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Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Medium/Mini, Turquoise

Outward Hound

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4.6 ratings
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Why do dogs feel like eating has to be a race? We have no idea, but we solved the problem anyway. Featuring meal-lengthening ridges and mazes, Fun Feeders keep pups engaged for up to 10x longer at chow time, which improves digestion while helping furry friends eat at a fun, healthy pace! Available in 3 unique colors and designs, the Fun Feeder also features a slip-resistant base to prevent sliding and food spillage. Fun Feeders are top rack dishwasher safe, BPA, PVC & phthalate free, and available in mini (2 cups) and regular (4 cups) sizes. Go beyond the bowl!

  • SLOWS DOWN EATING UP TO 10X: Outward Hound uniquely designed Fun Feeder dog bowls feature meal-lengthening ridges to help slow down your dog’s eating time by 10X!
  • AIDS IN PROPER DIGESTION: Common issues that arise in fast-eating dogs include bloating, regurgitation, and canine obesity. Our Fun Feeder Slo Bowls both challenge and engage your dog during mealtime while helping reduce overeating behavior.
  • MADE WITH NON-SLIP BASE AND FOOD SAFE MATERIALS: Outward Hound's Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, slow feeder dog bowls are made to hold in both fun and food as your dog forages through the fun patterns with its non-slip base. Bowls are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.
  • DIET DIVERSITY: Fun Feeders are available in multiple sizes and ridge patterns. These bowls are great for dry, wet, or raw food diets. The Large/Regular holds up to 4 cups of dry kibble, the Medium/Mini holds 2 cups, and the Small/Tiny holds 3/4 cup.
  • CLEANING MADE EASY: Fun Feeder dog bowls are top rack dishwasher safe. Less work for you means more pup playtime after!
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.6 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • A. S.

      5.0 out of 5 stars A profoundly satisfying journey with slow feeder bowl recommended by veterinarians

      As a concerned and conscientious dog owner, I dedicated a significant amount of time and effort in my search for the ideal slow feeder bowl for my 40 lbs breed dog. The task involved extensive comparison and analysis, weighing the options available in the market. Eventually, I found myself torn between the slow feeder bowls I ultimately chose and a pricier ceramic alternative from a different brand. Despite the allure of the ceramic version, I ultimately opted for the former and have been extremely satisfied with my decision.Allow me to delve into the reasons behind my contentment with these slow feeder bowls. Firstly, they possess a remarkable stability when placed on the floor. This invaluable trait ensures that when my dog enthusiastically dive into his meals, the bowls remain firmly in place, preventing any messy mishaps or unnecessary agitation. Such stability brings an added sense of tranquility to our feeding routine.Another notable feature of this bowl is its generous surface area. As an owner of 40 lbs breed dog, I needed a feeding solution that could accommodate substantial portions without creating a towering mound of food, which would defeat the purpose of a slow feeder bowl. The expansive dimensions of these bowls elegantly address this concern, allowing me to provide my dog with 2.5 cups of food twice a day while still effectively slowing down his eating pace.In addition to its practicality, this bowl boast an endearing aesthetic appeal. It's undeniably adorable, enhancing the overall ambiance of our feeding area. This aesthetic charm adds a touch of joy to the daily routine and brings a smile to my face each time I catch a glimpse of them.Practicality extends beyond appearance, as these bowls are also incredibly easy to clean. A quick rinse after each meal is all it takes to keep them pristine and ready for the next serving. On occasion, when time permits, I opt to wash them in the dishwasher overnight. Considering my enthusiasm for these bowls, I am contemplating purchasing an additional three to provide backup options when my sink becomes overwhelmed with cleaning tasks.I must also highlight the thoughtful design elements incorporated into these bowls. The smooth and gentle texture ensures a pleasant experience for my dogs, as it prevents any rough surfaces that could potentially irritate their sensitive noses. Moreover, the ridges within the bowls strike a perfect balance, providing a level of challenge that encourages my dogs to work for their food without causing frustration. It warms my heart to witness their adorable circular motions as they diligently extract every last morsel from the bowls.Overall, I am genuinely delighted with my decision to choose these particular slow feeder bowls. Not only have they proven to be efficient and affordable alternatives to the more expensive options, but they have also empowered me to expand my collection without straining my budget. I currently own three of these bowls in different colors - one purple flower and two orange swirl designs - and I adore them all.I must also mention that my veterinarian played a crucial role in guiding me towards the selection of these particular slow feeder bowls. Recognizing the potential health risks associated with fast eating in dogs, my veterinarian strongly recommended incorporating a slow feeder into my dogs' feeding routine. Their professional expertise and concern for my dogs' well-being further reinforced my decision to invest in these bowls. With their stamp of approval, I can rest assured that I am providing my dogs with a feeding solution that promotes their optimal health and prevents potential issues related to rapid ingestion. The endorsement from my trusted veterinarian adds an extra layer of confidence and reassurance, solidifying my satisfaction with these slow feeder bowls.

    • J. S.

      5.0 out of 5 stars A Lifesaver for My Speed-Eating Pup!

      I'm thrilled to share my experience with the slow dog feeder bowl that has completely transformed mealtime for my furry friend. If you have a speed-eating dog, this bowl is an absolute game-changer that deserves every bit of praise!My dog used to gobble down her food so quickly that it left me concerned about her digestion and overall health. Enter this amazing slow feeder bowl. From the very first use, I noticed a remarkable change in her eating habits. The intricate design of the bowl makes her work for her food, preventing her from gulping it down in seconds.The maze-like patterns and ridges within the bowl force her to slow down and engage with her meal. Watching her eat has become an entertaining sight as she navigates through the obstacles to get to her kibble. Not only does this bowl promote healthier eating habits, but it also provides mental stimulation and enrichment for my pup.The build quality of the bowl is top-notch. It's sturdy and doesn't slide around, ensuring that mealtime remains a controlled and mess-free affair. The materials used are pet-safe and easy to clean, which is a huge bonus for busy pet parents like me.I'm truly grateful to have discovered this slow feeder bowl. Not only has it improved my dog's eating pace, but it has also alleviated my worries about her health. With each meal, I see her engaging more with her food and taking the time she needs to enjoy it properly.If you're facing the same challenges with a fast-eating dog, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this slow feeder bowl a try. It's a small investment with an enormous impact on your pet's well-being. This product has earned a permanent place in our household, and I couldn't be happier with the results!

    • T.

      4.0 out of 5 stars A Clever Solution for Paced Eating - Almost Perfect!

      The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl was a game-changer in managing my dog's eating pace, earning a solid 4-star rating. This slow feeder dog bowl has effectively slowed down my dog's eating habits and introduced an element of mental stimulation during mealtime.The design of the bowl is well-thought-out, with multiple ridges and valleys that encourage my dog to eat at a slower pace. This is particularly important for preventing indigestion and bloating. The purple color is eye-catching and adds a pop of color to my dog's feeding area.The large/regular size is appropriate for my dog's meals, and it's easy to clean after use. The material appears sturdy and durable, and the non-slip base mostly kept up with my dogs eating pressure.The only downside we've noticed is that these feeders do seem to have accelerated my dogs tooth loss - but that was probably because she is more aggressive with eating from the bowl (and her teeth were already having issues). She also was able to flip the bowl a few times - like other reviews have noted... but it wasn't a huge issue for us.In conclusion, the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is a smart investment for dog owners looking to regulate their pet's eating pace and promote healthier digestion. The design is effective and aesthetically pleasing, and the bowl is easy to clean and maintain. While we ran into issues after 2.5 years of use, the benefits of paced eating were a needed addition to our routine while we had it. I'm happy with the positive changes it's brought to my dog's mealtime routine and would recommend it to others seeking a similar solution. Just beware of wear and tear on the teeth.

    • A.

      Buen tamaño aunque fragil

      Tiene una durabilidad aceptable pero con un perro que suele morder todo se rompe fácilmente, mi peludo lo lanzo hacia arriba y en la caída de rompió un costado

    • B. L.



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