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DIG Corp RBC-MVA Irrigation Timer, Blue

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    • 4.4 stars
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  • 21-40 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 18-November to 07-December.
AED 403.03

  • This is the replacement for the dig Rbc6000
  • Powered by two AA alkaline batteries The a safe period of 60 seconds to replace without losing the program
  • Watering flexibility With a selection of watering frequencies and four start times
  • Seven buttons with integrated high resolution screen
  • Easy to read LCD display with Am/PM clock and icon-based programming for easy navigation

  • The rbcmva single-station battery operated timer with 3/4 Actuator can be mounted on a manual or brass anti-siphon valve for automation in residential & commercial applications, or where AC power is unavailable. It features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen & simple icon-based weekly or cyclical programs that can operateup to three years on two AA alkaline batteries. The timers actuator is assembled with a 3/4 adapter & 3/4 washer & the package also includes a 1 adapter & 1 washer. Completely waterproof & able to operate in harsh environments, The RBC MVA is the simple solution for automating most manual anti-siphon valves.


    Customer Review


    Works great, simple, an improvement over earlier design

    I've used DIG battery operated valve/controllers for 10+ years. The earlier design worked fine, too, but would usually have some problem after 5+ years or so that required replacement. Typically something with the valve or seal and not the controller would go wrong for me. But there is no competing product to automate a stand-alone single valve that is so simple to use.The latest versions (which have been out a couple of years) work great, too. Now use 2 AA batteries instead of a single 9v. Battery life is said to be longer, but I've not had time to test that. The 9v batteries in the old one lasted a year or two, so it was fine either way.Easy to program and configure. These are indispensable for me with a couple of sprinkler valves that are next to hardscape, would be difficult to integrate into the rest of the sprinkler system controller (which would require running a wire 250+ feet underground most of the way). They work, they are reliable and reasonably durable, good battery life, sufficient programming flexibility, and not too expensive. Great product.

    by M. Gotts, November 26, 2018


    Easy to install and works great.

    Have been running this product for a week now. Easy to convert from 3/4' to 1". Instructions are short but clear. Needed help from a neighbor just to break the existing connections on the mechanical valve. After that an easy one man job. Screw solenoid in. Set clock and timer. Comes on and and shut off when it is supposed to. I installed 3 and each of them work great. Could not be happier.

    by Kevin Moeller, June 13, 2021


    New DIG Single Station battery operated irrigation controller

    I bought the new DIG Single Station battery operated irrigation controller 3 weeks ago to replace the old DIG Single Station battery operated irrigation controller I had for 6 years. The old DIG timer still work, but something wrong with the siphon valve that fail to prop up the sprinkler since 3 months ago. I figure the new one should take care of the problem, and it did. All I did was to take the old unit out and screw in the new DIG unit and it is completed. However, the New DIG Single Station battery operated irrigation controller has a plastic thread, which require a little finesse to screw into the old iron threaded valve. I had it running for 2 weeks now, and happy about it.

    by Ming L. Wu, June 17, 2019


    Buyer beware..

    The DIG Corp RBC-MVA Irrigation Timer, Blue is awesome, easy to install, easy to set up timer works well.no need to hardwire.HERE"S THE PROBLEM. IT ONLY LAST FOR ONE YEAR 5 MONTHS. THEN IT STOPS WORKING.this is my 3rd one. I have a hill in my back yard that has no electricity and the area needs to be water regularly.

    by Steve, January 13, 2021


    It is OK and a fair value

    It works although there was some initial leakage around the solenoid. The washers for the anti-siphon valve and the timer were missing. That didn't matter as the anti-siphon valve cap was so frozen in place that I had to heat it with a propane torch, melting it internal parts as well as part of the old timer I was replacing. Home depot had a universal repair kit for the valve that contained the necessary washers. I would strongly recommend having that kit on hand before embarking on the replacement as all water in the house had to be turned off until the job was complete.

    by R. Boyd, December 22, 2016


    Easy installation and operation

    An easily installed retrofit to automate a manually operated anti-siphon valve. In addition to being able to program automatic operation at given time of day and open time duration, having a 'manual' button to allow opening of the valve for a programmed interval allows a user to initiate a fill cycle (e.g., adding water to a pool or fountain) then to be able to walk away with confidence that the flow will be shut off after the displayed # of minutes.

    by Craig S., October 12, 2017


    Doesn't last

    I bought this 8 months ago. the installation was simple and it works well in ambient light. It is easy to program and operated very well. However after 8 months it began to leak. I could not completely shut off the sprinklers. I tried sh shut off manually but that didn't work. I had to reinstall the manual valve to turn off the water flow. I have purchased 2 types of solar timers and have had the same problem with both. Hope to find one that works and will last more than a few months.

    by Jim, February 7, 2019


    Easy to program

    Easy to program. Works well as an addition to an old school pool filler anti-siphon valve. If you have an older pool with a manual valve, this can do the trick. Not as sophisticated as the newer automatic pool fill, but a inexpensive way to semi-automate your pool. Works especially well in summer and windy conditions when the pool needs to be filled more often.

    by B & N, July 4, 2017

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