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Artman Hero 7/6/5 Battery 1480mAh 3-Pack and 3-Channel LED USB Hero 7 Charger Compatible with Gopro Hero 7 Black,Hero 6 Black,Hero 5 Black,Hero 2018(Not for Silver or White)

    • Ratings :
    • 4.5 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 140.70

  • 【Exactly Same with Original】:Fully compatible with Gopro Hero 7 Battery, Hero 5 Battery,Hero 6 Battery,Hero 2018 Battery(not for Hero 7 Silver or White). Please note: Our Hero 5/6/7 battery is almost compatible with Hero 8 Black. But it will not perform well in Hyper Smooth mode.
  • 【Multiple Protection 】: Features four layers of protection (over-charging, short-circuit, high-temperature, and surge protection) with a high-quality, fire-resistant construction, ensure complete protection for you and your devices.
  • 【More Battery, More Photo】: Triple your camera runtime with a complete backup package including three 1480mAh replacement battery and a 3-channel battery charger.
  • 【Intelligent Triple Charger】: Smart LED charger display each battery charging status and battery capacity. Can charge three batteries simultaneously and independently from any USB power source.
  • 【Two Ways Power In】:Not only with a micro USB input port,also it support with type-C input.Never worry about missing our cables.To release out the full capacity of our battery, we suggest you do several discharge and charge cycles (like 5 times). The capacity will increase to normal capacity.

  • Multiple Protection

    • Features four layers of protection (over-charging, short-circuit, high-temperature, and surge protection) with high-quality, fire-resistant construction, ensure complete protection for you and your devices.

    2 Way Power In

    • Not only support micro USB input, our charger also support with type-C input. Never worry about taking the wrong cable.

    3 Ways to Charge

    • Unlike standard chargers with only one recharge method, Artman features a wall adapter, car charger, and power bank recharging.
    • To fully have the charger worked in fast charging performance, please ensure the input power supply meets 5V 2.1A max.
    • Note: The input of the charger should NOT exceed 5V 2.1A.

    Compatible Models

    • Hero 5/6/7 Black
    • Hero 2018
    • AABAT-001
    • AHDBT-501
    • 601-10197-000
    • NOT Compatible with the Hero 5 Session, Hero 7 Silver or other previous models.
    • Please note: Our battery is almost compatible with Hero 8 Black. But it will NOT perform well in Hyper Smooth mode.

    Package Includes

    • 3 x Replacement Battery
    • 1 x Battery Charger (5V/2.1A Max Input)
    • 1 x Micro USB Cable
    • 1 x Service Card


    Customer Review


    I works good with a bit of concern.

    Upon received the charger and the GoPro battery, I charged all 3 batteries together. One of the charger slot seem to be loose. I have to keep moving the battery until the charger detect the battery.At fully charge, the battery is at 4.35V I confirm with multimeter and wire it to OPUS BT-C3100 Li-ion charger. It is a bit higher than I would expect to see Li-ion to be fully charged (it should be 4.20V). I used my OPUS charger to discharge. I found that the batter is about 1200mAh (Start from 4.35V with 700mA discharge rate) When I charge with OPUS charger, it charged to 4.20V. The capacity is 1080mAh.My conclusion is :Batteried are good. It have capacity close to the label (even the label said 1480mAh, my measurement was ~1200mAh. I think the test condition are different such as discharge rate and cut off voltage)Charger give me some concern to overcharge the battery. It could be OK with the batteries it came with. I will not use it for other batteries.

    by HipGuy, August 13, 2018


    Won’t hold a charge

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Update The company did get back to me and sent me new batteries do far so goodDon’t buy it will ruin your day I bought spare memory chips and batteries charged batteries and thought I was good started to film using the factory GoPro battery it worked for a good while than switched over to my spare battery it only worked for a very short time so had to stop filming once I got back to the charger I but the batteries in it and noticed after a while battery was charged than when I touched the charger the charging light jumped all over. Also to mention after charging the batteries the first time and putting them in my GoPro they showed 100% charged but died quick I would film 2 minutes and turn GoPro off and 30 minutes later It showed my battyat 0% when I turn it on

    by Uwscottc, October 5, 2018


    Battery Charger Short Circuited, Burning/Smoking while I was Driving [Updated]

    while driving and charging my batteries on my trip, i started smelling an electrical burn. I looked down to see that the battery charger with the A Artman batteries are smoking. I yanked the cord fast as I could so that my car wouldn't burn down.[1st update]After writing this review, Artman Service wrote back to me. They gave me a full refund and they have sent me a new set as an apology and for me to retest. They strongly believed that my USB C cable was the culprit that short circuited, but I am indifferent to that as I have used that cable for a while on my other phones and products for a while now. But what do we know? I am no expert and they don't have the broken wire/charger in hand to actually research. I updated as of 10/17/18 to a 2 star because of great service and will provide another update once I have extended testing of the new set of batteries. Note that I will be charging batteries going forward while they are next to me on the computer table and not over night while sleeping![2nd update]New set of batteries came along with the charger. I have tested the batteries and charger and here are my findings:1. The batteries doesn't fit snug in the charger. This sometimes causes the battery to stop charging. This is the case with all 3 slots. Artman's response was that batteries would expand as it age, therefore they have compensated the slot size for it.2. This is problematic for me as Sometimes the batteries will stop charging even if you leave it alone and not touch it from afar.3. With the problems mentioned above, I still don't have any confidence in leaving the batteries charging unattended.4. Artman consistently messaging me to provide feedback. Very good customer service.5. Although the charging is a bit scary, the batteries are great, last relatively long and unlike the original gopro 7 batteries, the gopro actually reads that the battery is at 100% where as the GoPro ones max charge is 97 or 96%.Final Rating - I have raised this to a 3 because I feel that they do have good batteries, charger is sketchy but customer service is top notch!

    by raWr Fishing, October 15, 2018


    Decent, but not perfect.

    Great delivery speed. This product comes in a very well pack box. The product itself is small and does not take up too much room on my desk. Se pic. My only issue is this. The battery in my GoPro just happened to need to be charged at the same time I got this product. So I decided to do a side by side test of the charging speed. I unpacked this item and set it up. I then plugged in my GoPro to charge and set the 3 batteries in the charging dock. The batteries snapped in to what I thought was a snug fit. When the camera was done charging 2 of the 3 lights on the charging dock remained red while one was green. It had turned green about 1/2 hour before the camera got done charging. I thought this was odd that the two lights remained red so I pressed down on the batteries. Nothing changed. I then pushed them to the side and the lights turned green. Uh oh, loose connection? Anyway, they remained green after a few minutes, so I pulled them. I placed each one in the camera and they all showed that they were 100% charged. So apparently they were charging and maybe the connection to the LED is loose? I dunno, but overall I am pleased with the product and the delivery time frame.

    by Tinalynn, August 2, 2018


    Worked as advertised - maybe better?

    Bought the Artman Batteries and charger for a recent family vacation to the Bahamas. I wanted to be able to do a lot of filming while snorkeling and other tourist attractions. I have the Gopro 5 Black and the battery life of the OEM battery that came with it has never been great. These batteries on the other hand seem to last quite a bit longer. I used them during a snorkeling trip that was about 3 hours long filming the entire time on the water (1 hour +) and a lot of videos of the boat trip to various reefs.. When all was said and done I still had over 30% battery left. As far as the longevity of the battery I cant say yet, but as of now I am impressed. The charger worked well also, charging the batteries that came with it and my GoPro battery as well.

    by WhiskeyTango124, September 6, 2018


    Worth the purchase

    Purchased these batteries for our go pro7. We decided to try the gopro8 and to our surprise the batteries still work. They keep their charge and allow 2 hours of video per battery. The only downfall; this is our fault, is the batteries do now allow for smooth video which the go pro 8 is known for. No big deal. :) would buy these again.

    by Josée, April 27, 2020


    Excellent replacement batteries for my gopro hero 6 !

    Seems to be a perfect replacement for my gopro batteries. The charger is well built and accepts both type-c and micro-usb inputs which is great cause all of our phones are type-c. These batteries fit perfectly into the gopro, just as snug as the OEM.

    by Rob, October 16, 2019


    Amazing Value for Money

    I brought these batteries as a replacement, I received the batteries and the charger nicely packed. One of the battery would not charge and after troubleshooting I isolated it was deflective. I reached out the customer service and Shirley right away sent replacement battery. I received the battery in 2 days. I understand electronics could have faults, What makes me recommend this product is the amazing customer service.

    by Amazon Customer, June 13, 2020


    Works perfectly with hero 7

    I have read that knock off brand were no longer working with the new firmware update. I was happy to see that it was not the case with the hero 7. It is working perfectly so far and give about the same battery life than the original battery. Save some money and get those. Great price for 3 batteries and a charger!

    by Valérie Lévesque, June 23, 2020


    Good for the price

    These work great in a hero7. Doesnt last as long as a regular gopro battery but for the price, is a lot better deal unless you need to film all day in whoch case you would need twice the amount of batteries to carry around compared to regular gopro batteries.

    by Nick Bolen, September 11, 2020

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