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Red Vines Licorice, Original Red Flavor Soft & Chewy Candy Twists, 3.5 lbs, 56 Ounce

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 09-December to 13-December.

AED 84.91


  • The iconic 3.5-pound jar (56 Ounce) packaging has a resealable lid to keep Red Vines candy fresh for sharing at the office, a BBQ, a birthday party and at home with friends and family again and again.
  • Add a sweet celebration to your day with these soft chews, the classic Red Vines twist that people have loved for generations.
  • Pair with a variety of salty snacks like chips, popcorn, or trail mix for a sweet treat with a soft and chewy texture.
  • Since Red Vines candy is always fat free and Kosher certified, feel free to smile while taking a bite!
  • Our iconic Red Vines jar can also be found filled with classic Black Licorice twists.

Family-owned and operated since 1914, the American LicoriceCompany is proud to use artisanal candy-making techniques that have been passed down through five generations. Made using small batch process, Red Vines candy holds a prime spot in the hearts of candy loving kids and adults alike.

American Licorice Company is committed to improving our manufacturing processes to reduce environmental impact by tracking greenhouse gas emissions from our two U.S facilities. We purchase carbon offsets for greenhouse gas emissions as well as invest in Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates that are sourced from wind energy facilities in the lower 48 states.

We also support our local communities by investing in a brighter future. American Licorice Company employees contributed over 2,000 hours of volunteer service last year and donated more than 20,000 backpacks full of school supplies over the last six years through our partnership with the Kids in Need Foundation.

Whether you seek out nostalgic candy or a treat offering one of the latest flavor trends, there’s something for everyone.  If you love classics, there’s Original Red, grape flavored, or our traditional Black Licorice twists. You can also bulk up your pantry with a variety of twists, bars, bites, whips, superstrings, or Twistettes. Try Red Vines candy in a resealable pack for snacks on-the-go.

Celebrating Sweet Moments Red Vines candy is meant for sharing, especially when celebrating life's sweetest moments. Whether you're hosting a family gathering, taking the kids to the movies, you can enjoy the proud tradition of sharing these sweet treats with the ones you love. The Red Vines family believes in traditions, and we'll always be there to be a part of yours. Cleaner Ingredients We know you care about what you eat, which is why we are committed to adding new products made with cleaner ingredients to the Red Vines family. Our Red Vines Made Simple twists are made with real cane sugar, no artificial colors or flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup or red dye. Taste & Texture Red Vines candies have been made for generations using artisan candy-making techniques and a small batch process. Each batch uses only 5 ingredients and is made with great care to ensure the unique soft & chewy texture and delicious Red Vines taste beloved by candy fans of all ages. Snacks For A Busy Life Red Vines fans lead busy lives, so we want to be sure that your candy is always fresh for snacks you can take anywhere and enjoy anytime. If you need a sweet pick-me-up at the office, or something for the kids to snack on in between soccer practice and ballet recitals, Red Vines candy has you covered. 1914: How It All Began The story of the American Licorice Company begins in 1914, when Martin Kretchmer, along with his son and son-in-law, rented a small space on West Jackson Boulevard in Chicago. Together, they made their first piece of candy: the Black Licorice Twist. Five generations later, American Licorice remains a family-owned and operated company, and the proud manufacturers of Red Vines candy. 1920's: The California Sun In 1925, part of the operation traveled west where Martin's son, Clarence, headed up manufacturing in California. Built on perseverance, the company made and shipped candy to customers daily throughout the Great Depression. The Kretchmers' dedication paid off, and that year Charlie Chaplin asked the company to create a licorice shoe which he famously ate in the classic film 'Thee Gold Rush"' That's one tasty boot! 1950's: Red Vines Are Born In the 1950s, the company expanded beyond traditional black licorice by making Raspberry Vines. These new red twists were made with fruit flavor instead of the licorice root extract used in the original black twists. But the public dubbed them 'red licorice' twists, because of the similar format and texture to the black. Today these red licorice twists are known as Red Vines candy and are still made with the same original recipe. 1960's: Super Ropes Hit The Scene Innovation wasn't about to end with Red Vines twists. In 1963, new Red Ropes candy and Licorice Ropes became the longest pieces of licorice to ever hit the market. The 34" long licorice ropes were then individually wrapped, and Super Ropes candy was born. The next decade introduced flavored licorice (grape flavored Purple Vines, peppermint Green Vines & Chocolate Vines), as well as the movement of California operations to Union City, and Chicago operations to Alsip, IL. 1980's: An Iconic Look For The Brand Back in the '50s, Red Vines twists were originally packaged in simple candy trays, perhaps most famous today at your local movie theatre. Almost 30 years later, American Licorice Company began to package twists in the now-iconic Red Vines candy jar. The knob-topped jar kept candy fresh and easily caught the eye of retail shoppers, making Red Vines candy easy to spot on the shelf. 2014: A 100 Year Legacy In 2014, the American Licorice Company celebrated 100 years of making candy. Throughout the last five generations, we've had the pleasure of creating some of America's favorite candy and helping our fans celebrate their sweet moments. We work with the best family of associates a company could ask for and invest in happiness every day. Though Martin Kretchmer couldn't have known his company would go on to touch the lives of so many people, we hope we'll make him proud for generations to come!

Customer Review


Save your money.

These red vines have all sorts of issues but the main one is the packaging. Whatever plastic they are using smells to high heaven of toxic chemicals, which tainted the candy. I remember getting these over the years and they must have changed the plastic because it never was...

by Jay Stanfield, September 2, 2019


Something is wrong with them

Taste like plastic, falls apart when you pick it up . It has a horrible taste

by Debbie Moyer, September 14, 2019



These are like crack...can't leave them alone. Remind me to add to my 'DO NOT BUY AGAIN'. THEY ARE DELICIOUS AND FRESH.....I LOVE THEM...YOU WILL TOO!

by Judy Rose, May 29, 2019


Licorice came in 1 million chewed up/shredded pieces

It seriosly looked like someone ran over the licorice with a lawn mower. I opened the package and the top layer looked normal like it always is. After munching on the top layer we noticed the pieces getting smaller and by the time the kids got to the middle all the pieces...

by Jacqueline, July 21, 2017


Fresh and Tasty

I live a little out in the country and the nearest supermarket is a good 25-30 minutes away. Didn’t want to drive out so bought these. The tub came the next day and man the licorice is so soft and fresh! All of my pieces came in whole pieces, so not sure why another...

by Alyssa Gomez, August 12, 2019


Really disappointed

Just took back a tub of red vines purchased from the store. They weren't as fresh as the ones I USUALLY get .from Amazon. I received my red vines today, only to be disappointed. I could have just kept the ones from the store. THESE ARE NO BETTER. I don't mind paying a...

by Shy girl, August 14, 2019


Tub Red Vines!

Big tub of Red Vines! I’m dying of cancer and am still able to eat so I’m eating my favorite foods. The price and free Prime delivery versus going to the store and getting increased exposure to the COVID -19 or any other virus.. it was worth a shot. The freshness is...

by Kelly Bezz, March 7, 2020


not what i was expecting...

This is not what i was looking forward to at all. This product is very thin and soft and breaks apart easily. It also has a strange children's cough syrup type taste to it. My husband was extremely disappointed and we dumped it.

by Tamika T., March 30, 2019

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