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Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack - Black

Amazon Basics

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4.5 ratings
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Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack - Black

From the Manufacturer

Amazon Basics

  • Carry-on travel backpack with internal, zippered laptop sleeve; ultra-flexible and lightweight; made of durable polyester
  • Main compartment with zippered mesh space, optional midway shelf, and internal/external compression straps
  • Front pocket and front-top pocket for easy access to documents and travel liquids; main upper packing compartment with organizer, expandable storage space tuck-away ID pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps disconnect easily and store away in zippered back pocket; removable sternum strap, waist belt, and shoulder strap; well-placed exterior handles
  • Main compartment measures 5.5 by 13 to 14 by 21.5 inches (LxWxH); main upper packing compartment measures 3 to 5 by 13 to 14 by 21.5 inches (LxWxH); full-expansion zipper creates 10% more packing space
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • M.

      5.0 out of 5 stars AmazonBasics Travel Backpack VS eBags eTech 2.0 Weekender Travel Backpack

      PROS:- Excellent design with large storage capacity and ample pockets/dividers for organization- Comfortable shoulder straps and back cushioning- Comes with shoulder strap, waist strap, sternum strap, backpack straps (can be tucked away), and two handles to allow multiple methods of easy-carrying- Includes internal padded laptop storage compartment placed nearest the back (ideal design for weight distribution)- Includes zippered expandable storage (unzip to expand the bag slightly, or keep zipped to keep the bag more compact)- Carry-on size!CONS:- DOES NOT include hide-away water bottle compartment or key ring clip, as described on the listing- Some loose threading here and there, and minor quality issuesPERSONAL EXPERIENCE:My wife and I travel frequently (we have Southwest Companion Fly Free) on weekend trips across the state (often 3-4 night trips). I have been somewhat addicted to finding the best carry-on size travel bag/backpack. A few months ago, I purchased the eBags eTech 2.0 Weekender Travel backpack for my wife and myself, and I recently purchased the BoloBasics backpack as well for my most recent two trips to see how they compared. Here are some of my notable comparisons:**DESIGN & ORGANIZATION**If I am not mistaken, eBags 2.0 started selling on Bolo towards the end of 2012 and has only had minor revisions since then. The design focuses on maximizing the amount you can carry within a bag that still fits most standard "carry-on" size specifications (which is usually 9x22x14). It utilizes hide-away backpack straps (they tuck away into a zippered compartment), a handle on the horizontal and vertical side of the bag, and a suit-case style main compartment and zipper opening for easy access. This has been a winning combination, and I have found this to be one of the most efficient designs for easy travel and maximum storage (better than clam-style zippered opening backpacks, in my opinion). With the use of packing cubes, my wife and I easily pack for 4 to even 5 night trips with both backpacks. In the attached picture showing the backpack filled, I easily packed two medium-sized packing cubes carrying 2 pants, 3 shorts, 1 belt, 6 t shirts, 2 button shirts, and 2 long sleeve shirts; one small packing cube carrying 6 socks, 6 underwear; one pair of shoes; toiletry bag; lightweight jacket in the mesh compartment on the lid; laptop w/ charger and documents; chargers; sunglasses; Kindle; battery pack; and earbuds. With that said, BoloBasics released this backpack in September 2016, and clearly copied/mimicked almost the exact design of the eBags 2.0 in nearly every respect (BoloBasics has all the features described directly above as well).The notable differences is that the BoloBasics backpack has a dedicated zippered laptop storage compartment placed right on the back (best design for weight distribution because it keeps the weight closest to your body), zippered expandable storage option (unzip to expand the dimension of the main compartment by 10%, or leaved zipped to keep the backpack more compact; refer to attached picture), and has clips that allow for shoulder strap carry. If you want to carry a laptop in the eBags, you either have to place it in the front zippered organization compartment or in the main storage compartment (both are not the most ideal since weight is either distributed on the furthest point away from your body, making it feel heavier; or if in the main compartment, it's a pain to open it up and remove it for Airport Security). However, the eBags has a slightly better designed front storage area that utilizes: elastic cinches on its pockets (when travelling, it keeps the contents placed in these pockets in place; while with the BoloBasics bag, I noticed that my items would easily slide out of the pockets during travel), a larger variety of pockets, and a key clip (the listing claims BoloBasics backpack has a key clip, but it definitely does not). Both backpacks utilized a zippered mesh compartment located on the lid-side of the main compartment, but if you look at the included pictures, eBags has it extend the full length to maximize the size, whereas BoloBasics for some odd reason has it cut off nearly 5 inches short of the full length. I see no point in why BoloBasics decided to do that because it's just lost space.VERDICT:Draw. BoloBasics has the well-designed padded laptop compartment, zippered expandable storage option, and shoulder strap capabilities, but eBags has the better designed front zippered organization compartment. Subjectively, I prefer the BoloBasics backpack because it is important for me to carry my laptop with me and have the option to use a shoulder strap, while my wife prefers the eBags because she prefers the better-designed front zippered organization compartment and is fine always using the backpack straps.**WEIGHT AND COMFORT**BoloBasics backpack weighs slightly over 3 lbs, while the eBags weighs slightly over 2 lbs. Honestly, the difference in weight is quite minimal when the backpack is actually worn, and I did not notice that the BoloBasics bag was slightly heavier.With respect to comfort, the BoloBasics backpack has slightly more cushioning in the backpack straps, and it adds cushioning along the entire length of the bag that rests on your back. The eBags backpack does not provide any real cushioning for your back, and while the shoulder straps are still comfortable, it has slightly less cushioning. However, the eBags has much more cushioned and well-designed side handles (the handles on the vertical and horizontal sides of the bag). eBags uses elastic under each handles to always pull the side handles closer to the bag (refer to attached pictures), and pads it with a soft neoprene. BoloBasics uses the same nylon covering the entire bag over its handles, and you can feel the plastic material of the handles beneath. Both backpacks have adjustable sternum straps, and simple nylon straps that can be attached to the bottom to be used as waist straps.VERDICT:BoloBasics slightly edges out eBags here. With the slightly more cushioned/padded backpack straps, and cushioning along the length of the portion of the bag the rests on your back, the BoloBasics backpack is slightly more comfortable to wear. The eBags has better designed and more cushioned side handles, but ultimately these travel backpacks are made to be worn as backpacks, not primarily carried by the side handles.**QUALITY**BoloBasics describes the material used as "durable polyester", while eBags states that the material used as "420D & 1680D Nylon". Nylon is generally a stronger & more durable material than polyester, and the 420D & 1680D Nylon rated materials used by eBags is highly rated/reviewed for its quality and durability. Based on feel and appearance, the Nylon material on the eBags backpack is of higher quality than BoloBasics.Additionally, eBags uses higher quality components and materials on many of the finer details of the backpack, such as: Clips that attach the bottom shoulder straps to the backpack (has a cleverly designed release mechanism outside of the clipped area to allow for quick release); seams on the shoulder straps are sealed & hidden (BoloBasics uses the simpler method of placing a separate piece of material that is stitched over; refer to picture of the shoulder straps); YKK zippers with a lifetime warranty (YKK are like the gold-standard for zippers; BoloBasics uses strong & quality zippers, but not quite as nice as YKK); and quality side handles with neoprene padding and elastic pull-back mechanism (BoloBasics wraps its side handles in the same polyester used for the rest of the bag, and the hard plastic of the handle can be felt). Lastly, I noticed that the BoloBasics backpack had a few loose threads here and there, and somewhat sloppier stitching/finishing (refer to attached picture).VERDICT:eBags wins here when it comes to quality materials and craftsmanship.**VALUE**eBags is very reasonably priced at $99.99 (occasionally goes on sale too) for the quality & craftsmanship that you get with the bag. eBags also has an excellent reputation for customer service and warranty. The BoloBasics backpack currently retails for $49.99, which is a steal.VERDICT:BoloBasics takes the cake when it comes to value. eBags backpack is well-priced and uses some higher quality materials & craftsmanship, but the BoloBasics backpack is literally 1/2 of the retail price. eBags is a great price at $99.99, but BoloBasics is a steal at $49.99.**CONCLUSION**Both backpacks are incredibly impressive with respect to design, organization, comfort, quality, and value. You honestly cannot go wrong with either backpack, and both are excellent choices for your carry-on travel bag needs. Each backpack has slight pros/cons as compared to the other, and I wish I could combine some aspects of both to create the perfect combination. If you want slightly higher quality materials, durability, craftsmanship, and a better designed front storage compartment–and you do not mind not having a shoulder strap-carry option or a dedicated laptop storage compartment near your back–then eBags is a great overall choice for you. But if you want slightly more comfortable shoulder straps & back-cushioning, shoulder strap-carry option, dedicated laptop storage compartment near your back, zippered expandable storage option, and an unbeatable price; then BoloBasics will be the travel backpack for you. To prove my point: my wife opted to keep the eBags because she liked the overall quality more, thought it was plenty comfortable, and did not mind that it lacked a dedicated laptop storage compartment near the back. I opted to go with the BoloBasics backpack because I like having the option to carry the backpack on a shoulder strap, and I love having a dedicated laptop storage option near the back.**For the attached pictures, the olive backpack is the eBags and the black backpack is the BoloBasics. I will update this review after my wife and I travel some more!

    • C. G.

      5.0 out of 5 stars A Perfect Travel Companion – Stylish, Sturdy, and Surprisingly Spacious

      The Bolo Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack in Navy Blue is everything I was looking for in a travel bag and more. Right out of the box, its beautiful navy blue color caught my eye, and the quality was immediately apparent.What surprised me the most was how much larger it was than it appeared in pictures. This turned out to be a fantastic feature, as it effortlessly holds everything I need for my travels. The compartments are well-designed, providing ample space for clothes, gadgets, toiletries, and other travel essentials.Despite its larger size, the backpack is heavy-duty and feels robust. The materials used are clearly of high quality, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. Whether I'm traveling for business or leisure, this backpack has proven to be a reliable companion that stands up to the wear and tear of travel.Its sleek design and color also make it a stylish option. I've received compliments on its appearance, and it adds a touch of sophistication to my travel gear.In short, the Bolo Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack in Navy Blue is a winner. It combines functionality, durability, and aesthetics in a way that's hard to beat, especially at its price point. I love it, and I'm confident that fellow travelers will find it equally impressive.

    • C.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Good Carry-on Travel Backpack at an great price. It has some limitations, but is very usable and the best I've found so far,

      This is a very well made lightweight backpack-like suitcase. It will meet virtually all carry-on requirements as long as it is packed with that objective in mind -- i.e. with the expansion zipper closed, and only minimal items in the two outer compartments pockets that are not within the compression straps. (I also purchased a set of adjustable luggage straps to lash around the entire backpack and compress these top compartments to meet the 8-9" overall depth requirement).As background, I was looking for a carry-on suitcase that I could use to carry my ski boots, helmet, and essential clothes for a couple of days after a bad experience where my luggage got delayed during a flight transfer. I wanted a backpack style because I will still be traveling with a large regular rolling suitcase so I didn't want to have to manage two rollers. It has to be rugged and light, since I would be carrying at least 25-30 pounds plus the weight of the suitcase.I initially purchased the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible. However, during my first use I discovered that it had a fatal design flaw -- the sternum strap (the strap across the chest that holds the shoulder straps in place when carrying a heavy weight) were attached using a simple compression clamp that came off on the first leg of my trip and could not be re-attached without special tools that I did not have. This allowed the straps to slide out, making the 30lb weight I was carrying extremely unwieldy on my shoulders. I therefore returned it.The BoloBasics is the closest thing I've been able to find so far. It has nearly all of the eBags Weekender's capability and functionality without the fatal sternum strap design flaw. It has some weaknesses (see cons below), so I will keep looking, but it is definitely very usable - and the price is excellent..Pros:- It is made of heavy duty fabric and zippers that -- although not the superb quality of the eBags - have proven more than durable enough for rugged traveling purposes. It is also very light, coming in at just a little over 3 pounds (measured without the shoulder strap which I leave home).- The straps and padding are very comfortable, and the sternum strap (that caused the eBags to be unacceptable) is a supurb design -- not only wrapping entirely around the main shoulder straps for durability, but also allowing vertical adjustability that greatly enhances comfort over long distances. - Flexible main packing space, with the expandable main compartment. - Excellent large laptop pocket that is accessible from the top. Note however that it is only good for a laptop, tablet, or other thin, flat, hard object, because it lays between padding and the rest of the suitcase where it is well protected but also must be flat and easy to slide in-and-out from the top. I don't travel with a laptop so I am experimenting with other things and using a vacuum travel bag to make them firm enough to slide in-and-out.Cons: - Mediocre outer compartments that have lots of pockets but are made of slippery material so things slide out of them. They are also not contained within the built-in compression straps, so if you need to meet carry-on depth size you either have to pack them minimally with only flat things or add your own overall compression straps to squeeze things back down.. - Poorly designed main compartment upper net organizer. Unlike every other suitcase I've ever owned, this net compartment actually stops at the top zipper rather than allowing you to slide something under the upper part. This limits the size of what can be put into it, and means if you try to put in anything bulky (for later compression) it will make the top very uneven. Virtually unusable for even pajamas..Cons, but common to all the travel backpacks I've seen so far: - Poor hip strap (but at least it has one). If you have ever used a real camping backpack, the hip strap is actually a padded structural belt that firmly rests just above the hips and therefore takes a significant art of the weight off of the shoulders and sternum. By contrast, this hip strap is narrow and just holds the bottom of the backpack against your back, carrying no weight at all. Unfortunately, I haven't yet seen a Carry-on Travel Backpack that uses a true back-packing hip belt, and the hiking backpacks don't have the convenience of suitcase-like side loading with an expansion/compression zipper. - No structure at all in the main compartment. This makes it very difficult to pack and use in live-out-of-your-suitcase mode since when the suitcase is open the sides just flop down. ( I don't know why manufacturers insist that a travel backpack has to be completely collapsible -- what people really want is a very light suitcase that they can carry comfortably on their back).Other commenters have mentioned using modular packing cases with good success. However, I personally find that these take up space and are less compressible and flexible than I need.My solution has been to use a piece of strong-but-light finished cardboard (e.g. a Fedex Tube box works well) to provide a little form. I cut the box so that when the backpack is laying flat (e.g. on a luggage stand, bed, or floor) the cardboard covers the bottom and then folds up at both the front, rear, and lower end (which I loosely tape together) but with nothing at the top end. These three sides extend up to the lower edge of the main zipper with the expansion zipper closed -- about 5". This arrangement provides just enough structure so that when the backpack is empty it still maintains its shape -- just like a regular suitcase. And by using somewhat flexible cardboard and only covering three of the sides, I can still stuff the suitcase between the three firm sides and the fabric on the top and then compress it down. In the future I will see if I can find a better material than the cardboard and will post if I found it, but the Fedex box was convenient and easy to cut and shape, and in total only adds a few ounces.

    • S.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Nice bag

      Took this on a 16 day trip across Europe. It’s a big bag. Piggy backed on top of roller carry on. It’s more tall than wide and comfortable on back. Having computer in back keeps contents level so bag stays upright. It’s Expandable but be aware you can fill this bag so full makes it heavy to carry. Only reason for not 5 stars is piggy back strap low and narrow, wish it was bigger and missing cup holder on side.

    • P.

      Good Quality, Looks good & Pleasant to use

      I am very happy withy this backpack/case and use it all the time. initially I purchased a very similar looking bag of different make from Bolo but returned it as it was clearly very poor quality. This one is so much better!...In a different league!Lots of good features but I needed a backpack style for a particular trip and it was great ( If a little heavy when fully packed and having to standi in the airport queues )I am using it all the time for UK breaks where you don't need a wheeled case and think it is great to have the extra outer pockets / compartments that you don t get on a standard case.It is great that the shoulder straps fold away neatly when not in use.I love it!

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