in less than a month, record time in this dry season with sunny days. The jute is very walkable and controls erosion while protecting moisture for grass seedlings.

    by Tim F. Merriman, February 10, 2020


    Works very well

    After me seeding a 2000 sq ft lawn the weather Gods got in a fury harassing me with at least 2" of rain every of the last five weeks. The jute is doing very well and my grass is green and lush in the covered area. The water, unfortunately, has found another path to the lowest point and I still have some erosion. Guess I should have purchased twice the amount of jute.

    by Volkert Kreuk, October 29, 2018


    Excellent for holding soil down and starting seed

    The product is as promised, and works well. I used it on a steep slope which I had cleared of heavy brush, and wanted erosion control and to start field grass. Its a great medium. Better than plastic meshing. Heavy stuff not easy to cut.

    by paterbil, May 31, 2018


    Toxic smell on Jute Erosian Control

    We could not use the erosion control fabric due to its strong chemical smell. We had ordered it to use as material for a Halloween party. We hung it outside for an entire week to let it air out. That did not work. It smelled like a petroleum product similar to tar or creosote. It was difficult to breath if you were near it. The smell was so toxic that we rolled it up and placed it a bag to throw away, but we are concerned it may need special disposal. I have it and hope the company will return it. I did not contact the company that sold it because we were so busy setting up for Halloween. We will call this week. Written on Nov 3, 2018

    by Amazon Customer, November 3, 2018


    Soil Erosion and Seeding

    We purchased this product to help with soil erosion after putting down new topsoil and grass seed on a hill. The product was consistent throughout and the approximate 1" square weave allows plenty of open space to put down grass seed. That info should be put in the spec list so that customers know what they're getting, it's helpful info. So far so good!

    by Amazon Customer, October 1, 2019


    Best ever! Really controlled the erosion

    This really held up well and controlled the water that was running through and area that had to be dug up. After replacing a sewer line I could not get grass to grow back because the rain coming down this section was pushing away all the dirt. I put this down with some grass seed raked into the dirt below and then put a little more seed on top and now it looks better than before. Don't bother with straw. This will do the trick.

    by Amazon Customer, December 1, 2020


    Great grass cover

    Used the mat to cover a muddy area where our dogs run. Mat laid out easily. Once it absorbed some of the water/mud, it expanded and made a great ground cover.

    by Thomas F., January 1, 2019


    Awesome product, easy to use.

    I used this for a steep hill in my patio. I planted a few things then covered the the mesh with compost. The mesh holds everything in place rain or shine.

    by Amazon Customer, June 22, 2019

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