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Melnor HydroLogic 2-Zone Digital Water Timer

    • Ratings :
    • 4.2 stars
  • |
  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 274.74

  • Programmable water timer with two valves
  • Each zone can be programmed with up to four start times
  • Set flexible schedules for specific days of the week
  • Manual mode and rain delay pause the watering schedule
  • Large LCD screen for simple programming

  • Color:Basic  |  Style:2-Zone

    The Hydrologic 2-zone digital water timer offers innovative features not available from any other brands. Setup & programming are easy with clear on-screen information. Each zone can be independently programmed or used to water manually with a simple press of the manual button. Once programmed, the next watering cycle will display in real time so you will know exactly when the next cycle begins. Compatible with the Hydrologic soil moisture Sensor (purchased separately, SKU 15339).


    Customer Review


    How to fix stuck valve.

    So far, works as advertised. Only issue was that some valves were stuck open, as others have found. Struggled a for a while then sent a message via Melnor website. No answer. No phone # for technical assistance on website or instruction manual😡Then my wife found in small print on the package this # 877-283-0697. Short wait and a nice woman told me the solution. Turn off the timer, press manual, choose which zone, and set 1 minute on time. Valve opens, then closes and all is good. Repeat for all stuck zones.Don’t know why there is a ‘hidden’ phone # and some instructions about this issue as it’s clear they knew about it. So one star off for this hassle.

    by Jonathan Brush, June 26, 2018


    Very accurate time-of-day clock in Melnor HydroLogic 1-Zone Digital Water Timer (Model 73015)

    I recently put in service this brand-new Model 73015 of the Melnor HydroLogic 1-Zone water timer to supply a drip irrigation system for my garden. It has been operating smoothly so far without any leaks or timing failures, but not long enough for me to judge its long-term durability. However, it has been running long enough to make one observation comparing it to the earlier  Melnor Model 3015 1-Zone AquaTimer . The clock in the new HydroLogic 1-Zone timer maintains the time of day MUCH more accurately than the old AquaTimer. The clock in my old AquaTimer would lose more than 1 minute each week, but the new Model 73015 HydroLogic timer varies less than 1 second in the same 7-day period. I had to use a radio-controlled "atomic" clock for the standard of comparison to detect any variance at all in the HydroLogic clock. Precision in time keeping for a garden water timer may not be very important in many applications, but the HydroLogic Model 73015 1-Zone timer is a great improvement in that regard.Be aware that the water timer may arrive in the shipment with the valve open. After installing two AA alkaline batteries, I suggest first attaching a hose to the outlet to divert the possible flow, then apply upstream water pressure at the inlet of the timer (20 psi minimum) and use the MANUAL function to cycle the valve open and closed 3 times to ensure a good seal on the first use.UPDATE (July 9, 2018): My HydroLogic 1-Zone water timer has operated flawlessly for 18 weeks now on a watering schedule of once every day at 4:00am for 20 minutes. It doesn't leak at the inlet under 60 psi pressure or from the outlet when the valve is closed. I've used the RAIN DELAY and MANUAL functions several times and they work great. The battery indicator is still showing 5 of 5 bars. The timer clock drifted from NIST standard time by less than 2 seconds over this long period (running slightly fast). I'm extremely pleased with the performance of this water timer!

    by Greg T., March 18, 2018


    Complete control.

    Was skeptical considering this item was not on manufactures website. However, this thing works great. For the first use i had to go through each zone and manually turn each valve on and off as some were stuck partially open from shipping. The set up took about 10 minutes. I would compare it to programming a digital watch with 5 buttons. But once you figure out the setting up of zones and cycles its great. You can turn each zone to run up to 4 different random times for any amount of time- example: @0650 for 35 min, 1037 for 32 min etc. You can run each zone individually, or multiple zones at once. Great for my new lawn planting, then going to use for my garden once yard is established.

    by Amber fox, March 29, 2018


    Easy to program, perfect for our needs

    I really like the ease of programming, and the large, easy-to-read display.Construction is good; upper hose fitting is brass with a large rubber ring, lower fitting is plastic.Timer uses two AA batteries, which are easily accessed via a slide-out tray in the back.We're using this to control a mister in our small greenhouse: We have it set to come on 4 times per day, for just 10 minutes each time.Note that when I first got this thing, I programmed it without any water connections -- which the instructions say is OK -- and then hooked it up to the hose bib. At that point, it did *not* work properly: Water came through, even though it was during an Off period. I took it off the hose bib, fiddled with it a bit, turned it Off-On-Auto, tried blowing through the water fittings, and couldn't get the valve to move. But when I put it back on the hose bib and cycled it Off-On a few more times, it did start working properly, and has been OK since. However, this initial glitch keeps me from giving it 5 stars. If it fails within the next year, I'll edit this review (and reduce the star count).

    by Costero, June 9, 2018


    FATAL DESIGN FLAW, read me.

    FATAL DESIGN FLAW: this product doesn't work if you have medium to high household water pressure. The valves won't open due to the water pressure "pressing" on the faucet side of the valve. I've extensively tested this with the 3 of these I've purchased. If you turn the water off from the faucet and relieve the pressure by unscrewing the main attachment fitting, then manually cycle any of the 4 valves, they will open and you can re attach the main fitting and turn the water on and voila! You sprinklers or whatever are functional. If you try to run the manual cycle with full household water pressure then you'll hear the unit click as it tries to turn the valves to the open position, but alas, you will have dry dead plants/lawn/life.

    by Mr. B, September 1, 2018


    Valves stick open. DON'T BUY!

    Bought 3 of these units. The first one is still working. The 2nd one stopped working after about a week of use. The 3rd one stopped working after only 2 days of use. The issue with both is that one or more valves stick in the open position. I've spent over 1 hour trying to fix both of them to no avail. The company has no phone number to contact them only an email form that they don't respond to. I guess I'll see if Bolo will allow me to send them back.

    by Janet C., May 10, 2018


    Unit well built

    Received the unit 2 weeks ago. It is easy to set up and the large display is easy to read. The unit is well built. When I set it to manual watering for zone 2, the valve for zone 1 and 2 are both opened. I found out later that I must set zone 1 water time to 0 minutes to turn off zone 1. Just a note for those who may encounter the same problem as I do.  Melnor 2-Outlet Digital Water Timer, Advanced Functions, Simple and Flexible Programming, Easy Manual Watering, 4 Independent Cycles for Water Individual Days of Week

    by Wingman, May 19, 2018


    These really suck. Bought two and they are just poorly designed

    If you want to use the manual watering you have to hit like 5 buttons to get it to turn on and off. When you turn it on, it will turn on all the outlets that were preset before AND will use the last time. So if you just want to water a bush for a few minutes we go from a simple ON/OFf toggle to a super annoying and frustrating programming cycle. I want to return this and get the previous model which we were super happy with but its now 33 days since we bought it so we are just going to throw it away and get the previous model which is much better designed with the easy manual shut on/off.

    by Topgunx, April 30, 2019


    The best water timer you can buy.

    This timer is great. Perfect for Metro Vancouver's water restrictions. Easy to setup, and it's advanced alright. You can pick any day or multiple days to water, and those chosen days can have up to 4 cycles with different start times and lengths for each. It has a rain delay option as well as a manual mode which you can set a timer as well for, and a output for a soil moisture sensor. It only uses 2 cheap AA batteries (not included)It's cheaper and probably better to buy this and to buy separate hose dividers. Less of a chance to fail too.

    by Patrick, June 23, 2018


    Easy to program and operate.

    I installed this product on my 5 zone lawn sprinkler system. One zone is on a single-line Melnor timer I had for more than ten years. Programing the timer was easy and it works as expected. The timer looks well built. I only had it for a week so can't comment on its reliability. However, my single-line Melnor timer still works after ten years with the last 6 in storage in an unheated shed. I hope this one will last.

    by Zip002, August 8, 2018


    Doesn’t have individual water pressure control to a valve.

    I bought it in Apr, but only today installed and realized that all 4 zones that I will be using require different water pressure and this device has no control over water flow to each valve. This is very very unfortunate and a must to have as the arias to water are all different my soaking hose need less water pressure then my backyard and my front yard is different from all other 3 areas. I’m stuck with it now. Will try to call Bolo to return it as it totally doesn’t work for me. Manual control harder to set up then should be. Can’t just erase one zone have to reset the hall system I think, or I couldn’t figure out how to do it yet and I read the manual twice.

    by Viviena, June 9, 2019

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