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Samson AirLine AWX Wind Instrument Micro Transmitter Wireless System with HM60 Wind Instrument Microphone, D-Band

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    • 4.4 stars
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  • 19-22 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 18-October to 21-October.
AED 1957.53

  • Frequency-agile UHF wireless system designed for wind instruments
  • 80 operating channels across 24MHz bandwidth
  • Up to eight simultaneous systems per frequency band (region dependent)
  • ATX micro transmitter Clips directly to instrument bell (no beltpack or cable required)
  • Transmitter operates up to eight hours with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • HM60 condenser microphone capsule with supercardioid pickup pattern, 3-point halo isolation mount and 8.5" gooseneck for optimal mic placement
  • CR99 wireless rackmount receiver with backlit LCD and metal chassis (rackmount kit included)

  • Style:D Band  |  Size:D Band

    Samson's AWX Wind Instrument system offers true wireless freedom without the hassle of a belt pack or cable. Featuring the world's smallest clip-on transmitter with a shock mounted microphone and adjustable gooseneck, this frequency-agile UHF wireless system provides high definition sound and 300' of reliable wireless operation for saxophones, trumpets, trombones and other wind instruments.


    Customer Review


    Nice horn wireless system! Samson? yes....

    I purchased the AWX about a month ago, and after 5 outdoor gigs, it has functioned flawlessly. Our sound man likes it, and the compact design is really great in that it is small, mic and transmitter in one small clip on, no hanging wires, and it clips nicely to a trumpet / TBone / Sax bell. As for the sound, various sound techs at my gigs have liked the the quality. Another good perk is that you can mute the transmitter right from the mic / transmitter combo...very nice when you're not playing or switching horns. I've used an expensive ($650) Sennheiser system for 7 years, and this AWX has now taken it's place...the Sennheiser system would randomly blast 100dB white noise during a gig...which is the worst thing that could happen with wireless. I took a chance with Samson, knowing they are not the best...but for the money and cool small design, this was a great choice for me. I play 50 shows a year, in a 5 man horn section. I would've given this 5 stars, but the charging cable is a special magnetic connector...so you need a Samson cable...nothing else will work. The other guys are thinking a buying this too.Update 6/18/19: The other 3 horn players bought the system, so we have 4 AWX working. The units have performed ok, but we've had to send back 2 of the 4 units for problems with the connection of the mic to the transmitter. Samson replaced the units for free, so good for them. I've taken away a star for the 2 units failing within one year of purchase.Update 07/11/19. Now 3 out of the 4 Samson wireless transmitters had to be returned within one year of purchase. Thank God for the warranty...but come on! 75% failure rate on the connection from the microphone to the transmitter??? 2 stars. They had better look at redesigning that connector, and not use cheap 20 cent parts. We've played about 35 gigs since purchase.

    by M. Mcwilliams, July 9, 2018


    Great sound!

    I use this mic for my tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones, and it’s awesome. It does a great job of capturing my sound, whether in a crowded pit setting or when playing in a quieter, more acoustic venue. I love not having to exchange batteries and not having a waist pack. It’s simple to set up, and the sound it top-notch. No issues with feedback or interference, thanks to the multiple channels and frequencies it scans automatically. It’s a great value for any musician.

    by D. Collins, August 31, 2018


    Great sounding set up, but poor range.

    I use this to perform as a one man band on my saxophone. I love the whole set up especially with the rechargeable battery which last very long. The microphone sounds great, sometimes finding a channel can be difficult. The only negative is the range is not good on outside gigs. After 15-20 feet you will I hear the clapping sound through the system so I have to move closer to the receiver. I spoke to another owner of the microphone and they experience the same problem. If the range was better it would have been a wonderful microphone.

    by Havlyn, August 2, 2019


    High quality

    Excellent. I use this to mic my saxes. It’s easy to set up, durable, and has great sound quality and sensitivity. I highly recommend this model. I’m very happy with my purchase.

    by K Dawgg, June 14, 2018


    Muy bueno pero el windscreen no le sirve

    Muy buen producto lo compre para las trompetas de la banda pero no sonaba bien es demaciada fuerza la que se mete el micro es muy caliente capta demaciado sonido pense regresarlo pero antes tenia que aserle una prueba le quite el wind screen que tiene por cierto de muy mala calidad no sirve para nada Bueno le puse un wind screen de unos shure beta /98 y asunto areglado quedo el sonido con mas calidad Si tienen ese problema aganlo y subira mucha la calidad en sonido garantizado

    by jose, June 16, 2019


    Hard to use a sax stand!

    If you try to use a sax stand, the transmitter is in the way, so you have to take it off to use the stand.

    by Oscar, September 6, 2021


    Awesome bang for ure buck! Love this product!

    This product would give any really high end system a serious run for its money. Solid build and sound is true.

    by Roger, August 13, 2020


    Not bad

    The mic is to hot, and it picks up a lot of background noise

    by Amazon Customer, April 23, 2019


    Super product. Exactly what I was looking for........Très satisfait

    Utilisé ce weekend pour la 1 iere fois à l'extérieur. Très satisfait pour le son. Si j'aurais à décrire un petit problème, c'est que la 'clip' pourrait être plus facile à manipuler surtout quand on veut changer d'instrument rapidement. Used this clip on for the firs time this weekend playing outside. very satisfied. A minor thing, the clip should be easier to use when having to switch instrument in a rush.

    by Serge Gervais, August 26, 2019

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