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NSI Industries TORK DZS400BP 20-Amp, 365/7-Day, Astronomic Digital Timer - 99 On/Off Settings - 4 (SPST) Channels - Multi-Voltage, Controls Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, HVAC, Signage, Motors, Horns/Bells

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    • 4.8 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 4756.06

  • AUTOMATE YOUR HOME/OFFICE: The timer allows you to turn on and off your indoor/outdoor lighting or heating/air conditioning automatically; Programming allows you to customize a different setting each day of the week at a minimum 1 minute apart.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Astronomic timer functionality can be set based on geographic location allowing the programmed times to go on at sunset and off at sunrise or the desired time, 7 days a week.
  • CONVENIENT SCHEDULING AND FEATURES: The timer features 99 on/off settings for each day and designed with an automatic Daylight Savings capability; Supercapacitor provides 7 days of real time back-up in case of a power outage; Removable memory module.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Timer is compatible with incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs/sources; Rated for LED drivers and electronic ballasts.
  • UNIVERSAL INPUT/ENHANCED SWITCHING: Accepts 120/208-240/277 VAC input and its SPDT output contacts can activate a 20 Amp load or 1/2 HP motor on each of its 4 channels; Inrush current limiting technology extends life with zero cross switching.

  • Style:DZS400BP

    The TORK DZS400BP SunSet Astronomic digital indoor/outdoor timer allows you to set your lighting, heating, air conditioning, outdoor signage, electric equipment motors or horns/bells to automatically turn on and off, helping you to save energy and money, while adding convenience to today's busy lifestyles. When used for lighting, the timer is compatible with incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs and can provide home or office safety and security by turning lights on while you are away. The easy-to-use timer features 99 on/off settings and allows you to program a different setting each day of the week with a minimal setting of 1 minute. The astronomic timer functionality allows you to set to each day’s sunrise/sunset times based on geographic location by setting the astronomic zones. The timer automatically adjusts to Daylight Savings, which can be omitted if desired. Additional features include Manual Override, Seasons and Holidays scheduling, and Power Outage Backup. A rechargeable supercapacitor provides 7 days of real time back-up in case of a power outage. A removable Memory Module will permanently retain the schedule and can be programmed at one location and inserted into another DZS series timer. Timer accepts 120/208-240/277 VAC input voltage for multiple uses. The DZS400BP timer's housing enclosure is Noryl plastic alloy indoor/outdoor NEMA 3R rated for water resistance and features a lockable hasp. The product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and mounts to an external surface. The timer is UL listed and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified for quality assurance. The digital timer is available in grey with red buttons. TORK has been a pioneer in the time switch industry since 1922.


    Customer Review


    Excellent Astro timer

    We have two of these at our facility for controlling the outside security lights (30 units running at 277V).We have the timers set to fully astronomic which uses a pre-loaded database of sunset and sunrise times for every day of the year. By inputting our latitude (49 degrees north for DC) the timer switches our lights on at sunset and off at sunrise. There is an off-set you can use to fine-tune the times to the nearest minute (due to longitude variation).I use the weather app on my iPhone to give exact sunset and sunrise times for my location to set the off-set (7 minutes).My only negative comment would be that the user manual is not very comprehensive/ easy to follow (e.g. does not cover changing from fixed time setting to full astro settings).

    by DC resident, December 10, 2018


    U it does it’s job once figured out

    Hard to program directions r confusing but I wound up figuring it out after 3 times going back to job

    by petey pie, September 15, 2018


    Excellent Light Controller

    Good Timer

    by Robert, June 2, 2015


    Five Stars

    Excellent outdoor timer.

    by Charles, April 16, 2015


    difficult to program and 1 guy at tech support is not easy to listen to

    We all know that Tork offers superior products- However, this item is difficult to program, and in all fairness- it should be, due to the fact that it offers so many programmable features- Tork does not offer any programming videos on you tube like they do for some of their other products- that's OK , just call Tork tech support, they pick up immediately and know their stuff- my issue is that I HATE they way that ONE individual at tech support talks down to me, if you are unlucky enough to get connected with this dude- you will want to punch him through the phone.The time clock itself if a 5 star product -1 individual at tech support is 1 star - my overall rating is 3 star

    by john donangelo, September 26, 2018

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