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attwood 8803LP2 EPA and CARB Certified 3-Gallon Portable Marine Boat Fuel Tank


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4.5 ratings
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AED 545.35

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  • Automotive-grade, multi-layer construction withstands the pressure build-up associated with closed fuel systems
  • Cap with built-in vacuum valve means no need for manual venting
  • Compatible with ¼-inch NPT fuel fittings
  • Meets EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations
  • Complies with all ABYC/NMMA requirements for portable marine fuel tanks
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • R.

      OK, but No Vent

      This tank is fine except it has no vent and in hot weather it swells up like it is going to burst. The instructions say it is supposed to do that, that it is safe and is self-venting as fuel is drawn. OK, I guess, if that really works when you need it to. Still, I don't like it that way.

    • M. S.

      Decent, Not Great

      This gas tank works well but EPA requirements don’t allow for any sort of vent system, so the tank will swell up in the sun. There’s a vented gas cap made by Moeller that’s an adequate replacement, making the tank perform up to standards.

    • K.

      Valve doesn't seal. Will leak gas without a connected fuel line.

      This tank requires the proprietary Attwood fuel hose TM (sold separately) in order to not leak everywhere. Be advised that you must connect the fuel line to this tank if you're going to fill it up with gas. You cannot just fill the tank up first and then connect the 6' hose later.So I ordered this tank to replace a very old metal Johnson outboard tank with a built-in valve. The Atwood fuel line shipped separately - this becomes important later on in the story. I got my new gas tank (sans fuel hose) and drove 30 minutes to the nearest gas station that sells ethanol-free gas. Pumped 3 gallons into the tank. As it turns out, there is no safety stop or anything smart like that built into the "proprietary Attwood fuel connection" valve. It just oozes gasoline out of the valve because its an open hole. Stupid me for thinking that this new hi-tech Attwood tank would have the same basic features as the 50-year old metal gas tank I was replacing it with.As I watched raw gasoline bubbling out of the valve and running over the side of the gas tank and into a small pool on the concrete, I had to make a decision: Do I drive home with this obvious fire hazard in my car? How will I keep my car from smelling like gasoline? Do I just bail on it and throw my new $60 gas tank (full of now around 2.8 gallons of $3.57 per-gallon gas) away? How does one even dispose of such a thing safely? I can't just toss it in the dumpster of the gas station, can I? After some deliberation, I decided to drive the 30 minutes back home across what felt like nineteen sets of train tracks with this leaking tank in the passenger seat of my car. The gas station staff were helpful and we managed to tape a wad of paper towels over the leaking valve to at least minimize the fuel splashing out of it. It mostly didn't work. My car now smells like a refinery and I was borderline hallucinating from the fumes by the time I got home.The stupid fuel hose arrived the next day. I screwed the hose into the valve and yes, the tank stopped pouring out gasoline. So I guess the tank works? Why does the tank not ship with the fuel line? Or at least ship it with a temporary plug to stop the valve from leaking gas JUST IN CASE some moron like me buys the two pieces separately and attempts to fill the tank before installing the fuel hose? I mean, the Attwood company could design and produce a plastic screw-on plug for the valve that would cost like $.02 to produce and would avoid the whole "you might accidentally burn to death if you don't also buy a separate product for this gas tank". Its like selling a gas stove where the knob to turn off the stove's burner is sold separately.Better question: How does a company in 2021 design something that is outclassed in every possible way by the OEM gas tanks from 50 years ago? My old Johnson outboard tank had a built-in valve that never spilled and worked perfectly 100% of the time. You could fill that old tank without the fuel line being attached. With the marvels of modern engineering, plastics technology and product design, the Attwood company managed to create a product so woefully dangerous and stupid that it defies belief. How these Attwood people manage to feed themselves without accidentally blinding themselves with the fork is beyond my capacity to reason.TL;DR - If you have the option to buy any other brand of gas tank out there on the market instead of this one, do so.

    • c. l.

      It's decent

      Works good for vehicle revival and testing

    • J.

      3 gallon fuel tank

      I needed a new fuel tank for my 50 year old Harley Davidson golf cart and this tank fit the bill perfectly. I had to fabricate some mounting brackets from aluminum angle to fit it to my golf cart frame.

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