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Trane American Standard Condenser FAN MOTOR 1/8 HP 230v X70370245010 MOT12004 by Trane GE Genteq

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    • 4.1 stars
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  • 9-12 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 28-October to 31-October.
AED 1336.13

  • 1/8 HP
  • 200 - 230V
  • 825 RPM

  • BRAND NEW Trane/American Standard Condenser Fan Motor. It's 1/8 HP, 200-230 volts, 825 RPM. Replaces GE part number 5KCP39GGV570S and Trane Part # MOT12004 (Also X70370245010). The shaft is 1/2 diameter and 1.5" long- if the shaft is facing up, the motor spins Clock-Wise. This motor uses a 5 uf 370 volt capacitor.


    Customer Review


    If you want to spend double what you should on a motor that is as loud as they come, buy this one!!

    Motor fit the application as described... That's the only positive. It isn't the motor pictured to say the least and it is much louder then the original fan that was in the unit. Very displeased... I will most likely purchase a different replacement motor and see if it's any better and return this one. I only paid extra because it was advertised as the manufacturers replacement which it is not!! I honestly feel taken advantage of by the deceptive advertising and rediculous product pricing!!

    by james rivard, May 27, 2021


    You will need above average skills to install

    Safely and securely packaged. Pretty speedy delivery considering current COVID crisis. Replacing a condenser fan is not overly challenging, but does have its share of potential pitfalls for an average DIYer. This did fit a 10 year old Trane XR13 ac. Do keep in mind it’s best to have a tapping tool handy to thread the non threaded pilot holes for new motor mounting and installation. Also note you will be tapping into cheap and thin cast metal plate. Don’t over torque the bolts into the newly threaded holes or you will be looking at transferring motor housing from the old motor to the new and they may not match up at all. Again it’s an accomplishable task and takes about an hour. Be safe

    by Ryan J. Roll, April 14, 2020


    Knock-off product, not Original

    Buyer beware:Bait and switch.Description, pictures and price indicates original Trane GE Gentec motor. What you get is a made in Mexico knock-off by "ServiceFirst OEM".It might work, but it's not what I ordered and not what is advertised.I can get no-name motor locally at an appliance parts store for $160. I was willing to pay more for an original GE Gentec motor.

    by Tomasz Skrzypiec, August 23, 2020


    Perfect replacement!

    When my Trane unit went out and the est was almost $1000, I figured it was worth a diy try. I'm a handyman, but far from a HVAC pro. But within an hour I had this fan motor swapped out and she's running like a champ.If you are doing this type of job check your capacitor too (that is sometimes the cause for the motor not running). And be sure to discharge the capacitor by bridging the contacts with an insulated screwdriver before removing the connectors.Happy with the purchase, came very well packaged, and even got here a day ahead of schedule!

    by johno, May 3, 2019


    Screw Holes Aren't Tapped

    I'm sure that this motor probably works great, but we couldn't install it because the holes on the unit are not tapped for installation. We were told that the screws on our Trane unit are self tapping, but they are not. We would have to tap the holes before installation and it just wasn't worth it.

    by Laura, October 18, 2018


    Not as described

    The fan was not like described, not the same model number or brand as the picture shown. It wouldn’t work for our AC, so we returned it. Return shipping was $30. When I got my return they only refunded back $20 for the cost of tax on the fan. Apparently the rest was kept for a restocking fee. I wouldn’t mind a restocking fee of a small percentage but $20 from a $260 purchase that wasn’t the correct part?! The seller didn’t respond so luckily the Amazon guarantee covered the rest of the refund.

    by Lyric Gonzales, July 23, 2021


    Prefect Replacement Part

    Perfect replacement for my Trane A/C. Got timely and it was well packed. Installation took less than 30 minutes.

    by Billy T Boone Jr, May 30, 2019


    Arrives without threaded holes

    Works as a replacement motor. As some others have said, arrived without threaded holes. Why wouldn't a manufacturer thread these if they already have the holes ready?

    by elladylanplane, December 27, 2020

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