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Lilly's Love Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock - Large Pack 2 - "STUFFIE PARTY HAMMOCK"

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    • 4.5 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 11-March to 15-March.

AED 16439.20


  • STRONG ELASTIC- DOES NOT SAG, SNAG MADE FROM REAL NETTING- DOES NOT RIP. Great Solutions for baby storage. Keep the stuffed animals, baby toys, jumbo toys stuffed pet toys, and stuffed animals out of the way, and tidy.
  • STUFFED ANIMAL HAMMOCK NET STORAGE PELUCHES, HAVE LOADS? - Get the 2 Pack, they are easy to install toy nets canopy today and take back the bedroom floor. WITH CONFIDENCE from a well known company. LILLYS LOVE has hundreds of customer reviews & feedback - 3% is donated to the community through the Buddy Bench program, we offer a Lifetime Quality Guarantee with a "no questions asked" return policy.
  • HOOKS AND ANCHORS ARE INCLUDED - easy to install toy storage organizer, uninstall, and reinstall. Includes 3 hooks with anchors, understandable directions given both in words and pictures. Spans 72"x 50" x 50"
  • GET THE STUFFED ANIMALS UNDER CONTROL TODAY- Easy kids room storage to install toy nets take back the bedroom floor.

Lilly's Love Stuffed Animal Hammock - 2Pack

Welcome to Lilly’s Love

We are passionate about creating easy organizing solutions for everyday life while helping homes look and feel beautiful.

Being organized isn't always perfect! We believe organization means having an easy, functional system that gets used every day. We love creating practical products with fashionable designs at a great value.


Lilly’s Love creates toy organizers and other essential children’s gear. Moms and Dads appreciate our practical designs at a great value! We offer stylish colors and designs for everyday products.

Tame the bedroom chaos! Round up all the toys and put them in the hammock. Keep toys safely off of the floor where your kids can see them. Our convenient 2 pack gives you twice the space.



Customer Review


I love it! The only real problem is that now ...

I love it! The only real problem is that now that the animals are living in such close quarters, we need to separate them to avoid predatory behavior. Our alligators might need their own hammock--too many of the bears have lost stuffing. In all seriousness, I...

by L., April 18, 2017


Better than expected.

I was going to write a review before I hung the nets because when we received them the packaging was open, there was no hardware, and I was a bit frustrated. We live 30mins from the nearest town so it seemed a bit inconvenient. My Husband said we should buy our own...

by Dani Arizona, September 12, 2016


Good item for the price

Good item for the price. I had to really stretch the net and add extra mounts to support the stuffed animals the way I wanted. Came out nice in my daughters bedroom. They both loved them.

by Aaro n Fortenberry, October 21, 2017


Perfect Storage Solution

Great toy hammock. My husband put it up in less than 20 minutes and it holds lots of plushies. The material looks nice, not cheap like other hammocks. I recommend it to anyone looking for this type of storage. One tip is, if you have cats, place it higher up like I did so...

by A.G.Cortes, March 13, 2017


This is NOT a good product! It SINKS with toys and they topple over the top... Buyer beware - really READ the reviews!

This is a horrible product! I should have trusted the reviews that were read... My husband and I did everything we were supposed to do, used the painter's tape to hang the "hammock," putting the back of it lower to TRY to prevent the toys from spilling over the...

by A. Stallman, December 17, 2017



I received these in the mail a few days ago and just got around to putting them up. These were the third and fourth pet hammock I have hung in my home and I really dislike these. I followed the directions for mounting as marked on the package on the first one, and there is...

by Shines77, February 9, 2017


This is a great toy hammock

This is a great toy hammock, the only reasons I didn't give it 5 stars was because the photo is misleading as to how much it can hold. The photo they show second is very accurate to what it really holds. I ordered these for the same reasons as everyone else, to get my...

by Collene, November 18, 2016


Great quality, VERY stretchy, is indeed triangular as it should be

I bought this after having to return a similar item for being rectangular, which, obviously, didn't work in a regular room corner. Thankfully this item is actually designed with normal human architecture in mind, and is a real triangle shape that fits properly right where...

by Remy Z., June 16, 2020

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