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IVORIE Teeth Gap Bands Orthodontic Bands Clear Dental Elastic Bands 100/Pk (1/4" Heavy)

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 21-June to 25-June.

AED 66.98


  • Close those teeth gap permanently without the cost of braces and other high dental procedures
  • They work just like braces, but with quicker results and a lot less expensive
  • Brand new and factory sealed 100/Pk clear teeth gap bands
  • Made from the finest medical grade resin; Non-latex, highest quality elastics
  • Other popular uses for orthodontic elastics are teeth gap, orthodontic braces, dog grooming elastics, doll hair elastics, cornrow rubberbands, small rubberbands for crafts, model airplane rubberbands, small elastics for packaging, etc.

* Clear, non-latex bands so they appear clear on your teeth.
* Now you can close those teeth gap permanently without the cost of braces.
* The teeth gap bands can fix teeth gaps in as little as 30 days when used properly.
* The teeth gap bands are a safe way to permanently close the gap between teeth without any side effects.
* The teeth gap bands can only treat teeth gaps smaller than 3.5mm.
* To be used on adult teeth only.
* These bands can be used for front teeth (both upper and lower).

* Attach the teeth gap bands to your teeth. Take one band out of the factory sealed package. Grasp each side of the band with the index finger and thumb of each hand and stretch it out. Slowly slide the band around the outside of the teeth which surround the gap you wish to close. Close to the gum line is better, but will need to be changed more often to keep clean.
* Initially you may need to use mirror while placing the band around your teeth, however with time you will be able to quickly change your bands with little effort.
* For the first few days the teeth the bands are attached to will be sensitive. This is normal and is sign of movement. The same sensitivity is felt by patients using braces. Do not let this sensitivity discourage you. With time, this sensitivity will subside. If needed, take an over the counter pain medication to ease the pain.
* Use a new tooth gap band every night. The bands stretch with use and a new band is more effective.
* Teeth gap bands should be worn a minimum of 10 hours per day. They should be removed when eating and brushing your teeth.
* If you feel too little or too much pressure, you may need a smaller or larger size teeth gap band.
* After your gap closes you are advised get retainer or bonding to stop movement or the gap will grow again. This is typical with braces as well.


Customer Review


No good

Saw no progress

by carolyn d, February 11, 2020


Product doesn’t work for me

This product does not work for meGap bands kept coming off.My two front teeth and gums started to hurt😩😭

by Amazon Customer, September 13, 2019


As described

They work great, but take longer than suggested in the product description.

by irrelephant, April 23, 2017


Five Stars


by jermaine reid, July 29, 2018


One Star

Never received these.

by Amazon Customer, December 15, 2017


Two Stars

Thy hurt like that

by Kewanna, October 28, 2017


One Star

Bands kept popping off. Difficult to place on teeth.

by Amazon Customer, September 2, 2017


not for a gap wide as mines. Remember Reggie off of Nutty Professor? Yeah thats me buddy. Lol

I loved the price however my front teeth gap is too huge for these to stretch to fit 🤣😅😁

by Bubbie Taylor, April 21, 2021

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