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AmScope - M102C-PB10 40X-1000X Biological Compound Microscope with Prepared and Blank Slides for Student and Kids

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    • 4.3 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 436.93

  • Monocular offers five magnification powers up to 1000X
  • Single lens condenser with disc diaphragm
  • LED Illumination powered by wall-power
  • Sturdy all-metal framework and all optical glass lenses
  • 5 blank and 5-prepared slide set included


    Customer Review


    Better than expected microscope.

    We had purchased another microscope and it was mostly plastic. We couldn't adjust the focus easily. Fortunately, we saw this one online and for just a few dollars more it came with a plug-in LED light source, much better optics, and was easy to focus. This will work just fine for our middle school aged granddaughter. Beware of the microscopes where the light source is powered by 2 AA batteries. Not enough light to see anything.

    by Lou-Ann S., January 14, 2019


    Better than other reviews led me to believe

    Needed a microscope for school, the reviews kind of threw me off and stressed me out so I waited to order it until the last minute, browsing all other choices. Turns out it works fine for what was needed I believe, general college biology. Sure will have to get a better model for use in later classes in the future, but short term and for this class in particular it was perfect. Would have to get better one in future for the magnification will not be strong enough. So overall, don't be skeptical in buying, really worked great and got the job done for the price despite the skeptics.

    by Michael Renwick, December 18, 2018



    My 3 year old is slowly losing her mind in self-quarantine, so I decided to get her something that would catch her curiosity. This did it! She's wanted to see everything under this microscope, from fruits and fur to insects from her mom's plant collection. It's a fun and easy to use tool to keep your kids entertained, and introduce them early to things they may take a strong interest in later. For the price, this was a great purchase!

    by Jacob, July 6, 2020


    Cheap, not great for college

    I felt this microscope was too cheap. I did buy the cheapest one I could for school but expected it to work a little better. Perhaps because I was using it for college level stuff rather than elementary things. It was hard to find the field, some specimens did not look great. I also keep finding sticky stuff around the lenses.

    by Edina D., August 25, 2019


    Easy to use and great quality!

    I ordered this microscope to use in my college biology course and it has been wonderful. I didn’t use the prepared slides all that much, but they were wonderful to view!

    by Phoenix, October 8, 2019


    Smelled like it was on fire ..

    Would give 0 if it let me !!!! Used it one time second time my daughter went to use it the light had smoke and smelled like fire hard to believe it had the high reviews it did .. starting to think AMAZON BOOST THES REVIEWS TO MAKE MORE MONEY so much for doing your research... my daughters had theirs bacteria all ready and planned this day to look at it very disappointing

    by Valerie Robles, January 7, 2021


    Great value, questionable quality control

    I bought this microscope for homeschooling. It seems to be a great value, except for the 40x objective lens seems to have some quality control problems. I'm not sure if it is adhesive on the lens or if the glass is cracked, but it renders that lens useless.

    by Wesley D. Bivens, August 2, 2019


    Good starter microscope. Easy to use with good light source

    introduced my 6 year old grandson to the micro world

    by Juan, August 1, 2019


    Great for teenagers

    My son loves this, did need to buy other bits for full use, can complete experiments he wanted to.

    by Tracey Williams, January 11, 2021


    lighting doesn't work

    bought for my grandson on his 8th birthday .. lighting doesn't work.. don't know if it's the adapter or bulb .. no matter how much we tried we couldn't get any clear image .. planning to send it back .. luckily he has more toys to play with to take his mind off it although he is disappointed

    by lisa hopkins, January 22, 2021


    Great starter microscope

    Got this for my Daughter who is 8. It's very well made and is easy to use. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a low cost microscope that works well with a variety of magnification levels

    by Amazon Customer, February 3, 2021


    Best for blood testing at home.

    Good item to keep at home.

    by Psycopath, May 23, 2021


    Bastante bueno por el precio

    Llegó bastante rápido, al día siguiente del pago, aunque es algo pequeño (30 cm) vale la pena, tiene muy buena óptica y está hecho de metal, la luz es muy buena y tiene un diafragma para regular la iluminación, los portaobjetos son de vidrio, si se alcanzan a ver células, microorganismos y fibras (la foto es de una pata de mosca con uno de los aumentos más leves)

    by Lázaro Torres, November 21, 2020

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