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Viri,Projector Wall Mount,Extension : 325-740mm (12.80"-29.13") with Universal Mouning Plate,Quickly and Accurately Adjust The Tilt /Swivel/Rotation Angle by ±5°,Suitable for Homes Offices Classroom


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4.5 ratings
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Weight Capacity:33lbs;

Extendable Length:12.8-29.13in;

Lateral Shift: 3.6in;

Vertical Shift:3.15in;

Adjustment Angle:

Vertical tilt: 10 degrees;

Horizontal roll: 10 degrees;

Horizontal roration: 10 degrees.

  • Much Quicker Installation
  • Easier Adjustment: Six Axis Adjustment
  • More Accurate assembly.Much Stronger
  • Smaller Package Dimensions, Saving You Much Freight
  • With UL& TUV Certification
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • D. F.

      Exactly what I was looking for.

      This was perfect for what I was looking for. I have an Epson Home Cinema 3800. The mounting adaptor to the projector is very adjustable and has a wide range to fit many different projectors. I mounted the arm plate itself directly to two studs, the centers of which are 11inches apart and there are many other possible mounting points. This mount is so sturdy I can literally do a pull up on it. I’m very impressed and extremely pleased and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a wall mount for their projector. I did mount my projector “upside down” to the instructions for my specific needs but this seems to have absolutely zero take away from stability.

    • T.

      Also a great long-throw wall mount!

      Recently acquired a Epson 5040ub and wanted an aesthetically pleasing wall mount for the new installation. I finished installing the mount and projector yesterday, and it definitely exceeds expectations. Despite the seller's somewhat silly claim that this projector will only work with UST projectors, this mount functions great with long-throw projectors as well.Installation was relatively simple, though I did opt to use additional mounting parts not included in the kit, as the mount and projector I installed are fairly hefty (10.5 lbs for the mount and 24.5 lbs for the Epson 5040ub). I attached two screws included with the mounting kit into one of my studs. I then used six 1/4" Toggler Snaptoggle bolts (and a few extra washers I bought) to anchor the outer holes. Four of the bolts align the top, spread across 16" wide, and 2 more anchoring the bottom corners.Installed, this mount feels quite sturdy. The mounting bracket is universal and had absolutely no problems being adjusted to reach any of the mounting holes on my Epson 5040ub. There were a lot of additional screws/accessories included to mount to other projectors, but those weren't necessary in my case. Either way, it should work with pretty much any projector.The adjustment knobs are sturdy and provide a decent amount of adjustability. I did not extend the mount at all, so I left it at the minimum 12.8" from the wall. But I'm guessing even if I did extend it, it would still feel quite strong being made of pretty good aluminum.If I had to complain, this mount has some good options for hiding the cables going to your projector, but they require feeding your wires through the wall. This is because it's meant to be a UST mount, but it'd be nice if the plastic cover had holes on either the top or bottom that would allow you to thread cables out of it without going through the wall. I'll probably cut some of the plastic off my cover so I can route my cables more attractively eventually.Regardless, the tl;dr is that this mount seems to be a pretty solid purchase for both UST and Long-Throw projectors. Installation is relatively simple, but you may want to buy additional wall mounting hardware from what's included in the kit. Study and adjustable, this mount definitely hit the points I wanted it to. It's substantially more costly than the generic Chinese rebranded wall mounts that plague Bolo, but half the price of the big-name BenQ, Epson, etc. mounts. And its quality is definitely closer to the latter than the former. Worth the investment, especially because it's an attractive solution.

    • x.

      A behemoth - inspires confidence

      This is so sturdy that you won't have any doubts about its ability to hold your projector.We live in earthquake country, and our projector was on a shelf with no way to strap it down so that it wouldn't go flying in anything over a 4.0 quake. This looked like the best solution to our problem, and the projector is now mounted solidly in place. It doesn't even look bad. I have only two very minor complaints:The instructions aren't very detailed on how you should measure exactly where to mount it. Specifically, I wanted the lens of the projector to be exactly 72" off the floor, and I had to carefully measure and calculate at what height to mount the bracket for this to work. There's a good amount of vertical adjustment possible, but if you guess and aren't lucky, you might find that you've mounted it too high or too low.The other minor problem is that the horizontal rotation adjustment doesn't go very far. My room didn't allow for it to be mounted exactly opposite the projection area, so I needed to be able to turn the projector on an angle that was larger than this bracket's adjustment allowed. The problem was solved by adjusting the angle that the projector was fixed to the base plate, but this required removing the projector and tweaking the angle several times. Fortunately, I won't have to do that again. And it's not a feature that many people would need, so I can understand it not being provided. Still, it complicated installation a bit.Overall, I'm very pleased with this unit. It looks great and won't fall down.

    • S. R.

      It’s really not a “universal” UST projector mount.

      I bought this with high hopes thinking that I could use it to ceiling mount my Samsung Premiere UST projector. Although, the description claims that it’s a Universal ultra short throw projector mount, I couldn’t attach my projector to it because I couldn’t line up the mounting holes on the arms of the mount with the ones on the projector however much I tried. So, I ended up returning it. However, I must admit it looks very sturdy, heavy and quite impressive. It has the fine controls on it to adjust the picture which would have been very helpful in aligning the picture with the screen. It’s a pity that I couldn’t get it to work with my projector.

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