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Concord Blades CBN045A10CP 4.5" Granite and Marble Narrow-Turbo Wave Diamond Blade for cutting granite, marble and stone.

Concord Blades

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4.3 ratings
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4.5 Inch Granite and Marble Narrow-Turbo Wave Diamond Blade. This blade has a supreme quality wave inner core that has zipper style narrow turbo teeth that provides exceptionally fast and smooth cutting with minimum chipping. The specially designed wave core is for added core strength, wobble control and easy carrying away of debris. It can be used to cut Granite, Marble, Stone & Pavers using an Angle Grinder, Wet Stone Saw and Circular Saw. This blade can be used Wet or Dry.

  • 10mm Segment Height, 0. 090" Segment Width, 7/8"-20mm-5/8" Arbor with Double Bushing and 4 Flush Mount Holes
  • Use Dry/Wet
  • Super Fast Cut with Minimum Chipping, even on dry cut
  • Use on Angle Grinder, Wet Stone Saw or Circular Saw
  • Cuts Granite, Marble, Stone and Pavers
  • Specially designed wave-core provides core strength, wobble control and carries away debris.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.3 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • David Ellison

      5.0 out of 5 stars Quickly cuts granite

      I bought this blade to cut some scrap granite that had been cut out of a granite counter. Overall this blade cuts the granite very well.I do a little machining and polished granite makes a very accurate reference flat surface. I wanted to cut the scrap granite into usable pieces for the shop.I have 2 angle grinders, a Harbor Freight and a Metabo. I started with the HF. It was difficult to center the blade in that angle grinder. I did get it centered and clamped. I started a cut then the blade stopped spinning. The gold center ring in the blade had separated. After that I couldn't get the blade clamped in the Harbor Freight angle grinder. The Metabo has a toolless clamp nut. The blade without the gold center ring had a larger hole. The Metabo had no trouble centering and clamping the blade.In all fairness the center ring isn't designed to support the blade, it is there to size the center hole. Anyway the blade worked well with the Metabo.This blade worked very well for me. It cuts granite quickly. I cut a stove cutout in half, cut 4 sides from that piece of granite then cut the ends off a second piece of granite. With angle grinder, one cannot make a single through cut in 1.25" thick granite so it needed to be cut from each side. I cut a total of about 10 to 15 linear feet of granite so 20 to 30 feet of cuts. Then I used it to soften all the square edges and corners of the granite pieces.I'm happy with this blade and well satisfied with the purchase. It performed well. I don't need to cut more but I'm sure the blade would cut many times the amount I cut. The only caveat would be the center ring and the difficulty clamping in the Harbor Freight angle grinder.

    • Blueblaze

      4.0 out of 5 stars Works fine

      Not sure what the bad reviews are about, but I suspect the ones complaining about wobbling and being unbalanced are due to the cheap little insert to resize the arbor hole. My grinder supports both sizes (7/8 and 5/8), but when I first installed it on the 5/8" arbor, the insert popped out. So I used the 7/8 hole and it worked fine.Another source of confusion could be that there are no markings on the blade other than an illegible smudge that might have been intended as a blade direction arrow. If you install it backwards, it's obviously not going to cut right.Like everything else these days, it's made in China, and the quality is not what we used to expect back when America used to make things But it works OK. I was able to enlarge a 1-1/4" Silestone countertop (i.e. quartz) for a new range, in-place, with no problem, mostly dry (I squirted a little water in the kerf on each pass to keep down the dust).Now, if someone could explain to the Koreans why bigger is not necessarily better, I'd be a happy camper. Wouldn't it be amazing if all "30 inch" slide in ranges were actually 30 inches?

    • jcarlos

      5.0 out of 5 stars I will update as I use it more...

      So far so good. I do kitchen and bath remodels, which includes prefab granite and quartz installations. I don't do many reviews, but this blade performed well enough to give credit to. In the past I have bought blades ranging from $10 to $30, and this one exceeds all of them. I could tell right away that it contained many diamonds, but that does not mean anything until you start using it. For comparison, I bought a Stone Pro $20 blade from Contractors Warehouse in Pomona,CA, that blade only lasted a few jobs. Where as a while back, I bought a made in Germany Bosch blade for $30, that blade lasted many, many(enough to lose count of) jobs. This review is mainly for professionals that depend on their tools day in day out, and that means using the blade til it's worn to the rim. If you know of a blade in this price range that does better tell me about it. I use my diamond blades not only for countertops, but also for cutting stucco, such as for door/window install, scoring concrete before using the breaker hammer, and whatever else might come my way.

    • Ryan

      5.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly Effective

      Used it to dry cut granite flagstone for my patio. Had varying size pieces between 1/2 - 3". Couldn't make it all the way through 3" of course, but it was enough to cut half and knock the rest out with a hammer. Used a cheap HF grinder (4.5 amps), cut through surprisingly quick. Would slow on occasion on some of the bigger more dense pieces, but all in all very happy with it. Probably made a couple dozen cuts and there's still plenty of life left.Also note that it has a 7/8" center hole with an adapter washer for 5/8". Seems obvious now in reading the description and looking at the photo, but I didn't know about it when I was shopping and spent quite a bit of time trying to find a blade compatible with my angle grinder. Which, turns out to support either size as well. Live and learn.

    • WKC

      3.0 out of 5 stars Great for limited use

      I needed a circular saw blade to cut 14 @ 12x12x1-1/4" blue stones in half for the edge of a patio. I didn't know how much the blade would cut before losing its diamonds but I didn't want to 'own' a good blade so I went cheap.I dry cut each stone in 3-4 passes, a surface score and then 2-3 progressively deeper cuts until I cut all the way through. I needed a clean cut so I didn't try scoring and breaking. The blade was great for 5 stones (5 linear feet), easily turning the stone to dust (use a mask and eye protection). But while cutting the 6th stone, I realized there were no diamonds left, just metal. I needed a replacement blade and went to Home Depot and bought two of their similarly priced blades. They each lasted about 4 stones (4 linear feet).So 3 @ $16 blades vs a $50 name brand blade? I don't know which would have been better. This was a good blade for a very small job (say 5 linear feet).

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