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The Beadsmith Metal Bead Loom Kit, Includes Loom (12.5" x 2.5" x 3"), Thread, Needles, and 18 Grams Glass Beads for Bracelets, Necklaces, Belts, and More

The Beadsmith

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4.4 ratings
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  • COMPLETE KITS: Includes everything you need to get started – loom, beads, threads, and needles.
  • INCLUDED PATTERNS: Start with sample patterns for practice and then use blank design grids to create your own pieces.
  • INCLUDED PATTERNS: Start with sample patterns for practice and then use blank design grids to create your own pieces.
  • SIZE: Measuring 12.5" x 2.5" x 3", this size is just right for introductory projects.
  • MULTI PROJECTS: A fun & easy way to make authentic Indian belts, head bands, key chains, necklaces friendship bracelets and more.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • Arcturian Starseed3

      4.0 out of 5 stars Not perfect, but great for the price

      For the most pleasant experience, you will want to get 2 weights of nylon beading thread, and I would suggest 2 different colors. This will be especially helpful if you need to unweave the beginning of your project, like I did, because I messed up the start and ended up removing that portion of beads when I was all finished & decided I hated it. I used black Nymo Size D for my warp threads (the ones you put down first to establish the length and width of your project). In the photos attached to my review, you can see the white thread that you receive with the loom. I would use this to practice for a few minutes and then throw it away. Also throw away the beads they give you. They are too small for the spaces between the threads, in my opinion (see pic). The black beads were included (they appear to be #11 or #15, not sure), and the red ones are #8 that I bought elsewhere. Lastly, I would suggest longer, sturdier needles such as John James nickel plated steel size 10, length 2-3/8 inch. You don't want the super thin, bendy beading needles. Otherwise, the loom is stable and sturdy, but make sure you get the dowel rod seated all the way down into the loop, and then tighten. You can also use this loom in an upright position if you lean it against something like your task lamp, or between your body and work table.The other photo shows pushing the beads up from the bottom, through the warps, with each bead lying between TWO threads. Push them up firmly, as high as you can, because the weft thread needs to be sewn so that the weft lies OVER the warps - or the beads will fall out. The piece of thread the beads are on are passed under the warps, and is the bottom weft. Then the beads ultimately are suspended between the bottom and top wefts. To do this, you push up as far as possible and you want to think about scraping the inside top of each bead with the needle point. In this way, make sure it is always over the warps, and also make sure that you don't split a thread with the needle point. This is another reason for using a high quality nylon thread. I did not get a single split during my 18 inch x 14 thread rows first project. For my weft, I use K.O. brand 0.15 mm diameter waxed nylon beading thread in light green. Using this thread with #8 beads allows you to make at least 3 passes through your work -- the #2 pass is when you are weaving in your tails, and optional #3 pass will be to make your loomed project more durable and also enable you to correct any 'sinking' beads or irregularities in your weft sewing.It sounds a little complicated, and if you don't have any hand sewing and embroidery experience, it may be a little tricky until you get the hang of it. I am an experienced sewer, so I was able to correct the occasional mistake on the fly, as I worked. I should have corrected the mistakes I made in the beginning, but that's another story! I came up a little short of what I wanted, but when I post this review I'm gonna try putting the piece back on the loom so I can make some additions to each end.I'd say the hardest part is getting your warps on and each thread set into a coil without skipping any or doubling up. You HAVE to get this first step perfect, or you will have many frustrations and likely your project won't work out.The instructions are given in English, Spanish, and French. They are reasonably clear, but you can also find videos to get you started, and they sometimes have other useful tips that are not in the printed instructions. Missing from the included instructions are details about ending a piece, what to do with threads, and the fact that you have to apply a backing to stabilize the beadwork and make it durable for wearing. I found a helpful video that was on Beadaholique site, I think.Cons: The 3 posts where you attach your warp threads are on the dowel, so If you are making a project like a hat band or belt, you will end up rolling your beadwork over one or more posts as you fill up the work area. I was nervous, but nothing ended up damaged or distorted. However, the dowel will only hold so much finished work before you run out of rolling space, so this loom is best for projects under 24 inches with #8 beads, give or take.The dowel rod can be finicky about getting into the loop securely, so check you have it installed correctly. Also, I kept getting my working thread caught in the left wing nut until I developed a technique to avoid it (mostly).If you use black warps, it can be hard to see where the threads lie in the coils as you are setting up.Pros: Decent width (5.5 inch working area) to do a variety of projects, with some ability to do longer pieces than the 8.25 inch length work area. No sturdiness issues observed while working my project. Can be held upright to alleviate neck strain. Very good price for the size capacity. Later, if you want, you can invest in something all wood for $40 and up, without crying about a bunch of money lost. (Maybe sell used on on Bolo! :D)

    • Barbara Joy Scott

      5.0 out of 5 stars Metal Loom is sturdy yet not expensive. Perfect for 1st time loom experience.

      I trust Beadsmith products for their quality. I wanted to try a bead loom to create jewelry, but not put big investment in it until I learn the basics. This loom was shipped quickly and I am so pleased with it. Still have a lot to learn but confident I can do it.

    • Doris Thomas

      5.0 out of 5 stars Beginner beader

      I'm still watching tutorial videos about the use of this but I'm sure it will be fine.

    • Anita Lyte Williams

      4.0 out of 5 stars Looks ok …just received.

      Just opened box. Missing a washer and beads were spilled all over into larger packet. But appears in good working order.

    • LydiaS

      5.0 out of 5 stars Great first loom!

      I have done a good amount of research on beading looms, and find that this is a great first loom. If you tighten the rods too much, it will begin to twist the frame out of balance, so just be mindful of that. I am choosing to rate the actual loom with my review stars, since that is the main component. I have had no problems using this loom, though, the other supplies it comes with are low quality and frustrating to work with... I worry for some newbies, these inferior supplies could deter people from using this loom ever again. **I recommend either getting rid of these extra supplies, or upgrading and increasing the price by a few bucks!** For anyone new to bead looming, do yourself a favor and grab some nymo size D thread, a longer beading needle, and a couple of tubes of your favorite colored seed beads from Michaels. Those few changes are a BIG step up from the supplies in this kit. I learned this by watching youtube vids, and thank goodness I did! All in all, this is a simple, easy to use loom! Happy beading!!

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