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Amerelle Studio Single Rocker Cast Metal Wallplate in Polished Chrome , 5-1/8 in L x 3-1/5 in W - 61RCH

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    • 4.8 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 45.99

  • The Amerelle Studio 1-Rocker GFI Wall Plate (61RCH) is the perfect choice for any installation. Works great in bedrooms, media rooms, living rooms and more.
  • ROCKER GFI WALL PLATE - the perfect choice for any installation; works great in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and more
  • CAST METAL CONSTRUCTION - combines strength and elegance to complement any space
  • MODERN STYLE - contemporary chrome finish and sleek design makes this a perfect accent that works with a vast variety of decor
  • QUICK & EASY UPGRADE - decorating with wall plates is an economical way to make great impact in your home or office

  • Size:1 Rocker

    HARDWARE INCLUDED - matching screws are included to install this stylish addition

    From the Manufacturer

    Due to continuing product development, the product you receive may look slightly different than the one displayed.


    Customer Review


    Rust spots

    Arrived in a sealed package with some rust/corrosion. I've bought a couple of these in the past with no problems-this time, however, it arrived rusted. I still like the look of the plate overall, and am returning this one and reordering, hoping for a better result.Update: The reorder also had rust spots. The two pictures I uploaded are from the 2 different orders. Like I said in my initial review, I've bought these in the past with no problems and I like the style, however, now I've received 2 plates in a row with rust spots.

    by naplessandybeaches, January 8, 2019


    I'm in love with this absolutely devinely prefect switch plate in my bath.

    OMG...I love this switch plate in my black, white, full of mirrors on every wall and chrome bath!!! It looks prefect on my white wall next to the black trim of the door and next to the black and silver framed mirror. The switch plate has a polished, shiny, reflective, mirrored finish without being an actual mirror. Being a prime member it arrived today in the two day time frame as promised and bonus... I basically got it for free too. As a Verizon customer we get points for every dollar we spend and as much as I shop w Amazon I opted for the Amazon gift card and purchased this switch plate with it. I had been looking for a new switch plate for several weeks and found this one and so happy I did. It came to a toss up between a replacement of a switch plate I had had in a previous home of Michaelangelo's "DAVID", this chrome and an actual mirror plate. As I researched AMAZON on their selection I noticed the mirrored had several negative reviews about those acrilic switch plates breaking and cracking from being screwed down to tight and was afraid it might happen to me due to being a more frequently used switch that's more inset than normal plus I just wasn't totally thrilled about the overall design of the other choices in which I was comparing. I'm so happy and glad I chose this option as it looks perfectly devine in it's location in my bath. All I can say is: "Thank You AMAZON for this option". I was a little worried when I ordered it as the option I chose started it was "used" but there were absolutely no scratches and came in the original packaging--there only thing I could see was the top corner of the packaging had a slight little crease in the cardboard but there wasn't anything other than the cardboards crease wrong with the rest of the packaging or the product. **NOTE** I'm including a photo but please don't judge me lol. I'm as well doing a a little freshing up paint job on the walls and ceiling and changing out the tile floor to white marble but if you notice, you can see the reflection properties of my fingers and my phone in the plate itself.

    by JetSetKev, June 12, 2018


    Amazing quality. Cherry on top of my remodel!

    Wow! The stock photos do not do this product any justice. I was delightfully surprised at the quality of the chrome face plates. I ordered 2 triple gang and one double gang for my bathroom and they all arrived in perfect condition. They even came with chrome screws! Nice! I will definitely order this brand again for my future projects. If you are on the fence about the quality... I suggest pulling the trigger. Definitely worth it.

    by Ken, November 7, 2017



    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  So im in the process of remodeling my condo and also replacing all the outlets inside the place. My hall restroom is crystal,silver,gray&white,so when I saw this MIRROR outlet cover,I had to HAVE IT😵😵. Cleaning will be easy with some windex,and it's definitely sturdy and heavy feeling! Hope my review and pictures help you make this purchase!

    by Shayla Johnson, March 17, 2021


    Great for home without little kids and their smudgy fingers

    We just became empty-nesters and redecorated the kids' bathroom into a beautiful guest bathroom. I bought these for both the outlets and light switches and LOVE them! If we still had kids in the house, especially little kids with smudgy fingers, I would be wiping them down a lot. You might want to keep you husband away from touching them too. haha! I would absolutely recommend to class up a room!

    by Sara K., January 26, 2019


    Heavy duty. Large. Beautiful.

    Beautiful. Specifically bought these due to extra large size (had some blemishes in drywall around openings that you could see with standard size cover). These are heavy/sturdy, large, and shiny mirror-like Chrome. Recommend!

    by NP, March 9, 2019


    They’re okay, just not what I wanted

    How many stars do you give a product when it isn’t what you wanted, but you missed reading the description because it showed up in a search for something different—which you totally wanted—but now it’s fine, because you’ve already installed them? SIGH.ARGH. It is my fault for not reading the description. I have mirrored covers and switch plates in other parts of the house that I was trying to match. I searched for mirrored outlet covers and these are metal with a chrome finish. Yes, they’re shiny and reflective, but they aren’t glass. I didn’t even realize it until I had to assist my husband to install one on a tricky receptacle in our older home. The weight felt wrong, but the reflective front fooled my eye. The back looks like metal so I thought the mirror was adhered to metal for some reason. D’OH.He had already installed 4 of the 5 covers so it’s fine I guess, but really not what I wanted.

    by Jeanette J. Nelson, January 28, 2019



    Expensive, but; worth every penny. VERY HIGH QUALITY. VERY BEAUTIFUL! I am glad I got them. My goal was to match the "CHROME" fixtures in the bathroom that I installed them in. I got a double one as well for another bathroom. The point being, I said, there is a lot of CHROME in these bathrooms - own it - use it. So I got these. It worked and looks very nice!

    by Roger K. Mukai, January 19, 2018


    Recommended, high quality

    Extremely high polished stainless steel finish. Goes very well with matching kitchen appliances of the same finish.

    by Jason Davis, August 15, 2019


    Love them... adds so much style to the room. So many compliments!

    Love them... adds so much style to the room. So many compliments!

    by Momof4, September 1, 2019


    Love them... adds so much style to the room. So many compliments!

    Love them... adds so much style to the room. So many compliments!

    by Momof4, September 1, 2019


    Face plate.

    Quick delivery, product had a few defects on the surface and doesn't quite sit flat but it will work.

    by Robynn Hoschka, April 16, 2018


    Classy, quality, heavy weight, fast service, great price. Went back more matching switch plates

    Will look great in powder room. Fast delivery, feels like quality, heavier than most but will match my classy powder room!

    by moni, March 28, 2018

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