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EZ-Botanicals Fresh Mood Moss Perfect for Terrariums and Bonsai

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    • 4.1 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 83.04

  • Fresh, Never Dormant or Preserved
  • Includes "Guide to Mood Moss" affixed to package
  • Packed in 1 Quart Resealable Bag

  • Slight earthy smell. Can be attached with string, hot glue, or wire. Used in scale modeling, home decor, plant arrangements, accent pieces, crafting, and fairy gardens. This Mood Moss (Hylocomium splendens) was carefully and sustainable harvested directly from the lush green hills of Appalachia. Each order is carefully hand packed by our greenhouse in resealable bags to ensure the integrity of your moss pillows during shipment. Though your moss is fresh and alive, you will notice that your moss may not be wet to the touch. We ship live moss this way to reduce mold and bacteria growth in transit. Upon receipt, we advise that you use your moss immediately in your tank, terrarium, bonsai, kokedama, or fairy garden. Historical Uses: In the past, moss from this area was used to chink cabins, stuff mattresses, and line both cradles and coffins. Currently, the horticultural trade uses moss as packing material, hanging basket liners, and soil covers for potted plants or terrariums. Moss is also used in arts and crafts and in moss gardens and green roofs. Moss Structure: Moss is actually catchall phrase for over 12,000 different species of non-vascular plants in the plant Division Bryophyta (sensu stricto). The plants are low growing, and rarely reach above a few centimeters in height. This plant relies mainly on spore-based propagation methods. Moss is most notable for using a single of layer of cells which lack internal air spaces for photosynthesis, and using rhizoids instead of roots to anchor them to the substrate.


    Customer Review


    Good packaging, good moss, yet hitchhikers found inside.

    Ok, so the moss came green and beautiful in a bag that allows it to breathe. I had put it aside for a project and had forgotten about it for a few months. The moss has since browned and that's 100% my fault. It also started to grow mold, which again is my fault. Today I can say that it seems like it'll bounce back with some TLC. Point is, the moss is good quality. It comes with the root system intact, with some substrate. Which brings me to my next point. The bag says no pets. This is true, yet I found two isopods inside a few months back (which have since survived and are now added to my isopods culture of various unknown breeds). So it seems wherever this is growing has isopods. I must say, the isopods are beautiful, a nice orangey-marbled pattern. Yet, this may not be good for everyone. That said, ISOPODS ARE NOT PESTS. They are beneficial to a terrarium, and help keep rot under control. I'm not upset, yet I will say I had to mention it.

    by John Burman, November 13, 2019


    Beautifully green!

    When it arrived it was in great shape, nice green color and moist. However, after only a few days it's now turning brown. I called the number provided and he was very friendly and willing to help out and gave me some pointers on care. Thanks for the help!!The first picture is the day I received it and the second was 3 days later. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong. I'm misting it a few times a day. The gentleman did say that this miss does not like sun and I had it next to a grow light for some other plants... My bad. I moved it and will update this review in a week.

    by Amazon Customer, September 21, 2017


    Beautiful and lush

    Bought this 4 years ago and planted outdoors in NYC yard. We have lots of shade from trees and plants where grass won't grow, but this moss has done so well! I was lazy when I first received the bag, and didn't do anything with it for a few weeks. It had turned brown and I thought it was dead. Planted it anyway by spreading clumps across the yard. Those little clumps looked pathetic, so I didn't have much hope for this working. Over the 4 years, it has spread. The moss is very beautiful and lush. Great texture and look to it. I've ordered more to cover other separated areas of the yard and to replace areas previously covered with mulch. This looks so much better than mulch and does a better job retaining soil and moisture.

    by SGA, June 29, 2018


    Died quickly.

    This moss arrived in a full quart size bag. It came in 4-5 good sized pillowy clumps. I gently broke mine up to give it a more textured look in my project. It's lush and green and seems to be very healthy. It came with an instruction sheet that was very helpful. Really beautiful and well packaged. I'm hoping it takes well to my terrarium table. Time will tell. I'll definitely buy from this company again.

    by Shady OGrady, September 3, 2015


    Brown scraggly moss and no customer service....

    It arrived mostly brown in a plastic see-through bag a spider in it. The moss was different lengths, some pieces were thick like carpet, others were long and scraggly. I also emailed them with questions and wanting help, but received no response. I’m very disappointed. I suggest people look elsewhere for their live moss needs.

    by NavyChiefWife, November 13, 2018



    I just bought this moss and at first glance it was pretty healthy and green, no pests that i could see on the surface. But as i was starting to put it into my vivarium i saw several centipedes crawling out of the clumps on my table. i got the moss out of my tank as fast as possible but now i'm worried my gecko's tank now has centipedes in it that will hurt my lizard and destroy my population of springtails and isopods.I'm still probably going to have to nuke the tank and start from scratch at this point, not happy about this.

    by Andrew Anderson, June 20, 2019


    Works great in my fairy garden terrarium!

    This moss is perfect. I was worried it was going to come in clumps like the picture shows but it came in one flat sheet, which was exactly what I hoped for. I used it in my fairy garden terrarium and it was just the right amount. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep it alive but I've had it for about a month now and it's still as green as when I got it.

    by Katie Hastings, August 5, 2015


    Buy it!

    Moss arrived healthy and green and quickly adapted to my terrarium. See picture after two weeks.

    by Steve, November 21, 2014

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