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ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom Model 953 (L, Matte Black)


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4.2 ratings
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Modular helmet with an integrated Bluetooth communication system from ILM.

ILM Bluetooth helmet uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology to keep you connected to your device and other riders.

The integrated Bluetooth system offers riders one touch control for making phone calls, answering and rejecting incoming phone calls, intercom communication, listening to Music, FM Radio and GPS navigation audio.

With Built-in speaker and noise-canceling microphones, the Bluetooth modular helmet allows bikers to conduct calls or listening to music or voice command while commuting or touring.

The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is DOT certified, made of quality ABS shell, designed with dual visor, replaceable liners and air ventilation system, it ensures safety and comfortable wearing when riding off road.


The major difference between ILM-953 and ILM-953Pro is the group intercom system. The 953 normal version only allows 2-3 rider intercom. The Pro version allows 6-8 riders group intercom and simultaneously talk with each other, the recommend largest number of group intercomers is 6 so that riders could have the best group intercom experience.

The ILM Bluetooth helmets or Bluetooth headsets of '6-8 riders group intercom' function are NOT compatible with ILM Bluetooth helmets and Bluetooth devices of '2-3 riders group intercom' function. Any concerns are welcomed to let us know, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Please take below size information for your reference due to system error occurs on the product page.

S:55-56, M:57-58CM, L:59-60CM, XL:61-62CM, XXL:63-64CM.

Main Features of ILM Bluetooth Integrated Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT Approved

  • Meets or exceeds both DOT Safety Standards.
  • Hands free mobile phone communication, Music, FM radio, GPS navigation audio.
  • Intercom for rider to rider, rider to passenger with maximum distance up to 1640 Feet.
  • 12 hours phone talk time. 8 hours intercom talk time. 110 hours standby.


*3 riders pairing, 2 riders intercom communication at the same time.

*In order to reach battery's maximum working potential, please charge the battery regularly every month, even if you have not been using the product.

*Incoming phone call overrides intercom, music, and GPS navigation audio. Read user manual for more information. The user manual comes with the helmet.

*Rider-to-rider intercom communication is only compatible among ILM brand Bluetooth helmets and is not compatible across other brands.

Visor Replacement Instructions

  • Bluetooth technology 3.0 version, 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby. Fully washable microfiber lining and adjustable vents. This Helmet Runs 1 Size Smaller Due to Built-in Bluetooth Module. The size of this helmet: S:55-56,M:57-58CM,L:59-60CM,XL:61-62CM,XXL:63-64CM.
  • One Touch Control for Calling, Answering, Rejecting Incoming Calls and Redialing. Incoming Phone Call Overrides Intercom, Music, FM Radio and GPS Navigation Audio.
  • Supports a Maximum distance of 1680 Feet Between Two Riders While Using the Intercom Function. Two High Quality Built-in Speakers with Full Stereo Sound to Enjoy Communication or Music.
  • Meets or Exceeds DOT Safety Standards. DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression Technology Delivers High-quality Voice at High Speeds.
  • Note: When the Bluetooth System has not been used for a long time, the battery will enter into deep sleep mode and Bluetooth device may not available. Charge the battery for about half an hour to wake it up. The Bluetooth function will be restored after charging. If there is any missing small parts of the item received, welcome to contact ILM customer service for help.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.2 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • A. C.

      Identical to the FreedCom modular helmet

      We had to return the FreedConn modular helmet we ordered because they had nothing smaller than a M and that wasn't small enough. This helmet was $30 more than the FreedConn, but had the exact same BM2-S bluetooth electronics, so it paired and worked with the FreedConn. This was a relief.Aside from the integrated bluetooth controls, the 2 helmets were identical. I actually liked the FreedConn bluetooth controls slightly better, but both are very functional and seemed to work well.I think that these helmets are a great value and look really sharp. Just watch out when you turn the bluetooth off because it's easy to think you did, but if the blue light is still on, you didn't hold the multi-function button in long enough and will drain down the battery without realizing it. The helmet arrived with the bluetooth battery fully charged.All in all, we are very happy with the purchase. They are DOT certified, and similar Snell approved helmets are more than twice the price. Something to keep in mind as helmets are "supposed" to be replaced every 5 years.A single modular Shoei helmet with bluetooth was $1000. You really do pay through the nose for the Snell certification. There is that old saying that you get what you pay for, but these helmets are more than adequate for our purposes, and of course way better than no helmet at all. Helmets are not required in NH.Expect the helmet to be quieter with the face shield up instead of down. We prefer to drive that way anyway, and having the integrated sun shield is really nice. My wife can use that with her prescription glasses.The sizing chart did appear to be spot on based on measurements of the head it was purchased for.

    • T. E.

      High quality product that has all the lights and whistle's best of all it's safe

      I have used this for a few months now and I'm 100% convinced it's perfect for me. I bought a MED and the fit was too tight. Without charge I was sent replacement inserts that made a world of difference. I did manage to damage a few parts, and I requested to replace them. Again the customer service is top of the line and they helped me I.D. the parts and sent them off to me no charge. It's always a little nerve racking when the helmet is made overseas. Worry no more I couldn't ask for better expertise and professional service. Do yourself a favor and order from this company

    • C.

      I never provide feed back except for my fellow bikers :)

      I'm sure you bought this for the same reason I did, to have some tunes while you're rolling down the highway & my review is mostly about that. Came in 2 days - WOW!!. I had a small issue with the comfort level [maybe because I'm a big guy & my head reflects that ?] but customer service replied next day & got resolved so 5 stars on that ! Bluetooth so far only has only picked up the music stored on my Galaxy phone but I want to use a bluetooth mp3 player instead of my 4 year old phone (trying to put off that $700-$1,000 next phone purchase !!!!) & the 1st bluetooth player (4.0) I bought didn't work but will keep trying until I find one that will (will update this if I do to help you out, may take a while) but in the mean time I've got music I can listen to ! Sound quality - Having trouble hearing my music above 50 MPH but I'm a old fart in his 60's & I know I've lost a little bit of my hearing due to working around extremely loud machinery back in the day before OSHA & manatory ear plugs so you'll have to take this with a grain of salt but I think I found a solution, after doing some music research I noticed my entire music collection of 1000's of songs was in the mp3 format & discovered that the FLAC format (larger KB files but also much higher quality & sound volume) is the way to go so I picked 200 must have music favs to acquire in this format , example: my average mp3 music file is 5,000 kb but the new songs I'm getting which I'm about half way in the middle of doing as I stopped to do this review are from 20,000 kb - 850,000 kb, 850,000 being the largest music file I've aquired so far & is of CD quality, why am I just finding out about this ? :) Opening my MP3 music file & my new FLAC music file & clicking back & forth on the same songs is completely night & day, my god what a HUGE difference, the quality & sound volume is crazy good !!!!! Will update you guys if this solves the problem !! Oh & the inside flip down sun visor is just frigging AWESOME !!! Peace out:)UPDATE: Luckly on my 2nd attempt I found a 4.0 bluetooth player [4.1 & higher will not be compatable with this helmet from my research, if you find one that is then feel free to correct me on this so I can order one too !] & here it is:16GB Clip MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.0, AGPTEK A50S Lossless Sound Music Player with Armband for Sports, Supports FM Radio Voice Recording and 128GB Expanding, BlackLINK: https://www.Bolo.com/gp/product/B07F33HVY3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1Apparently I bought the last one here because at the moment it says out of stock but I saw it listed else where on Bolo so you can still get it ! The other MP3 player that wouldn't work with this helmet that I sent back was fancy dancy & only had on screen buttons like a smart phone & hard as hell to figure out & now I'm glad it didn't work, sorry I'm not taking my eyes off the road for anything but this player is old school & has a raised button key pad & I can reach over to my right wrist & use the only button I need - the fast forward button without having to look over at it !!! Volume control is on the helmet so I'm good to go !! Also I found a rubber wristband laying around the house so I put the player on that.UPDATE on sound quality for phone: After upgrading my music files to the FLAC format I went one step further & downloaded a high def music player called Neutron (by Eval, I got the free version but I think I'm going to cut loose with $6.99 & upgrade it cause its that good) which has much better sound & volume which will only be used if I use up the 30 hours on my new Bluetooth player ! Hope this was some help & saves you some time (I'm retired & got all the time in the world :) ) P.S. 2 people asked me about contacting the seller, you can only do this thru their Bolo account"Two wheels move the soul" - RIDE SMART, RIDE SAFE !!

    • J.

      Great Purchase with good features

      Modular full faced helmet that exceeded my expectations! Bluetooth audio to my Iphone hooked right up and played music at a decent volume to overcome road and wind noise. Phone worked good too. Not great but good considering i was moving 55-60 MPH and talking to my wife. I could hear her fine and she could understand me. I was worried she would not be able to with the wind but she could hear me just fine. This helmet includes an integrated FM radio too! All and all I would buy this helmet again and recommend it to friends! My head is a size 6 7/8 to a 7 and a Medium fit great. felt a little tight in the beginning but the pads formed to my head. Helmet is not overly heavy but not super light. some neck fatigue but this is my first street bike and helmet.

    • J. L. P.

      Bluetooth unit doesn’t charge or pair.

      2nd ILM Bluetooth helmet I ordered. 1st one Bluetooth worked fine. 2nd Bluetooth unit DOES NOT CHARGE OR PAIR.

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