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Magic Whitening pills for skin -Herbal Supplement -3 times better than glutathione - Focus on Clear Glossy Brightening and Smoothy Skin Support - Dark Spot Remover Acne & Acne scar Remover - NON GMO


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I heard a story

A girl bought a small potted of flowers. To raise it and keep the flower beautiful, she waters the leaves and petals everyday instead of the soil and roots. Finally, all the flowers wilted very very quickly. The story ends. Why? I think you know why.

All plants survive and bloom depending on the nutrition transmitted from the root.
No exception. It is just like the real process of skin care.

The skin is becoming dark, rim of the eye and pouch is worse and worse, you look spiritless after taking your make-up no matter how many or how expensive skin care products you have used.

Maybe it is time to change a mind. It is not about the money or the nutrition, it is just you spend them on the wrong spot. How can a flower be a flower when you only water the leaves??

You really need a brave and creative heart to try something very different and scientific. This may bring you a totally with a whole new life.
Happiness and beauty is really ready for those really desire them.

In fact, a glowing, radiant skin is the result of a good nutrition transmit and metabolizing routine, and one of the first steps you should rebuild the metabolizing of skin and then make sure skin has enough good nutrition.

Mermaid USA Whitening Pills do just that, giving you smoother, brighter skin and lessening dark spots. It is the consummation of the life's work of our professional team. It gathers the
nature and green power of different planets scientifically and provides supplementation designed to support the original power of whole skin brightening and health. It is just so nature that every one has the right and power to have a glowing and radiant skin.

Suggestion :Taking 3 bottles is a cycle and experience a beautiful travelling.Double effect with Mermaid USA Support spleen & stomach.

  • Guarantee of whitening effect — Full refund if you purchase 3 bottles one time, take them on time and have no effect in the end. (Before and after photo prove needed )
  • Exclusive formula and technology of Ginseng and other precious herb — direct influence and nature power on support of metabolism and whitening of skin and removing dark spot.
  • 3 times effect of glutathione
  • Good to health — all the herbs contain multiple vitamins and amino acid, have power to support health and skin youth. It is good to take them all the time.
  • Gain surprise — write you review and post before and after pictures.
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    Ratings & Reviews

    4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • P.

      Works EXACTLY as it says.

      I have a lot to say about buying this.First off, THIS PRODUCT WILL MAKE YOU LIGHTER 3+ shades lighter.TipsIf you are buying this because you have issues with hyper-pigmentation, it WILL NOT help because it will make EVERYTHING light. It won't only lighten the dark spots. It is better for you to use a topical cream to lighten your dark spots and once even or close to even then use take these pills. Otherwise you may say its not working.Fix HyperpigmentationTo fix hyper pigmentation from acne scars. Or dark areas around the mouth you have treat this problem at night.1. Cleanse with a Glycolic Cleanser (skinperfectstoredotcom) at night.During the day, use a lactic cleanser or green tea cleanser, basically something gentle2. Then find a cream with Hydroquinone 2-3% and use it AT NIGHT only SPOT on the dark areas. Stop using this cream when area lightens up.3. During that day, USE SPF 50. Yes 50 uva/uvb protection during the day. YOU MUST. Don't even walk the dog without your sunscreen on.4. Moisturize your skin constantly when INSIDE the house I like Soybean Face Oil or Vitamin E. But only if you are in the house. Not outside. If going outside, wash it off and PUT ON YOUR SUNSCREEN.and again, please. Wear sunscreen, make it a must like..... brushing your teeth.WHAT KIND OF SUNSCREEN TO USE?A Mineral Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide.- Aveeno Baby in the pink tube is great, and has about 20% zinc, but leaves a heavy white shadow on face.- skinperfectstoredotcom has a zinc sunscreen with 13.5% zinc is clean, and no film and protects. No re-darkening.But just use any sunscreen with zinc. This type of sunscreen is mineral, it will block the sun. Other sunscreens that are not mineral has to get absorbed in the skin before protecting from the sun. When you are trying to prevent a tan, this is not ideal.TIP TO NOT DARKEN/TAN: When you get home from being in the sun all day. Wash your face and do a mask with yogurt (better with fat) + Orange Peel Powder (available here on Bolo). Make a paste. Apply it and leave it for 15 mins. It will prevent a tan.*BonusThese pills makes your skin INCREDIBLY soft. All over! Everywhere is just soft. lol After 3 weeks I felt this I was amazed. Not surprised. AMAZEDHow long will it take? I use for about 3 weeks to get the results. I took 5-6 per day. At first you will be very surprised. And the lighter complexion looks a little un-natural at first. But it begins to look more natural if you lower the dosage to about 2 pills per day. I only take 2 per day to keep a natural tone. I DRINK VITAMIN C POWDER (1 tspn in orange juice) to boost, makes it work FASTER, better, stronger. Trust me.Overall HealthIt has been awesome for my overall health. My mood, recovery from any bruises or sniffles. I did research on the company and their philosophy is that beauty starts from the inside . You have to nourish inside and it will show in you appearance and wow, very true. Very nice.Good Luck

    • C.

      This product transformed my skin!!!!!

      I get so emotional and excited when I think of how flawless my skin looks after taking this product. I was left with dark marks and cystic acne all over my face after my pregnancy that makeup couldn't cover. My dermatologist couldn't even clear my skin at that point. I am now on my second bottle and people have been saying how clear and smooth my skin looks. I take 3-6 pills daily along with "Jing Herbs Pearl supplement". This supplement along with my crushed pearl supplement has made my skin Glow! Also Koji San soap is great with this routine. But make sure you moisture when using this soap! I like a good Vitamin C moisturizer. My husband just stares at me a lot now. I feel absolutely beautiful :)

    • A. S.


      I really like this product it started work in 3 days. Everybody notice my fair and smooth skin . Thanks to the founder of mermaid us. I would be more happy if they reduce price for regular customers like me. For example if i buy two bottles third will be free😃. Thanks

    • B. R.

      It’s pricey but....

      First off almost $70 for this is pretty steep. HOWEVER the before and after images were 3 weeks apart. Once I was able to get my breakouts under control my skin was DULL. These pills helped lighten my dark spot and made me look overall healthier. I used almost 3 pills a day during this time. This is not a product that you can stop taking once you get your desired results. Once you get to a place you want you can lessen the dosage BUT you’ll have to keep using them to maintain!! My skin looks so much healthier and I can finally go makeup free again!

    • y.

      verified purchase

      I have used this as daily vitamin for about 3 months, the dark circles around my eyes are disappearing, my whole skin looks much brighter than before, I don’t need to cover my face with heavy foundation. I feel relief and beautiful. I highly recommend keep using and you would find you look so innocent without makeup and so sexy with makeup.

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